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Delicious Fruit and Candle Centerpieces

Fruit - invitingly shaped, brightly coloured, deliciously flavoured - presents you with endless opportunities for luscious centrepieces.

Mother Nature has already done most of the creative work for you. Just add a dash of imagination, to a hint of ingenuity, and you can decorate your kitchen and dining tables - and your holiday events - with fruity flair.

Large candles - with dried fruit embedded in them - infuse your home with good looks, and unforgettable smells...reusable gel candles make one-of-a-kind gifts for your favourite people...faux fruit candle rings evoke a true Christmas atmosphere with their bright colours, and frost-covered appearance. (See the photos below).

Ideas for Candle and Fruit Arrangements:

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Rosy Rings spicy apple candle 9-Inch Rosy Rings Spicy Apple Candle

Welcome your holiday guests with the inviting smells of crisp red apples, freshly ground cinnamon, and clove.

Set aside those artificial air fresheners...this highly-scented pillar candle perfumes your surroundings with the all-natural fragrance of real apple and spices. Even when it's unlit!

This high-quality candle burns for hundreds of hours. Your home will smell fantastic, throughout the end-of-the-year holidays.

Free Shipping. Far from family and friends? Have these one-of-a-kind candles shipped to them. Wherever they are in the world.

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3-inch iced berry miniature candle rings - Set of 4 3-Inch Iced Berry Miniature Candle Rings - Set of 4

"Iced over by the first frost of winter". These artificial rings of raspberries, blackberries and new green berries evoke the chilly aspects of the wintry countryside.

The inside diameter measures 1.875", the outside diameter 3". Stick them around your thin pillar candles, or a set of glass votives.

The medley of red, burgundy, green and snow-white colors creates a delightful look for the holidays. Produce a matched table display: use some as candle wreaths, the rest as napkin rings.
Winter Spice gel fish bowl candle Stoneglow Candle Winter Spice Gel Fish Bowl

Banish those winter blues. You won't feel the cold, while you burn this fruit-and-spice-filled candle.

Citrus slices, ripe purple berries, spicy cinnamon sticks and cloves "drift around" in a fish bowl filled with gel wax.

The candle burns with a timeless blend of exotic spices and sandalwood. Simply sumptuous...

Pine cones, fir needles and golden ornaments give you a timely reminder, "It's Christmas".
8-inch artificial icy apple, berry and moss candle ring 8-Inch Artificial Icy Apple, Berry and Moss Candle Ring

The vivid reds and greens of Christmas come alive in this ring of "frosted" fruit. An arrangement of "iced apples", berries and moss sparkle in the light of a 4¼" candle.

Try the 8" wreath with a glass hurricane vase in its center...stick it around a wax hurricane lantern...a multi-wick pillar candle looks up-to-date LED pillar provides non-drip candlelight.
Hexagon shaped fruit basket and hurricane candle holder Hexagon Shaped Fruit Basket and LED Hurricane Candle

Keep your seasonal dècor up-to-date. A hexagon-shaped basket, with candle holder in the middle, forms a versatile centerpiece for your modern kitchen or dining room table.

Arrange fresh fruit around the flameless candle, and create a colorful centerpiece for your kitchen or dinner table; add ornaments and pine cones for Xmas; red roses for Valentine's Day...Endless possibilities. The only limit? Your imagination.

The set includes the black metal hexagon, measuring 11" wide x 9" tall; a hurricane cylinder vase; a vanilla-scented Led pillar candle.

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Tealight candle carver Tealight Candle Carver

Transform your favorite fruit into delightful centerpieces. You can burn candles in apples or pears...even stick a tealight into a pineapple, and decorate that summer party with tropical flair.

Create quick-and-easy fruit candle holders as follows: stick the stainless steel cutter into the fruit. Twist the T-shaped handle firmly. This carves a neat hole, just the right size for a standard tea light candle.

An indispensable tool for that summer barbeque, for your holiday get-togethers. Wherever you seek a bit of fruity inspiration, in fact.

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Silver metal pedestal votive candle centerpiece with bowl Silver Metal Pedestal Votive Candle Centerpiece with Bowl - by the White Barn Candle Company

Make this candlelit bowl the centerpiece for your special celebrations.

