Make Candles Without Molds    

How to Make Candles
Without a Mold

Make square, round or unusually-shaped candles without using traditional moulds, forms or containers. Simply stack wax shapes together into pillar formations; make candles by rolling up sheets of wax; create beautiful flower candles with biscuit cutters; make hand molded candles with soft waxes.

For the stacked candles, you can use biscuit cutters to cut out wax shapes; draw templates, and slice the wax out around them; use drinking glasses to cut out regular shaped pieces of wax. Stick wicks through the wax layers. Instant mold free candles! An easy way to make two-toned or multi-colored candles.

Don't strive for perfection. These stacked, hand moulded or rolled beeswax candles have an appealingly homemade, handmade and rustic look to them.

See the examples below. But I'm sure you'll be dreaming up your own unique candle ideas, in no time at all!

Making Candles out of Beeswax Sheets

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Keep your child occupied these summer holidays. Keep boredom at bay. Get the little ones to make their own hand rolled candles. Beeswax honeycomb sheets make eye-catching candles. These come in natural unbleached shades of golden-brown, (great for fall, and your harvest festival) or in a variety of bright colors, ideal for kids' craft activities.

Hand rolling beeswax candles: Sheets of beeswax roll up easily, due to their natural soft stickiness. Working in chilly conditions? Warm the sheet gently with a hairdryer first. Place a primed wick near the end of the wax sheet. Wrap the edge over and around the wick. Continue rolling up the wax. Gently press the end of the sheet into the rest of the candle, to make it stick.

Excellent for children's candle making, as there's no hot liquid wax to worry about.
Basic procedures and wax mixtures used.

Make a Two-Toned Round Pillar Candle

The candle in the photo measures 7½ x 11 centimetres tall, (3 x 4.4").

Orange and ivory stacked round pillar candle You'll need
  • 900 g (1,98 lb) paraffin wax
  • 100 g (3,52 oz) stearin
  • Red and yellow candle dyes
  • A length of wick
  • A wick sustainer
  • A drinking glass
  • A wicking needle
  • A piece of paper and pen/pencil
  • A baking pan
  • Pliers


1. Melt half the stearin in a double-boiler. Add just a touch of yellow dye to create a rich ivory colour. Add half the quantity of paraffin wax.

2. Prime the wick in the melting wax. Remove, and leave to dry. Attach the sustainer to the wick, and tighten with a

3. When completely melted, pour the wax into the baking tin.

4. Draw a circle on the piece of paper using the water glass. Cut it out. Fold the circle in half, and in half once again.

cutting circles out of wax with water glass/Making wick hole using paper template

5. Leave the wax until partially set, and still warm. Cut circles out of the wax, using the drinking glass.

6. Put the circular paper template onto each wax circle, and just prick the paper in the centre, using the wicking needle. Remove the paper, and reinforce the hole with the blunt end of a skewer.

7. Repeat the process with the orange wax. Mix yellow and red dyes into the stearin to produce the orange colour.

8. Leave the wax circles in both tins to set completely, until cold. Remove them.

Wick sustainer in base of 1st wax circle/Stacking the wax circles

9. Thread the first wax circle onto the wick, and push the sustainer firmly into the base.

10. Thread the rest of the wax circles onto the wick, until you achieve the wished-for candle height.

11. Melt a bit of the left-over wax. Leave it until it's semi-liquid. Spoon some in between the top and second layers, around the wick, and clamp the two layers together. This fills the wick hole, and produces a better-burning candle.

This technique leaves quite a bit of left-over wax. You can save these wax pieces for future projects.

Make Your own Flower Shaped Floating Candle

Lilac floating flower candle Use a flexible wax for this candle. Dip-and-carve wax is the ideal, or add ½% Micro Tacky or Workable Micro to paraffin wax.

We used a baking pan measuring 20.5 x 26 cm, (8.07" x 10.23"), to pour the wax into.

You'll need
  • Wax paper
  • A baking pan
  • An apple-corer
  • A bamboo skewer
  • A wicking needle
  • A length of wick
  • 300 g (10,58 oz) dip-and-carve wax
  • Pink, blue and yellow candle dyes
  • Flower-like biscuit cutters, (3 different sizes)
  • Translucent glossy sealer wax, (or plain paraffin wax)
  • Dipping can


1. Melt the wax in a double-boiler. Mix pink and blue candle dyes to get a lilac shade.

2. Prime the wick in the melting wax. Remove, and leave to dry.

3. When completely melted, pour the wax into the baking tin. Leave till partially-set, but still warm. Using the biscuit cutters, cut out 4 flower shapes, for each flower candle you want to make, (2 shapes with the largest biscuit cutter, one each with the two smaller ones). Make a hole in the centre of each with the skewer. Remove the shapes carefully, and gently bend the petals upwards slightly. Leave to set completely on wax paper.

4. Pour a bit of wax - dyed yellow - into any small metal or glass dish. When partially-set, cut out a small circle with the apple-corer.

5. Stack the 4 flower shapes together. Stick the yellow circle on top. Thread the wick through these, using the wicking needle. Tie the wick at the bottom.

6. Heat the paraffin wax in the dipping can, until it reaches 93°C (199.4°F). If using a glossy sealer wax, heat that to 103°C, (217.4°F). Quickly dip the flower candle in-and-out. Leave to set.

Make a Square Striped Candle with Colored Slabs

We used a baking tin measuring 21 x 27cm (8.4 x 10.8"). Each wax layer measured ± 1cm (0.4") thick.

Handmade square striped pillar candle You'll need
  • 1 kg (2.2 lb) stearin/paraffin wax mix
  • Yellow/green/blue/black candle dyes
  • A baking pan
  • A length of wick
  • A wicking needle
  • Smooth kitchen knife
  • A piece of paper and pen/pencil


1. Melt 500 g (1.10 lb) stearin and paraffin wax in a double-boiler. Mix green dye and a tiny amount of yellow, to create an apple-green colour. Prime the wick in the melting wax.

2. Draw a 7 x 16cm (2.8 x 6.4") rectangle onto the piece of paper. This becomes the template for cutting out the wax slabs.

Cutting the wax slabs out around the paper template

3. Pour the completely melted wax into the baking pan. Leave until partially-set but still warm. Using a smooth knife with no serrated edges, cut the wax out around the template. Leave to set.

4. Remove the two wax rectangles. Weigh the left-over wax, and add more wax to make up another 500g quantity. Return this wax to the double-boiler. Add enough blue dye to create a strong turquoise-blue.

5. Repeat step 3.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, this time adding green and black dye to the melting wax, to create a strong pine-green colour.

Making a groove for the wick

7. Choose two of the wax pieces for the middle section of the candle. Heat up the wicking needle, and lay it down the middle of a wax slab lengthwise. Form a groove deep enough for the wick. Repeat on the second side.

8. Heat up a quantity of the left-over waxes. Leave to cool until semi-liquid. Spoon a small amount onto the one central wax layer, and clamp the two pieces together, with the wick in place.

9. "Glue" the other layers together too, to form the candle, as shown in the picture.

10. Heat up a large old pan on the stovetop. Hold the candle firmly and horizontally with both hands. Slide it around in the hot pan, smoothing the rough sides only. Trim the wick at the base. Neaten the base in the hot pan. Neaten the top with a hot iron, knife or spatula.

Form a Pillar Candle by Hand from Moldable Wax

Shape a cone, a square, or a cylinder from these super-soft mouldable waxes, (such as dip-and-carve wax). Stick a wicking needle through the candle for the wick hole. Thread a primed wick through the hole. Instant moldless candle!

Produce your own stunning marbled pillars, by moulding and pressing two or more colours together.

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