Candle and Flower Centerpieces    

Fresh Flower Arrangements with Candles

Real flowers bring life and vitality to your home, and your special occasions. Flowers evoke unique moods and emotions. A bouquet of carefully chosen flowers sends a powerful message of sympathy, congratulations, love or admiration.

Formal florists' bouquets infuse your bridal venue with fragrance, and the delicate, bold or multi-coloured magnificence only Mother Nature can bestow.

Simple centrepieces with hand arranged flowers and candles add that look of just-picked freshness to your informal table tops.

Candles with dried flowers inside make longlasting decorations for your home, or fragrant gifts for your favourite people.

Ideas for Tabletop Arrangements with Candles and Flowers:

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Vase shaped flower decorated LED candle Vase Shaped Flower Decorated LED Candle

Not only a warmly-glowing flameless candle, but you can also put silk flowers into this wax vase. It's shaped like a classical Grecian urn, and embellished with genuine flowers and leaves.

Set the candle for 6 hours on, 18 hours off; the timer turns the candle on at the same time every day.
Turkish rose square scented candle Turkish Rose Square Scented Candle

Combine the luxury of expensive perfumes, with the beauty of preserved flowers. You end up with a romantic candle, filled with mini red roses, french ivy and eucalyptus.

These flower embedded candles come in a variety of desirable designs, scented with a blend of fruity, floral, herbal and berry fragrances: Zinnia, made with zinnia petals and maidenhair fern; Serenity, a floral fantasia of wild grass, lobelia and delphinium.

Luxuriously gift-packed, your women friends will LOVE these candles.
Scented floral fantasy candles - Set of 2 soy wax candles Scented Floral Fantasy Candles - Set of 2 Soy Wax Candles

Thank your mom for a lifetime of love and care. Candles with flowers in them make thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day. She'll love the floral fantasy of blue, pink and purple flowers on her dressing table...she'll think of you, whenever she smells their divine perfume.

The high-quality soy pillar candles burn for 45-55 hours.

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Scented flower candle in tin Scented Flower Candle in Tin

You can take this tinned candle with you, wherever you work, or on your travels. With its dried flowers, and sweet scent, it will remind you of home.

The tin measures 9cm in diameter. Choose from different styles...there's a fragrance, and a color, just for you.

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Birthday flower arrangement with mini cake and candle Birthday Flower Arrangement with Mini Cake and Candle

Send a special birthday message with breathtaking Stargazer lilies and bright blue irises.

The birthday girl will be delighted with the mini birthday cake, accompanying the vase arrangement. Included: a birthday candle, and a hidden confetti surprise inside.
Rosy Rings honey and tobacco candle Rosy Rings Honey and Tobacco Candle

This unisex candle appeals to both men and women. She'll love the wintry white flowers embedded into the honey-colored wax. The comforting flavors of honey and vanilla smell like home.

He'll like the birch twigs, combined with the strong masculine smell of rich tobacco leaves. The lingering scent of sandalwood completes the fragrance.

Measuring 5 inches tall, this highly-scented candle perfumes your home for months to come, whether you light it or not.

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Birthday floral arrangement with single candle Birthday Floral Arrangement with Single Candle

Wish her a happy birthday with a bright and beautiful arrangement of pink, lilac and yellow flowers. Hand-arranged in moss, the flower bouquet features festive ribbons, and a single candle.

These birthday flowers are delivered in the UK. The order includes a free vase and flower nutrients. The birthday girl even gets a slab of Merci chocolate! You can choose the text for a birthday wish, and this appears on a greeting card accompanying the flowers.
Rosy Rings apricot and rose botanical candle Rosy Rings Apricot and Rose Botanical Candle

A delight for the eye as well as the nose. The 6.5" pillar candle includes a bouquet of fruity and floral fragrances. The scent of roses and almond blossoms blends with juicy apricots and mirabelle plums.

Pink rose petals, birch branches, pepperberries and leaves decorate the inside of the round candle.

You'll savor this candle for a long time. The blend of paraffin and beeswax burns for at least 200 hours.
Scented pressed flower candle Scented Pressed Flower Candle

A candle decorated with dried flowers evokes the joys of nature.

Your home will smell like cinnamon and incense. The 2¾" x 3" tall pillar candle is perfumed with natural essential oils.

A thoughtful gift your friends and family will truly appreciate.

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Flower basket and pillar candle arrangement Flower Basket and Pillar Candle Arrangement

A basket filled with white flowers and pillar candles adds an air of timeless elegance to a special occasion.

Stick it into the centre of your dining room table. The white roses, berries, orange slices and cinnamon sticks provide a visual treat, while you feast on your favourite foods.
British flower arrangement with pillar candle British Flower Arrangement with Pillar Candle

Send the gift of fresh flowers. Order this arrangement online, and enjoy next day delivery in the UK.

