Candle and flower centerpieces    
Floral Candle Centerpieces

   Fresh Flower Arrangements with Candles

Fresh flowers bring life and vitality to your home, and your special occasions. Each variety creates a unique mood by means of color and fragrance, and sends a message of sympathy, congratulations, love or admiration.

Combine flowers with magical candlelight, and you immediately add an extra dimension. These versatile centerpieces illuminate weddings and dinners, decorate mantelpieces and tabletops, or match the colors and themes of your holiday tables.

Create easy, and visually stunning, table centerpieces, using the following:

  • Formal candle and flower bouquets, hand arranged by professional florists, and delivered to your door. A selection of the finest flowers, expertly arranged, with one, two or three taper candles peeking out of the petals and foliage, turns an event into a celebration, and becomes the focal point of any room.

  • Simple candle and flower centerpieces. Easily combine flowers from your own garden, or local market stall, and your favorite candles. See instructions below.

How to Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

  • Cut flower stems diagonally. Insert them into warm water at once. Leave for at least 2 hours, before arranging them in fresh water.
  • Crush the stem ends of woody-stalked flowers before placing them in warm water.
  • Milky stems "bleed" when cut. Sear these over a flame, or other source of heat, to seal the pores.
  • Tulips, etc., have fragile stems. Wrap these floral types in water-absorbing paper, up to their heads, before placing them in water.
  • An aspirin, dissolved in water, gives cut flowers a longer life. Likewise Epsom salts.

Ideas for Fall Flower and Candle Arrangements:

Fall hurricane candle and flower centerpiece Glow of Gratitude Hurricane Candle and Flower Centerpiece

A mixture of the exotic and the traditional, this arrangement combines glorious flowers in fall colors, with tropical orchids and asiatic lilies, in bright yellows and rich burgundy, red roses, and bronze cushion mums.

Foliage taken from shrubs and trees such as the leucadendron and eucalyptus, sasal, and red oak leaves, turns this fall flower arrangement into a eye-catching and fragrant centerpiece. A classic glass hurricane protects the flowers from the drips of a pomegranate taper candle.

Approximately 22" wide x 12" high.
Fall Fields of Europe floral candle centerpiece 1-800-Flowers - Fall Fields of Europe Floral Candle Centerpiece

Delight your senses! Inspired by the glorious fields of flowers in the European countryside, this elongated arrangement "blooms" in the center of an oval or rectangular tabletop.

An abundance of autumn colored flowers - fresh roses, sunflowers, lilies, poms and more - come together in one unforgettable centerpiece. The lilies may arrive in bud form, and open up to their full beauty, in a number of days. Dried oak leaves add an essential touch of fall.

This large arrangement measures approximately 9" high x 13" long and includes three orange 12 inch taper candles.
Fall pumpkin flower and candle arrangement Fall Pumpkin Flower Arrangement with Two Tapered Candles
by 1-800-Flowers

The essence of autumn...fall colored roses, bronze cushion poms, dried lotus pods, green trachelium, solidago and myrtle accents form an arrangement of startling vividness, filled with the charm of autumn.

Whimsically arranged in an orange ceramic pumpkin, and finished off with a plaid ribbon, this centerpiece will quickly become your favorite decoration for the autumn season.

Two 12 inch long white tapered candles included.
Fall flower arrangement with two taper candles Fall Flower Arrangement with Two Taper Candles

This fall flower arrangment dazzles with a blaze of taper candles and autumn colored flowers.

Orange Asiatic lilies and gerbera daisies, apricot roses, golden Peruvian lilies, burgundy cushion poms, and assorted greens, form an enchanting piece for the center of an autumn table.

Size: approximately 9 inches high x 18 inches in diameter.
Thanksgiving floral centerpiece with two taper candles Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece with Two Taper Candles

Say "Happy Thanksgiving" with this vibrant arrangement of orange and purple flowers.

This arrangement contains Asiatic lilies, Viking poms, orange roses, red hypericum and purple statice. All combined in a lovely dish container with two 12 inch orange taper candles.

Measurement: 7" high by 15" long.
Fresh fall coastal harvest candle centerpiece Fresh Coastal Harvest Twin Taper Candle Centerpiece

No flowers in this centerpiece, just an abundance of lush foliage, gathered from around the coastline of Oregon.

This arrangement contains fall leaves of many colors. Decorative accents, such as the bow and two tapers, in a cheerful orange, add sparkle to the festivities.

Display this 24" long arrangement on a lengthy table, and transform it into the center of your fall celebrations.

