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Floating Candle Centerpieces

Enjoy the Serene Effect of
Candles Floating in Water

Combine floating candles with a variety of simple ingredients, and enjoy easy d-i-y centerpieces. Casting their tranquil reflections onto formal tables at wedding receptions, or into casual corners of your home, with equal success.

Place glass nuggets, pebbles, river stones, marbles, etc., into the bottom of a bowl, (clear glass bowls create stunning effects).

Fill with water to about three-quarters full.

Arrange a few candles on the water, surround with flowers, petals or leaves, and your floating candle centrepiece can be admired by all.

Candlelight shimmering on water creates an extraordinary, otherworldly effect.

Fresh Flowers that Float in Water

Floating candles and fresh flowers create a natural sense of tranquillity. The flowers listed below float successfully, and add a special floral touch to your floating candle arrangements. Dense flower heads, with multiple layers of petals, make the best floaters, but you can get eye-catching results with any of the following:

Floating poppy flowers and candle Anemones

Ideas and Tips for Floating Candle Arrangements:

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St Tropez wrought iron and glass floating candle stand St. Tropez Wrought Iron and Glass Floating Candle Stand

Soothe your senses with the smell of vanilla, and the serenity of candles drifting around in a beautiful bowl of water.

Sand, stones, and decorative wrought iron work evoke an air of rustic simplicity.

This complete floating candle centerpiece includes: the scrolled iron stand; the glass bowl; 3 vanilla-scented floating candles; sand; and a selection of natural stones.

Size: 8½" x 6¼".
Floating cream lotus flower with glass tealight candle holder Floating Lotus Flower Candle Holder

Turn your wedding or garden party venue into a candlelit wonderland.

A glass votive holder forms the "heart" of a beautiful purple lotus lily, made of flexible flower petals, on a green lily pad.

This durable lotus flower tealight holder floats in swimming pools, ponds, and creates an enthralling display in any indoor or outdoor water feature.

Also available in indigo, pink and purple.

Size: 8 inches in diameter.
Set of 48 floater holders and 50 clear cup tealights Set of 48 Floater Holders and 50 Clear Cup Tealights

Float inexpensive tealights in sturdy glass holders, and create high-quality centerpieces for your wedding or event.

Clear and versatile glass coordinates with any and all colors. Simply decorate the base of a bowl with seasonal elements; natural or artificial stones; beads; marbles; plastic flowers or greenery. So, you can create unique centerpieces for each holiday or event.

This 98-piece bulk set includes the 48 floating candle holders, AND 50 tealights in clear glass cups.

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Frogalina ceramic floating candle bath Appletree Design Frogalina Floating Candle Bath

While Frogalina bathes, your favorite flower, water lily or lotus candles drift around in the water near her. Lady Frogalina reclines majestically in her candlelit pond, shoes on the side, dragonfly pendant around her neck, and ring on her finger.

A delightful way to display floating candles on your patio or in your garden! Constructed from durable ceramic and dolomite, this piece stands the test of time. Use Led floating candles for outdoors.

For candle connoisseurs only. You'll treasure this collectors' piece for a lifetime. Comes gift boxed. Spoil yourself, or make someone else feel special.

Size: 13¾" in diameter.

Free Shipping.

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Red and white pear vase fillers Red and White Pearl Vase Fillers - Jumbo Pack of 80 Pieces

Transform an ordinary vase into a bold Valentine's Day centerpiece.

"Float" these vivid red and white pearl beads in a vase, filled with a gelatin suspension. Stick a bright red or white floating candle on top, and say a stylish, "Be my Valentine".

You'll receive a pack of 80 pieces, filled with oversized red and white pearls; buy the transparent water gels separately.

Vase and candle NOT included.

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Set of 3 square vases and 3 floating candles Set of 3 Square Vases and 3 White Floating Candles

Candlelight floats and shimmers in triplicate, transforming this trio of vases into blindingly beautiful wedding or event centerpieces. Display the threesome on a mirror tile, or on a sheer pane of glass, with a white tablecloth underneath. Radiance multiplied!

