Instructions for fruit dessert candles    


How to Make Dessert Candles
for a Delicious Fruit Centerpiece

fruit dessert candles

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used

You can easily make these fruit candles at home, using kitchen dishes, containers, and utensils. Make them in dessert glasses, if you don't feel like making the wax containers.

Ordinary, brittle paraffin wax tends to create a crackled effect. I quite liked it, and kept it that way. You might like to add a tiny amount of microcrystalline wax, to stop the crackling.

You can view the finished centerpiece on the fruit centerpieces page.

Peach Melba Candle Recipe

You'll need:

peach  melba candle Paraffin wax


Red, and yellow candle dyes

2-sided 5 cm (2"), and 6 cm (2.4") ball candle molds

A 10 cm, (4"), dessert dish, and a 8cm (3.2") container.

A wicking needle

A blunt knife

A water-bath

A fork

An apple-corer

20cm, (8"), length wick


1. Melt enough paraffin wax to fill the dessert dish, heat up to 82deg;C (180deg;F), and pour into the dish. As soon as a skin forms, cut carefully around the inside edge with the knife, and pour the wax back into your wax melter. Stick the dish into the water-bath, and leave to set. Place into the fridge for 20 minutes for easier removal.

suspended ball candle2. Melt 100 g (3.5 oz) paraffin wax, priming the wick in the melting wax. Wick up the 2-sided ball candle mold, and leave a 10cm (4")length of wick protruding from the top. Pour the wax into the mold, filling the mold to the rim. This creates the "stem" for the wax peach melba glass. Leave to set.

3. Suspend the ball candle from the wick, over a small round container. We used an 8cm, (3.2") shallow dish, and suspended the candle from the handle of a kitchen cupboard. Pour 82deg;C paraffin wax into the container, around the candle base, up to a height of 1cm (0.4"), and leave to set.

4. Make a hole in centre of the wax dish with a hot wicking needle. Flatten the top of the ball candle with a hot iron, pull the wick straight, and insert through the hole in the dish. Tie a knot in the wick.

scoop of ice-cream in wax container 5. Making the scoop of ice-cream: melt 60 g (2 oz) of paraffin wax/stearin mix, and dye it a cream colour. Leave the wax to set until a skin forms, whip it with a fork, and pack the wax into the one side of the 6 cm ball candle mold. (Alternatively, you can use an ice-cream scoop to get the right shape). Leave to set, make a hole in the centre, and thread onto the wick.

removing peach centres 6. Making the peach slices: melt 100 g paraffin wax/stearin mix, and dye it a peach colour. When the wax reaches 80deg;C, pour it into the two separate halves of the 6 cm ball molds, (you can place the molds into saucers, or dishes for support. When the wax is partially set, but still warm, remove the centres with the apple-corer. Leave to set. Place the two "peach" halves on either side of the scoop of ice-cream.

7. Making the berry sauce: melt 50 g (1.76 oz) of paraffin wax, dye it a berry color, and pour over the peaches.

8. Making the whipped cream topping: melt a small amount of creamy-white paraffin wax/stearin, allow to cool, whip it, and spoon it around the wick, using a fork to tease it up around the wick. Leave to set.

Fruit Salad Candle Recipe

You'll need:

fruit salad candleParaffin wax



Red, green, and yellow candle dyes

A 12 cm, (4.8"), dessert dish

2-sided 7.5cm, (3"), ball candle mold

A 15cm, (6"), length of wick

A wicking needle

Metal pouring jugs


1. Using the pour-in-pour-out method described for the peach melba candle, make a wax container in the dessert dish. Prime the wick, while the wax is melting.

2. Fill one half of the ball candle mold with 80deg;C paraffin wax, and leave to set.

3. Make holes in the ball candle half, and the wax dish. Flatten the top of the half-ball, and thread the wick through it, and the base of the dish. Secure the wick at the bottom with a small amount of melted wax. Tie a knot in the wick where it protrudes from the dish.

4. Make various chunks, berry and grape shapes in the appropriate colours. Add a tiny amount of beeswax, (more moldable), to create the grape and berry shapes, and roll and press them into shape by hand. Create peach halves as for the peach melba candle, and slice the partially-set wax into 3 or 4 pieces, using a blunt knife, while in the mould.

threading fruit pieces onto wick 5. Thread a few chunks onto the wick, to give better burning capabilities.

6. Arrange the rest of the fruit pieces in the dish.

7. Melt 100g of paraffin wax/stearin mix, and dye it a creamy colour. Allow the wax to cool down to 65deg;C, (149deg;F), and pour carefully into the dish, in between the fruit pieces, leaving the top pieces sticking out.

Strawberry Cheesecake Slice Candle

You'll need:

strawberry cheesecake slice candle

Paraffin wax


A container, (big enough for the intended size of the candle)

Red, yellow, and blue candle dyes

A wicking needle

A 10cm length of 4cm (1.6") wick

2 metal pouring jugs


1. Melt 100 g paraffin wax/stearin, and dye it a golden-brown biscuit colour. At the same time, and in a separate jug, melt 400 g (14 oz) paraffin wax/stearin mix, and dye it pink. Allow the brown wax to cool down until a skin forms, whip it until quite stiff, and keeping it's shape. Pack a layer of wax into your container, (we used a plastic margarine container), just covering the base. When almost set, make 3 or 4 holes in the wax layer with a skewer. This creates better adhesion for the next layer.

cut strawberry slice 2. Do the same with the pink wax, priming the wick in the melting wax. Whip until frothy, and still fairly liquid. Pour/spoon the wax on top of the first layer, and allow to set partially. Slice the not-quite-set wax into a long, triangular shape, and leave to set. Remove the strawberry slice carefully, and neaten the sides on a hot iron.

3. Make a wick hole in the broad, central part of the slice, and insert the wick.

4. Using some of the left-over red waxes from the fruit salad candle, roll and press the wax into a strawberry shape, with your fingers.

5. Melt a small amount of creamy paraffin wax/stearin mix, and spoon it around the wick, shaping it with the fork. Thread the strawberry shape onto the wick, and press into the blob of cream.

6. Create a plate for the cheesecake slice: smear a saucer with vegetable oil, and pour white wax into it. Leave to set.