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Get Crafty! Make Your own Centerpiece Candles

Get creative with waxes, and moulds, and watch your own unique candle creations take shape before your eyes. Great fun, (once you've overcome those first anxieties, and uncertainties, of course!)

Rediscover this childlike wonder, while you learn how to mould, or shape by hand, the candles and wax decorations, forming the elements of a centerpiece.

The lessons range from the fairly challenging, to advanced. Pictures illustrate the various stages of these homemade candle ideas. Step-by-step tutorials help you avoid the frustrating, and time-consuming, pitfalls particular to the techniques.

You need no fancy equipment to complete these projects, and can make all of the candles at home, in your kitchen, using a simple double-boiler as a melting pot. Recommended: a knowledge of basic candlemaking skills.

Most Popular Candle Making Recipes:

Candle decoupaged with strawberry design

Decoupage Candles
Ribbed pillar candle centerpiece

Ribbed Pillar Candle
Dessert candles centerpiece

Dessert Candles

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Birthday Candles:

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