Instructions for a Valentine's Day floating candle    

Make a Floating Candle for Valentine's Day

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floating candle with four embedded wax heart shapes

Create the floating candle, by embedding red heart shapes in white wax.

Make the heart shapes in a chocolate mould. Use a metal or glass dessert dish, or kitchen bowl, for the main candle's mould. We used 5cm, (2") heart shapes, and a glass dessert bowl 15cm, (6"), in diameter.

You can view the completed centerpiece on the Valentine's Day centerpieces page.

You'll need:
Paraffin wax
A chocolate mould with heart shapes
Red candle dye
A paper-core wick, (or special floating candle wick)
A water-bath
A glass or metal dish
A metal pouring jug
A double-boiler

heart chocolate mold 1. In the metal pouring jug, melt enough paraffin wax/stearin mixture to make 4 heart shapes. Dye the wax a vivid red. Allow the wax to cool down to 65C (149F), and pour into the moulds. Place the mould onto the water-bath, and allow to set completely.

2. In the double-boiler, melt enough undyed wax to fill the glass or metal dish. Prime the wick in the melting wax. Let the wax cool down to 65C, and pour into the dish, to a depth of at least 2 centimetres, (0.8"). Allow this wax layer to cool down until almost set, but still warm.

red heart wax shapes arranged on white wax layer 3. Arrange the red heart shapes on the wax.

4. Reheat the white wax to 65C, and carefully pour a thin layer around the wax shapes, encircling them, but leaving the shapes exposed.

5. Allow to cool down, until the wax is almost set but still warm, and make a wick hole in the center with a skewer. Inset the wick, and let the candle cool down completely.

inserting wick 6. Place the bowl into the fridge for 20 minutes, and carefully turn out the candle.

7. Turn the candle over and check for water-tightness. Drop a few drops of hot wax into the hole, and run a hot knife over the opening, to completely seal the candle.

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