These square glass vases come in different sizes: 6, 8 and 12 inches tall.

Each set includes 3 floating candles. These long-lasting candles burn for 8-10 hours each, an astounding time for any floating candle! Choose from a variety of candle colors: aqua green, black, brown, dark pink, green, ivory, lavender, light blue, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, yellow, or white.

Enjoy low-priced luxury, and buy in bulk. Get these as a set of 18 square vases and 18 floating candles, also available in many colors.

Free Shipping.

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Cylinder floating candle vase set of 36 Set of 36 Cylinder Vases and 36 Floating Candles

Buy in bulk, and decorate your event tables inexpensively.

This floating candle vase set comes with 3 different sized vases: 6, 7½, and 10½ inches tall. A set of 36 candles accompanies the glass cylinders, each made for a flawless fit. These burn for 8-10 hours each, so you can feast, and dance the night away, by the dependable light of these long burning candles.

Choose from many candle colors - black, white, red, yellow, orange, purple, light blue, lavender, green, brown, pink, ivory, dark pink or aqua green candles- and easily coordinate with your favorite color schemes.

Planning a smaller event? Order a set of 3 cylinder floating candle vases instead.

Same-day shipping applies, so you can place those last-minute orders with complete confidence.

Afraid to order glassware online? Outstanding packaging guarantees the safe arrival of your order.
Flameless floating candles Flameless Floating Candles - Set of 12 Cool White

Entertain indoors or out by the everlasting glow of these battery operated candles. Experiencing a breezy night at your wedding venue? Water splashing over the candles at your pool party? No problem! As soon as these "candles" touch the water, they light up. And whatever the conditions, they'll stay lit, until they're removed from the water.

Also available in warm white and yellow.

You'll receive a pack of 12 LED floating candles, with coin batteries inside.

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95 gem and pearl bead vase fillers - Assorted sizes Pearl Bead Vase Fillers - Jumbo Pack of 95 Pieces

A winner for your wedding, a baby shower, or that special dinner party, these pearl beads turn any event into a special occasion.

"Float" these red and white pearls, and vibrant red "gemstones" in your candle vase centerpieces, and give your event a touch of royalty!

You'll receive a jumbo pack of 95 red and white pearl beads, and red "diamonds and gems", in assorted sizes. Order the transparent water gels packets separately.

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Orange gel floating candles - 12 pieces Clear Orange Gel Floating Candles - 12 Pieces

Glass discs, filled with gel wax, illuminate bowls of water with a lively orange glow.

These unscented floating candles measure 1¾" each, (4.37cm), and burn for 3-4 hours, leaving no mess, and no waxy residue to clean up afterwards.

This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

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Floating tealight candle holders - Set of 10 Floating Tealight Candle Holders - Set of 10

Tea lights CAN float, thanks to these handy little containers.

Display these versatile floater candle holders in bowls, in ponds, in bathtubs, or in fountains. Vary the colors and fragrances of the tea candles, and create an endless variety of different moods - from romantic, to festive, to serene and relaxing - whatever ambiance you seek.

The holders measure 2½" in diameter and 1¾" high. Candles not included.

The set contains 10 glass tea light holders, each individually packed, for safety.

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25th wedding anniversary floating candle vase 25th Wedding Anniversary Floating Candle Vase

Celebrate your silver wedding anniversary in unique style.

This gorgeous vase and candle set confirms your vows and commitment 25 years on. The vase measures 4 inches wide by 9½ inches tall, and features a whimsical "25th Anniversary" design in an elegant script. Whether you place this vase on your bedside table or on the fireplace mantelpiece, the beautifully hand blown glass makes a beautiful decoration in itself, as well as a confirmation of your love and devotion.

The white candle measures 3 inches wide.

Free shipping.
Floral wax floating candle bowl Make a Floral Wax Bowl for Floating Candles

Floating candle bowls, made of wax, exude a softer and gentler glow than their hard, glassy counterparts. Decorate the sides of the bowl with pressed flowers, and you have a subtle, feminine look, reminiscent of the romantic decorations of yesteryear.