Fill the silver metal dish with a medley of fruits...a mouthwatering fruit salad... your favorite fruit-flavored punch.

Three candle lights - and brightly colored fruits - add fun and festivity to this functional piece.

Measurements: approximately 13¼" in diameter.
Winter spice & orange gel candle vase Stoneglow Candles Winter Spice Gel Vase

The days are getting shorter...the evenings chillier. Warm yourself up with the exotic smells of Oriental spices. A gelatin candle, filled with sliced orange, cinnamon sticks, clove buds, and sumptuous sandalwood, creates an unforgettable fragrance for the home.

Burn Time: 30 hours. Refills available. Simply replace the central glass insert, and your candle's as good as new.

Size: 12cm (4.8")
4-inch artificial mixed fruit taper candle ring 4" Artificial Mixed Fruit Taper Candle Ring

Slide this ring of fruit and holly leaves around a rustic candlestick of your choice. Insert a rose red taper candle. There you've created a festive country-style centerpiece for the holidays.

The 4-inch wide wreath consists of artificial fruit and vivid holly leaves. The fruit have an attractive crystallized appearance. The ring takes a 1-inch tapered candle, (not included).
Fish bowl plum and blackberry gel candle Fish Bowl Plum and Blackberry Gel Candle - by Stoneglow Candles

Crushed blackberries and juicy plums color a gel candlescape with tints of rich purple. Cassis and amber provide zesty and sensuous notes on a base of precious woods.

The candle burns independently from the summer fruits. Burn Time: approximately 15 hours. Simply stick a glass refill into the center, and give new life to your burnt-out candle.

Size: the fish bowl shaped candle measures 10cm (4 inches) high.
Rosy Rings Anjou pear round pillar candle Rosy Rings Anjou Pear Round Pillar Candle

Fill your home with the mouthwatering smells of baking...this candle smells like a French fruit tart, straight from the oven: Anjou pears, apples and golden plums, dusted with a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg. Just like your mom's kitchen!

This long-burning candle lasts for up to 300 hours.

Size: 6 x 9.5 inches tall, (15 x 23¾cm).

Free Shipping. This item also ships to select countries outside the U.S.
Blossom scented fruit pillar candle Rosy Rings Blossom Scented Fruit Pillar Candle

Sublime to look at, divine to smell...invigorate your surroundings with the natural flavors of fruit and florals.

This 6½" candle burns down the middle, illuminating the green citrus pieces, and lemon and lychee blossoms, from within.

Expect exceptional value-for-your-money. You get at least 200 hours of burning time from this long-lasting candle.

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Footed fruit bowl centerpiece with candlesticks Footed Fruit Bowl Centerpiece with Candlesticks

Fill the glass bowl with fresh fruit...arrange the candlesticks on either side... stick tapers into the holders...there you are, a beautiful fruit and candle centerpiece for the center of your dinner table, or a spacious mantelpiece.

A classic design from the Old Westmoreland Glass Company. The Colonial blue glass features patterns of lacy cut-outs.

The candleholders measure 4½" in height. The footed bowl measures 10½" in height and 8" in diameter.
Floral and fruit holiday candle centrepiece Floral and Fruit Holiday Candle Centrepiece

An arrangement of flowers and fruit enriches your home throughout the holidays.

Red roses and poppy seeds form a dome-shaped arrangement in the top of a long-stemmed gold vase, with a golden candle in the middle. A trailing decoration of twigs and dried orange slices dangles down around the stem. Bronze baubles add a touch of festivity for the holidays.

Size: 69cm tall, (27.6").
Apple and cinnamon jelly jar candle Apple and Cinnamon Jelly Jar Candle
from the Maghso Aqua Gel Collection

Spice up your kitchen or living room.

Dried out apple slices, cinnamon sticks and green leaves, "float" in a jar filled with gel wax. Delectable candle scents!

An inner glass cup protects the decorations from damaging candle flames. You can insert tealight candles once the gel wax's gone, and enjoy the pleasures of a long-lasting hurricane lamp.
Red currant and cranberry tall round scented candle Rosy Rings Red Currant & Cranberry Tall Round Scented Candle

Juicy cranberries and red currants fill a round pillar candle with color and fragrance.

