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Not an Expert Florist? Make Candelabra Flower Centerpieces, the Easy Way

Use candelabras with flower vases, and follow these easy (and environmentally friendly) steps, for arranging the flowers, without using an oasis: gather a bunch of flower heads together. Cut the stems to the same length. Let the flowers fan outwards in the vase, forming a natural, dome-shaped arrangement. Add water. Or go for the ultra-modern styles, of putting flat topped clusters of flowers, in square, or wide cylindrical, vases.

There you have it...your own diy floral candelabra centerpiece, needing no special skills, or expensive florists' foam or equipment. Vary the flowers and candles, and welcome the changing seasons, and festive holidays, with a flourish.

Tall flower decorated candelabra make imposing centerpieces for your home, with an elegance, that transcends time and place. You can set these heirloom-quality pieces down on a floor. Adorn tabletops with shorter candelabra, decorated with fresh or silk flowers.

Need enough wedding table candelabra to decorate a large venue? Buy in bulk, and save on the overall cost of your function. Inexpensive vase and candle centerpieces - with multiple tea light holders - come in wholesale sets.

Ideas for Candlesticks with Flower Arrangements:

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Cascading spring florals candle centerpiece (paid link) Cascading Spring Florals Candle Centerpiece

Springtime comes but once a year...make every moment count, with an arrangement of beautiful roses, pastel berries, and trailing ivy leaves.

The scrolled candle stand measures 11" in diameter x 10½" high, and comes with a clear glass candle holder. Best with LED candles.

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Hoop candle and floral wedding centerpieces (paid link) Hoop Candle & Floral Wedding Centerpieces

The essence of romance...metal hoops symbolize the unbroken nature of true love, while the golden candle holders resemble wedding rings. Wreathed in dusty rose pink and purple roses, these arrangements make breathtaking vintage style centerpieces.

Dimensions: The diameter of the big ring: 11 inch, small rings: 8 inch. The candle holders measure 1.5 inches in diameter, ideal size for your bridal tapers, or LED tealights.
3-candle wooden candelabra tray 3-Candle Wooden Candelabra Tray

Create your own rustic tablescape. Dine outdoors, by the light of three candles...or liven up your farmhouse-style kitchen table, with this wooden tray arrangement. This centerpiece doesn't include the candles or the plants. Add your own pillar candles, and fill the tray, with fake succulents, silk flowers, acorns or berries.

The tray measures 18 inches long, (it's got metal handles for easy carrying).

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Pair of wall mounted tea light and flower holders Pair of Wall Mounted Tea Light and Flower Holders

Give a wall a sophisticated touch of summer, with a pair of versatile wall mounted candle and flower holders. The silver sconces add an ultra-modern feel to your contemporary decor.

The curved pieces each have a platform in the middle with a tealight holder. You can insert one or both of the long glass vials, to take long-stemmed flowers, instead of the candles.

Measurements: 40 x 5 x 8 cm.

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Fall leaf metal candelabra centerpiece Fall Leaf Metal Candelabra Centerpiece

Bring splashes of fall color to a single dresser or a bookshelf. Three black candlesticks peek out of a forest of maple leaves, in the true and varied colors of the season.

At 22 inches long, this piece decorates any long narrow space, in true autumn style.
Birdcage style floral tealight holder centerpiece Birdcage Style Floral Tealight Holder Centerpiece

A metal cage, decorated with tropical silk flowers, and a white bird, makes an exotic tabletop arrangement.

The miniature bird cage measures 5 inches x 6.5 inches tall.

Try it in these decor settings: on a coffee table - as a patio backyard decoration - on a bathroom shelf - as an ornamental shelf sitter - it's simply gorgeous on an entryway table - it makes a great gift for her.
Indian style silk flower tealight stand Indian Style Silk Flower Tealight Stand

Spoil her with this exquisite flower decorated tealight stand. She'll love the purple flowers, contrasting with the yellow ring-shaped stand. The tealight shines its illuminating glow, from within a gold plated Gota-style holder. She won't want to put it away, but will leave it on her dressing room or bedside table, for all-year-round display!

Choose from several other bright and beautiful colour combinations, for special occasions.