The long lasting centerpiece consists of brilliant burgundy roses and berries, and emerald-green leaves. Glossy baubles add a festive touch.

Shorten the distance between yourself and the people you love: have a hand written card - complete with your personal message - attached to the gift wrapped arrangement. This splendid floral gift leaves the right impression every time.

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Rose and ribbon wedding cake candle centerpiece Wedding Cake Candle with Ribbon and Rose Decorations

Make white or ivory candles shaped like wedding cakes, and decorate them with ribbons and fresh roses.

Decorate larger, multi-tiered candles with ribbons and miniature roses, or one single perfect rose. These make striking pieces for table centres. Tiny 2-or-3-tiered candles make cute wedding favors. Decorate with small silk rose/s, and narrow ribbons.

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Gel candle with purple amaranth, eucalyptus and silver skeleton leaves Gel Candle with Purple Amaranth, Eucalyptus and Silver Skeleton Leaves
from the Maghso Aqua Gel Collection

Eternally preserved in ivory-colored gel wax, an arrangement of purple amaranth flowers, eucalyptus and silver skeleton leaves, come to glowing life, when the candle's lit.

When the scented gel wax has burnt down, simply insert a tealight into the glass cup, and enjoy more hours of beautifully scented candle light.

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Lilac-tinted gel candle with lavender bouquets and green leaves Lilac-Tinted Gel Candle with Lavender Bouquets and Green Leaves

Run out of gift ideas? Spoil that someone special with this floral gel candle, filled with lavender bouquets and green leaves.

The candle burns down in approximately 40 hours. As soon as the gel's gone, the person can pop a tealight into the glass cup, and turn their candle into a long-lasting hurricane lantern.

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Gel candle with white margarita flowers and green leaves Gel Candle with White Margarita Flowers and Green Leaves

These flowers won't wilt, wither, or turn brown. Suspended in green gel wax, the white margarita flowers retain their beauty forever.

Light the candle, and experience the extraordinary illumination, and gorgeous scent, this dried flower candle provides.

This item can be shipped to select countries outside the U.S.
Dried flower candle holder Dried Flower Candle Holder

These red roses won't wilt or lose their color, but "bloom" eternally on a desk, on a shelf in your bathroom, in your study, etc.

Picked at the height of freshness, then dried using a special process, beauty of these flowers stays preserved forever. Sealed into a vacuum glass, they last for many years to come.

The sturdy glass holds a candle on top.
Poppy and pansy arrangement with large ivory, cylinder candle in the middle
Don't have the skill or inclination to do a formal flower arrangement? If, like me, you're not a very talented flower arranger, this is an easy floral piece you can do without an oasis.

This centrepiece won't stand the test of time, or withstand the rigours of a formal event, but is ideal for informal, candle lit dinner parties. A great way to display flowers from your own garden, too. Substitute your favourite seasonal flowers for the poppies and pansies, if you prefer.

Proceed as follows: place a big candle in the centre of a dinner plate, (or dish with slightly raised edges). Pour a shallow layer of water into the plate. Surround the candle with flower heads, with their stems in the water. Stick smaller, contrasting flowers and foliage into the gaps.

A quick, more environmentally-friendly way of arranging flowers.
flower centerpiece with tapers and ball candle A great decoration for a coffee table, especially for afternoon tea parties. Use several pieces of your tea service to create this easy centerpiece. We used candles, crockery and flowers in warm, autumn colours to complement the brass candle holders, but adapt the colours to suit your own seasonal taste and dècor.

You'll need:
A shallow, oval dish
2 taper candle holders
1 ball candle, 2 taper candles
A round bowl, which the ball candle fits into
Flowers, (we used asters)

Place the bowl into the oval dish. Place 2 candlesticks on either side of the dish, with taper candles in them. Pour water into the dish and arrange the flowers loosely around the bowl with their stems sticking into the water. Put the ball candle into the bowl.
tall cylinder candle surrounded by marigolds in ceramic vase You need no special flower arranging skills to achieve this simple flower and candle centerpiece, with the rustic look.

You'll need:
An earth-toned vase or ceramic flower pot
A tall cylinder candle slightly narrower than the opening of the vase Use an ivory candle or one matching the colour of your vase .
Yellow, orange or rust-coloured flowers

Add some water to the vase. Place the candle in the vase. Stick the flowers in loosely around the candle in a way that is pleasing to your eye.

Other flowers you can use: marigolds, daisies, any other long-stemmed flowers. Not delicate, sophisticated flowers such as orchids and roses.
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