With an astounding burn time of 300 hours, you get true value-for-your-money!

Size: 6" wide x 9½" tall, (15 x 23¾ cm).

Free shipping. This item also ships to select countries outside the U.S.
Citrus and bay leaf candle Rosy Rings Bay Garland and Citrus Round Scented Candle

A masterpiece of nature, and the candlemaker's craft.

Filled with natural fruit and herbs - citrus pieces, sprays of bay leaves, and decorative fruit pips - this candle scents your home with a selection of botanical smells.

The round pillar candle burns for 120 hours. It burns down the middle, and illuminates the plant elements, encased in the wax.

Size: 4½ x 4½ x 5 inches, (12.7cm), tall.
Wrought iron candle holder with glass bell jar Scrollwork Candle Stand with Bell Shaped Fruit Bowl

Gather people around your kitchen table with the warmth of candlelight, and the homely smells of real fruit.

Display this scrolled, wrought iron candle and fruit stand in the center of your kitchen table. Fill the bell jar with colorful fruits. Light the 4 candles. Instant hospitality!

You can remove the glass cloche for easy cleaning.

Avoid wax spills. Use tealights, or votive candle holders. High-quality ball candles also make a good choice, as they tend to burn down the middle, and don't drip down the sides much.

Size: 19.5" in diameter x 10.5" high.
Square taper candle chandelier Castillo Square Taper Candle Chandelier

Infuse your surroundings with the old-fashioned charm of a French farmhouse.

Hang this chandelier in your kitchen: stick 8 tapers into the metal sockets. Arrange a selection of colorful, fragrant fruit in the tray around them. Hoist the wrought iron centerpiece to the ceiling, and enjoy the natural lighting, and traditional ambiance, it provides.

Size: 22 x 23 inches. Taper candles not included.

Also available as a round taper candle chandelier.

Free Shipping.
Tumbler gel candle jar with fruit and flowers Tumbler Gel Candle Jar with Fruit & Flowers

This candle burns with a delightful selection of fruity candle scents - the rich florals and fruity flavors of orange blossom, jasmine, muguet, lemon and orange zest.

Natural orange pieces, leaves, and tiny sprigs of white flowers, "float" inside a suspension of gel wax.

A glass insert in the middle separates the votive candle from the botanicals around it.

Approximate burn time: 15 hours.
Orange votive candle holders centerpiece Orange Votive Candle Holders Centerpiece

Decorate that summer party in fruity style! Use a bit of creativity, and transform oranges into luscious and fragrant candle holders. Prepare three orange candle holders per the instructions, and arrange in a long dish. Or, make one for each guest, and place one at each place setting.

This centerpiece can be displayed indoors or out, as the votive glasses shield the candlelight from breezes.

Read the full instructions
Glass centerpieces with t-lites and fruit - 4-piece set Badash Galaxy T-lite/Desert - 4 piece set

Sophisticated, with fruity flair. Display t-lites in two of the glasses. Fill the other two with summer berries, grapes or cherries. Alternate them down the center of a long table, and enjoy the unique ambiance these centerpieces bring to a dinner party. Each glass features an air bubble in the sturdy base, an artistic signature created during the mouth blowing process.

Size: 4 x 4 x 3.2 inches, (10 x 10 x 8cm).

Also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

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Centerpiece with fruit dessert candles Reminiscent of long, lazy days, warm friendships, and summer fruits, you can enjoy these desserts, (visually, at least), whatever the weather.

Arrange 3 of these fruit dessert candles on a tray, decorate with colourful napkins, and other dessert accessories, and your centerpiece is complete.


Rectangular, marbled candle with 3 wicks, surrounded by strawberries and carnations Create a "strawberries-and-cream" effect, using a red-pink-and-white marbled candle, fresh strawberries, and snow-white flowers. (We used carnations, but many other white flowers will do equally well).

You'll need: A rectangular, strawberry-red, pink, and white candle; a rectangular, white plate, longer and wider than the candle; fresh strawberries; white flowers.