Dampen the foam, and keep this centerpiece fresh for 2-3 weeks longer.
Fall flower and taper candle centerpiece   
Harvest Happiness Candle and Flower Centerpiece

Ranging from bright yellows, to burgundy reds, through rich bronze and coppery shades, this arrangement is as vibrant and varied as fall itself.

Asters and mums, accented with copper beech leaves and green salal, bring a ray of sunshine to your Thanksgiving dinner table.

A yellow taper candle radiates a festive glow over your surroundings.

Size: approximately 12" wide x 14" high.

This item is hand-arranged and delivered by a Teleflora florist.

Ideas for Christmas Candle and Flower Centerpieces:

Traditional Christmas rose and lily candle arrangement Traditional Christmas Rose and Lily Candle Arrangement

Set a traditional Christmas dinner table with this beautiful flower arrangement in the center.

Fresh blooms in the typical colors of the season - white lilies and cushion poms, red roses and carnations - mingle with the fragrance of Christmas evergreens, holly and pinecones.

Light the trio of brilliant red taper candles, and watch as friends and family gather around this scene of good food, and cosy candlelight.

Read the review.
Christmas candle and floral centerpiece with holiday pick Christmas Candle and Flower Centerpiece with Holiday Pick

Welcome friends and family to the Christmas table with the delightful sights and smells of fresh flowers: fragrant red roses, the purity and elegance of Asiatic lilies, cute green button poms, and mini red carnations all say a vibrant "Happy Holidays" to your dinner guests.

These hand arranged flowers include two red 12-inch long taper candles; a "Merry Christmas" holiday pick; and a FREE personalized holiday greeting card.

Measurements: 11" high by 8" long.

Flowers and Candles for Other Occasions:

Pink flower and taper candle table centerpiece
Pastel Taper Candle and Flower Centerpiece - Medium

Fresh flowers, hand-arranged in colorful and fragrant splendor, turn any tabletop into the elegant and sophisticated centre of a celebration.

Pink roses, pink lilies, daisy poms, yarrow, asters, statice and monte casino, form an attractive dome shape. A 12-inch long pink taper candle completes the arrangement. Yellow and blue florals break the pastel pinkness, and lend a note of liveliness.

Measurements: 14 x 8½". Also available in a small, 13 x 7 inch arrangement, without roses, and a large, 15 x 9 inch arrangement.
Poppy and pansy arrangement with large ivory, cylinder candle in the middle
Don't have the skill or inclination to do a formal flower arrangement? If, like me, you're not a very talented flower arranger, this is an easy floral piece you can do without an oasis.

This centrepiece won't stand the test of time, or withstand the rigours of a formal event, but is ideal for informal, candle lit dinner parties. A great way to display flowers from your own garden, too. Substitute your favourite seasonal flowers for the poppies and pansies, if you prefer.

Proceed as follows: place a big candle in the centre of a dinner plate, (or dish with slightly raised edges). Pour a shallow layer of water into the plate. Surround the candle with flower heads, with their stems in the water. Stick smaller, contrasting flowers and foliage into the gaps.

A quick, more environmentally-friendly way of arranging flowers.
flower centerpiece with tapers and ball candle A great decoration for a coffee table, especially for afternoon tea parties. Use several pieces of your tea service to create this easy centerpiece. We used candles, crockery and flowers in warm, autumn colours to complement the brass candle holders, but adapt the colours to suit your own seasonal taste and dècor.

You'll need:
A shallow, oval dish
2 taper candle holders
1 ball candle, 2 taper candles
A round bowl, which the ball candle fits into
Flowers, (we used asters)

Place the bowl into the oval dish. Place 2 candlesticks on either side of the dish, with taper candles in them. Pour water into the dish and arrange the flowers loosely around the bowl with their stems sticking into the water. Put the ball candle into the bowl.
tall cylinder candle surrounded by marigolds in ceramic vase You need no special flower arranging skills to achieve this simple flower and candle centerpiece, with the rustic look.

You'll need:
An earth-toned vase or ceramic flower pot
A tall cylinder candle slightly narrower than the opening of the vase Use an ivory candle or one matching the colour of your vase .
Yellow, orange or rust-coloured flowers

Add some water to the vase. Place the candle in the vase. Stick the flowers in loosely around the candle in a way that is pleasing to your eye.

Other flowers you can use: marigolds, daisies, any other long-stemmed flowers. Not delicate, sophisticated flowers such as orchids and roses.

The tips for preparing flowers for arranging come from the book Candles in Flower Arrangements by Myrtis N. Powell, (1970?)

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