Height- 9.5 cm.
Three candle holder stand with 
artificial succulents Three Candle Holder Stand with Artificial Succulents

Add some greenery to your home, the easy way.

A wooden box, filled with artificial succulents and fat plants, provides space for three candles - the metal holders take any candles less than 8cm wide.

The 52cm piece looks splendid on a mantelpiece, long table or shelf. Use hurricane candle holders, and enjoy magical summer nights on the porch or patio.

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Cube shaped candle centerpieces with artificial roses Cube Shaped Candle Centerpieces with Artificial Roses

Add a modern feel to your garden-style wedding.

Group this trio of brass cubes together on your wedding tabletop. Each gold-plated square shows off a confection of blush-pink roses, buds and leaves on one corner. The foam flowers and foliage soften the stark geometry of the 3", 4" and 5" cube shapes. Also available with ivory, or lilac and purple roses.

You can place a LED light onto the flattened base of each holder.

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Candle and floral table decor kit Candle & Floral Table Decor Kit

Get your summer off to a good start, with this uplifting tablescape! Just add dinnerware, and you're ready for effortless entertaining.

The yellow-and-blue decor kit includes a table runner, two flower vases, a "Hello Sunshine" wooden sign; two tea light holders.
Hurricane candle set with removable candle holders Hurricane Candle Set with Removable Candle Holders

Update your decor, with a brand-new look for every occasion.

The set of three hurricane cylinders comes with pine cones, holly berries, and frost spruce. Remove the candle holders, and change the Christmassy decorations for a fresh seasonal look - stick in sumptuous roses and lilies for your wedding; red roses for Valentine's; eggs and spring flowers for Easter.

The three thick glass candle holders take the heat of the ball candles, (included in the set), plus they travel well, and get to you unbroken, across the miles. This sturdy set brings a lifetime of joy to your holidays, birthdays, housewarmings and parties.

The centerpieces come in 3 heights - 4.75, 6.13, and 9.88 inches tall.

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3-tier crystal glass candelabra with flower bowl 3-Tier Crystal Glass Candelabra with Flower Bowl

Fit for royalty...imagine you're a princess for a day, and grace your special occasion with an imperial show of glimmering candlelight.

This handmade crystal candelabra sparkles with jewel-like splendor. Multifaceted crystal spheres, and dangling pendant chains, catch every bit of light, and cast shimmering fragments of light onto your tables. The scalloped bowl can hold a ball or pillar candle, or a small floral arrangement, (it's the ideal shape and size for a rose pomander kissing ball).

Height: 35" tall.

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Autumn harvest white dahlia and pumpkin candle holder centerpiece Autumn Harvest White Dahlia and Pumpkin 3-Piece Candle Holder Centerpiece

Decorating a long autumn table? This 21-inch long arrangement of dahlia flowers, pumpkins, berries and leaves makes a graceful rectangular or oval table centerpiece.

Gilded pumpkins add an understated air of glamor to this creamy white, pink, green and brown piece. Add your own ivory pillar or ball candles, and set fire to those chilly autumn nights.
Adaptable event candelabra with removable candle holders Adaptable Event Candelabra with Removable Candle Holders

Keep your decor fresh, from event to event. Create dozens of different arrangements, with one 5-candle candelabra. The innovative design facilitates a dazzling dual-purpose display: illuminate the party venue with candles blazing from all five holders (you can wrap garlands of silk flowers, or small flower rings and wreaths around the holders); or remove the central candlestick, and attach the flat plate, to accommodate a single silk floral arrangement.

The 24-inch candelabra provides a silver finish, at a fraction of the cost. Affordable aluminium plate takes on a silvery sheen, when polished to a high gloss, and then nickel plated.

A joy for professional event planners, creating centerpieces with candles and flowers.

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Wooden box with spring florals and candle holders Wooden Box with Spring Florals & Candle Holders

A wooden box - cleverly painted with a wood grain finish - overflows with spring blossoms and blooms, lacy ferns and greenery. The box contains three metal plates, perfect for holding your own 3-inch pillars.