Place the candle on the white plate. Arrange strawberries around the candle, and stick a flower head into each corner.
Centerpiece with apple decoupage pillar candle in the middle, surrounded by fresh apples You'll need:
A cylinder candle with an apple decoupage design
A wicker basket
Paper napkins, with an apple design, (optional)
Fresh apples

Place a few paper napkins into the wicker basket with
the edges hanging slightly over the sides. (Or just use
the wicker basket as it is). Place the candle into the center
of the basket. Surround the candle with the apples. Here are the instructions for the decoupage technique used on the candle.
Chunk orange candle centerpiece with fresh oranges Use a scented or unscented candle for this centerpiece, your choice. We used a 4x6" (10x15cm) cylinder candle with orange and yellow chunks.

You'll need:
A large orange chunk cylinder candle.
2 dried orange slices.
2 fresh oranges.
String (or raffia, ribbons, leather thong, etc.)

Thread the string through the orange slices. Tie it around the candle, so that one orange slice is on the front of the candle and the other on the opposite side. (So that your guest's on either side of the table have the same view of the candle). Slice the orange through four ways, without cutting through the bottom. This leaves 8 attached wedges. Open the wedges up gently to form petal shapes. Place on either side of the candle on 2 plates.
Lemon tin container candle centerpiece with fresh lemons Let your friends admire your handiwork, while you tempt them with tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits.

You'll need:
A decorative tin container candle with a fruit design. Scented or unscented, you choose. (I filled an old Danish lemon biscuit tin with wax).
Pieces of fresh fruit matching the tin design.

Place your tin candle in a central spot on the table. Arrange a few pieces of the fresh fruit next to it. Echo this centerpiece theme in the paper napkins, the cakes you serve or other decorative elements on your table. (Selectively, not every single thing has to match). This is also great for outdoors, as the tin makes a perfect hurricane shield.
Tip: these tin container candles become ferociously hot when they've been burning for some hours. Don't place it on a cake stand or anything else which might shatter easily. Tiles, dinner plates, metal trays and wooden surfaces are suitable.
candle in wine bottle centerpiece A variation of the old candle & wine holder centrepieces. Traditionally, a very soft candle is used, leaving artistic drips on the bottle and sometimes (oops!) on the table.

You'll need:
A wine bottle (I used a decorative bottle of Spanish recycled glass, with a raised grape design).
A taper candle.
A plate or tile to display the bottle on.
Fresh grapes, green and black.

Stick the taper into the bottle. Put the bottle onto the tile/plate. Casually arrange some grapes around the bottle.
fresh apple taper candle holder Fresh apples make luscious, (although perishable, and fleeting) candle holders. Insert tea light candles instead of tapers, if you like. A fruit tealight cutter gives you a neat and precise hole.

You'll need:
2 large apples (get the biggest ones you can find)
An ivory taper candle
Leaves (from apples or flowers)
A plate, to display the centerpiece on
A fruit candle carver (an apple-corer makes a good candle carver tool, especially for taper candles)
Lemon juice

Place the leaves in water and hydrate them well. This delays the inevitable droop which happens after a few hours. Make a straight hole about 2,5 cms (1") deep in the apple, using the fruit candle corer. Place the apple onto the plate. Wedge the candle firmly into the apple. Stick some leaves in around the base of the candle.

Slice the second apple into thin pieces. Sprinkle with lemon juice. This slows down the discolouration process, and the apple pieces will take longer to turn brown. Arrange them around the base of the central apple.
centerpiece made with citrus-coloured pillar candles and dried lemon, orange and grapefruit slices Enjoy the colours and scents of summer fruits, whatever the season.

Arrange a group of chunky, citrus-coloured pillar candles on a wax candle plate embedded with dried citrus slices. The lemon, orange and grapefruit slices are partially embedded, with the exposed bits subtly giving off their gorgeous fragrance.

We used various flat-topped and pointed cylinder candles with the following sizes: 10x10cm (4x4"), 8.5x19cm (3.4x7.6"), 8.5x16cm (3.4x6.4"), and 6x20cm (2.4x8").

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