Make a marbled wax slab using whipped waxes    

Make a Marbled Wax Slab

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used.

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marbled wax slab made with whipped wax This marbled wax slab is the support for the ribbed centerpiece candle. Create fantasy marbles with pink/white, blue/white and green/white waxes. Or produce realistic-looking marbled effects combining the following colours:

  • black/white
  • grey/white
  • cream/amber
  • olive green/black
  • brown/amber
  • grey/navy
  • peach/black
  • amber/black/silver gray
  • salmon pink/brick red/grey/ivory

You'll need:
Paraffin wax/stearin mixture
A square container (to mould the slab in)
Candle dye
A container (to combine the whipped waxes in)
A fork


1. Melt of the wax mixture in one container and leave this undyed. Melt the rest of the wax mixture in another container and dye it a strong colour. Allow both waxes to cool until a skin forms. Whip them with a fork.
marbled whipped wax 2. Spoon the white whipped wax into the container and the coloured wax on top of this. Pull the fork through the wax in a random pattern, churning some of the white wax up from the bottom, until the white wax is streaked with the darker colour.
3. Place spoonfuls of this blended wax mixture into the square container. Press down well with the spoon. Leave to set.
4. Neaten the bottom and sides of the wax square with an old iron.

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