A one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your dressing or bedside table. Especially if you've made it yourself, with your own talented hands!

Read the full instructions here
Floating oil candle kit Floating Oil Candle Kit

Turn your favourite vases, dishes, or wineglasses, into objects of candlelit beauty.

A stained glass vase becomes a thing of romance with a floating oil candle in it. A crystal bowl takes on a magical aspect with a few of these "invisible candles" bobbing around in it.

Proceed as follows: pour water into a glass. You may color the water with food coloring, if you like. Add a layer of cooking or salad oil, (pure corn oil, blended vegetable oils, or olive oil recommended). Insert a length of wick into the floating disc. Place onto the oil. Light, and enjoy hours of soft and soothing candle light, without smoke, or unpleasant odors. (The box contains the full instructions, with more detail).

Leave the oil unscented, or add a few drops of natural essential oils for a pleasant aroma.

Each kit contains 800 hours of wick, and 5 floatable discs.

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Floating wax tealight candle holders A waxy version of the floating tealights.

Line the base of a bowl with ice cubes, (to delay the inevitable melting that takes place when you burn tealights in wax containers). Fill three-quarters full with water. Float a group of wax bowls on the surface, and place a tealight candle in each one.
Sun, moon and star floating candles arrangement Add some solar and lunar magic to your celebrations! Candles with cheerful sun, moon and star faces, have universal appeal, and children and adults enjoy them.

You'll need:
Celestial floating candles
Pressed, or etched glass dessert bowls
Mirror tiles
Blue and green food colouring
Turquoise-blue glass nuggets
A jug

Arrange the mirror tiles in a zig-zag pattern on the table. Place the dessert dishes onto them. Arrange a few glass nuggets in the bottom of the bowls.

Pour water into the jug, and dye it a pale turquoise-blue colour by gradually adding a few drops of blue, and a drop or so of green food colouring. Pour the tinted water into the bowls, and add the candles.
Ivory candles floating in pink-tinted water, with rose petals and leaves Combine fresh flowers and floating candles in a clear glass bowl, and create a serene setting in a bedroom, or a relaxed atmosphere while you're soaking in the bathtub.

Also, a great table decoration in a sheltered section of your garden. Candles shaped like flowers give the best results.

Fill a clear glass bowl ± three-quarters full of water. Add a few drops of red food colouring, giving the water a pale pink tint. Float a few candles. Scatter rose petals around the candles, with a few rose leaves in between.
Cut-glass vase, with turquoise-blue glass nuggets, Swarovski crystal swan ornament, and floating candle You can use crystal, or glass, vases and ornaments to create these types of centrepieces. Is this glassy look too cold for you? Place fresh, or artificial flowers, (or foliage), beneath the candle instead.

You'll need:
A vase
A floating candle
An ornament
Glass nuggets

Carefully lower glass nuggets into the vase. Rest the ornament on the nuggets. Fill the vase with water. Float the candle on top.
Brandy glasses with colored water and floating candles Especially dramatic at night, you can create centerpieces with the full rainbow effect, if you can lay your hands on 7 matching wine, water, or brandy glasses. We only had 6 (brandy) glasses, and did the following: filled the glasses ± 2/3 full of water, added a few drops of food coloring to each glass, creating red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colored water.

Mix red with yellow to obtain orange, blue and yellow for green, and blue and red for purple. Add a few drops at a time, building the color up gradually.

Finally, display the glasses on a large mirror, and stick a candle into each one.
centerpiece with pink floating candles in teacups, roses and carnations in teapot Create a Victorian-tea-party style centerpiece. The teapot becomes a vase.

You'll need an old-fashioned tea set, including a porcelain teapot with floral designs, flowers, and floating candles. We used roses and carnations. Use whatever matches your tea set's design.

Make a simple flower arrangement in the teapot. Surround the teapot with the tea cups, and place a candle in each one.

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