Instructions for candle with Grecian urn design    

Create an Unusual Candle with a
Grecian Urn Design

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used

Candle with Grecian urn design Decoupage moulds come in a wide variety of beautiful designs. Craft, and hardware stores stock them.

This flat, circular candle is created by arranging decoupage mould/s onto the base of a dish, and pouring wax over it. We used an 18cm dish, but you can use any size, smaller, larger, with round, oval or square shapes.

You'll need:

Paraffin wax
Decoupage mould/s
Yellow candle dye
A glass dish
2 lengths of 3cm (2") candle wick
Masking tape


1. Melt the stearin, add the paraffin wax, and heat up to 82C (180F). Dye the wax a rich ivory colour. Cut two lengths of wick, 5cm (2") longer than the diameter of your dish, and prime these in the melting wax.

decoupage mold in glass dish 2. Arrange the decoupage mould/s in the dish.

3. Pour the wax into the dish, until just covering the mould.

4. Let the wax cool until rubbery, and place the wicks in position on the wax. Make a groove with a wicking needle for more precise placement, if you like. Secure the wicks to the side of the dish with masking tape.

positioning wicks onto wax 5. Reheat the remaining wax to 82C, and pour a layer 1.5cm, (0.6") deep onto the first layer, covering the wicks. Leave to set.

6. Place in the fridge for 20 minutes, and carefully remove the candle from the dish.

7. Pull the decoupage mould from the candle. Not easy, you might have to carefully get a knife point in under one corner, and peel the mould away gently.

8. Flatten the base in an old, hot saucepan, until your candle stands easily by itself.

9. Neaten any untidy edges with a hot knife.

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