The 17.75" centerpiece makes a pretty spring window box; looks great on your mantelpiece; adds a touch of spring flair to the center of that rustic wooden table.

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Wedding candle and flower holders - Pair Wedding Candle and Flower Holders - Pair

Are you a wedding or party planner? If so, these centerpieces will make your life much easier. The pedestals form bowl shapes on top. Put a silk flower arrangement on one, a ball or pillar candle, onto the next. The elegant twist design, and gentle sheen of rose gold, adds romance to your wedding events.

The package includes 2 x 17.7" tall candle holders, made of anti-rust zinc alloy. You can select other sizes too. The centerpieces ship in segments, and need some assembly - a great opportunity to exercise your diy skills! You can order ready-made faux flower balls - in 5 different colors - to fit onto your centerpieces.

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Candelabra bottle topper with vase insert Candelabra Bottle Topper with Vase Insert

Doing small-scale decorating? 11 inches wide, this votive candle centerpiece graces even the smallest space, with its elegantly drooping design.

Fit the triple-arm candelabra into your favorite wine bottle. Order the metal vase insert too, and stick a dainty flower posy into the middle. Wine themed decor, at its best.

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Crystal vari-candle candelabra Crystal Vari-Candle Candelabra

Dangling crystals sparkle in the light of candles. This breathtaking centerpiece takes your choice of a taper candle, votive candle or tealight. Add a fresh flower ball onto the flat-topped pedestal, and you're ready to make magic at your wedding or formal occasion.

The 15-inch tall piece features a gold metal (Swarovski-grade) stem, covered in jewel-like ball-and-egg-shaped facets.

Simply stunning!

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Glass log shaped candle holders - Set of 2 Glass Log Shaped Candle Holders - Set of 2

Short on space? This hollowed-out glass takes your choice of leaves, ferns, and real or silk flowers. The narrow piece measures 8.4 inches, and saves valuable space on a desk, your coffee table, a windowsill, etc.

Bridal tip: take two long-stemmed rose buds, lilies, carnations, etc. Face the flower heads outwards. Tie the stems together in the middle with a festive organza bow. Beautiful...especially when paired with flower shaped tealights.

You'll receive a set of 2 hollow glass candle holders. The pictured candles and silk flowers are not included.

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Mini tabletop 6-branch candelabra and vase centerpiece Mini Tabletop 6 Branch Candelabra & Vase Centerpiece

This all-in-one centerpiece features 7 holders to arrange your candles and flowers. How to create different looks easily: stick a bouquet of elegant wedding flowers into the vase, surrounded by flower shaped tea lights...display a bunch of vibrant red poinsettias, surrounded by six gold tea candles. Effortlessly festive, for the holidays.

The 8-piece tea light & vase candelabra measures 10¾ inches tall; the cone-shaped vase, 9¾ inches high.

Free Shipping.

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8-cup scrollwork vase candle stand 8-Arm Scrollwork Candle Stand with Vase

You don't need a florist's skills, to arrange flowers successfully. Simply fill this metal candelabra with freshly-cut flowers, and tealight candles. Sit back...and enjoy the compliments!

This arrangement of decorative spirals and multi tealight holders supports a flower vase in the middle. It has holders for 8 candles. Modern, with a touch of old-world antiquity.

Buy in bulk, and get these flower vase stands for less. They come in a bulk set of 10, or a wholesale lot of 15.

Size: 12½ inches high.

Free Shipping.
Double sided glass tealight stand with silk flowers Double Sided Glass Tealight Stand with Silk Flowers

An orange flowering plant - embedded into white pebbles - "blooms" between two round panes of glass. The candle stand holds a single tea light.

An exotic gift for the special occasions of fall.

Free shipping.
Iron and glass flower and multilevel candle holder Iron and Glass Flower & Multilevel Candle Holder

Flowers and candles turn a modern space into a home. A collection of different-sized glass cylinders fit into a bronzed metal frame. This compact centerpiece adds elegance - and takes up little space - on any tabletop.

Add an assortment of different size candles to the six candle holders. Pour a layer of natural or glass pebbles into the vase. Cover with water. Add a bouquet of cut flowers. There you are...a warm and homely ambiance, with contemporary flavor.

The piece - at its widest - measures 10.3 inches in length.
Silk magnolia bridal candle stand arrangement Silk Magnolia Bridal Candle Stand Arrangement

Magnificent magnolias grace a metal candle stand with bridal splendour.

This artificial arrangement stands the test of time. It will look as good tomorrow, and a week from now, as it does today. You won't have to worry about wilting flowers. You can pay attention to more important wedding details.

White magnolias, cascades of ribbons, satin balls, and amazingly realistic leaves, adorn the black metal stand. The sumptuous ribbon features the Greek key design, symbolizing infinity, or the eternal flow of things.

The triple candle stand holds pillar or ball candles. It measures 50cm (1ft 7"), an imposing piece for your main wedding table.

Free delivery in the UK.
Iron scrollwork 3-candle candelabra with silk sunflowers Iron Scrollwork 3-Candle Candelabra with Silk Sunflowers

Dull dining room table? Uninspired mantelpiece? This candle-and-sunflower centerpiece brings the joys of summer to any lengthy surface.

The pillar candelabra measures 25 inches long. It stands on graceful scrolled feet. White sunflowers - and lovely leaves - bloom amongst the stems and supports of the iron frame.

Get your own white or yellow 3" pillars, and bring rays of summer sunshine to any room.
6-light votive candle and plant stand 6-Light Votive Candle and Plant Stand

Laze away those long summer nights...this multi-candle centerpiece creates a special glow on a porch or patio.

Fill the container with flower-like succulents or greenery. Stick votives or tea lights into the 6 candle cups.'re set for an evening of candlelit relaxation.

Length: 24¼ inches. Handcrafted from iron with an antiqued taupe brown finish.
Aluminium four taper candelabra with flower holder Aluminium Four Taper Candelabra with Flower Holder

With their centuries-old designs, candelabras add a timeless quality to your dècor. This aluminium taper candelabra combines traditional charm, with an up-to-date finish.

This 43" tall candelabra won't go unnoticed. Place it on the floor. Fill it with 4 tall tapers, and sweet-smelling flowers. With the candles lit, it will catch every eye in the room.
5-arm wedding candelabra centerpieces with flower holders 5-Arm Wedding Candelabra Centerpieces with Flower Holders

Velvety flowers contrast with the sheen of silver. Just add 4 candle lights, and receive your wedding guests with grace and style.

Need many wedding table candlesticks? Simply contact the supplier. Place a bulk order, and get a discount.

Made of silver plated metal. Height: 51cms.
Metal candle pedestal with silk sunflowers Metal Candle Pedestal with Silk Sunflowers

Adorn any table top with the sun-loving flowers of summer.

An arrangement of sunflowers, rose hips, berries, and autumn-colored leaves - wrapped around a black metal stand - makes a graceful summer/autumn centerpiece. The silk sunflowers shade from golden-yellow, to tones of russet, with yellow-and-chocolate-brown centers. Just as you find them in nature.

This stunning centerpiece - with glass candle vase in the center - will grace a tabletop, for many years to come.

Size: 16 inches tall.

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4-light taper hurricane candelabra with flower holder 4-Light Taper Hurricane Candelabra with Flower Holder

Dazzle your guests with the glow of candlelight, and the gleam of nickle-plated metal.

This floor standing hurricane candelabra measures a full 42 inches high. Tall enough to complement the air of grand magnificence in the mightiest cathedral. Certainly tall enough to form a striking focal point in any large wedding reception hall.

Suitable for indoors or out. Long hurricane candle holders protect the four elegantly tapered candles from breezes.

Arrange a bouquet of velvety flowers in the middle, and bring the cool metal to life.
Nickel 4-arm candelabrum with floral bowl 4 Arm Taper Candelabrum with Floral Bowl

The ideal display piece for your floristry arrangements.

This multiple candlestick holder comes alive at night. A quintet of candles glints off the cool nickel. The sturdy pedestal branches off into 4 graceful arms, each holding a tapered candle. Fill the bowl with a ball-shaped floral arrangement, and receive your dinner guests in style.

Height: 23½ inches.

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