Non Flower Centerpieces with Candles    
Non-Floral Centerpieces

Creative Candle Centerpieces
without Flowers

Want to create a centerpiece with no flowers? Combine candles with ribbons, stones, shells, glass nuggets, or marbles, in a variety of easy-to-make centerpieces.

Candle and mirror centerpieces sparkle and beguile, and multiply that candle radiance a thousandfold.

Fill terracotta pots with candle wax and wicks, and display them on your patio. Earthenware comes in an amazing array of vases, jugs, jars and urns, with dazzling shapes. Stick tapers, pillars or votive candles into the openings. Instant country-style candle holders, needing no other adornment!

You don't need any special skills to put non-floral centrepieces like these together. An eye for colour and design helps, but basically you'll just indulge your own whims and fancies.

Here are some ideas, with pictures, for non-flower centerpieces:

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Versatile hurricane candle holder centerpiece Versatile Hurricane Candle Holder Centerpiece

A centerpiece for all seasons...

Vary the decorations in this hurricane candle holder, and create unique arrangements to suit your special moods, different occasions, or seasonal changes.

Arrange seashells on a bed of sand...display vivid fragments of beautiful beach glass... stick in glass ornaments...add natural stones or colorful marbles, etc.

The metal candle tray removes easily, whenever you seek a change of decorative elements.

Size: 11½" high. Best with a 4 x 6" pillar candle, (not included).

Free Shipping.
Candle and mirror wedding centerpieces Candle and Mirror Wedding Centerpieces - 48-Piece Set

Dazzle the guests at your wedding or event with the shimmering reflections from a set of mirrors and pillar vases.

You don't have to search elsewhere for the mirrored squares. This set provides you with 12 beveled mirror tiles, cut to the right size.

Altogether, this 48-piece set includes the following: 36 cylinder vases, 3¼ inches wide and 6, 7½, and 10½ inches tall; 10" square mirrors, with bevelled edges.

Simply add your own candles, (the different sized candles sell separately), and you have quick-and-easy centerpieces.

Free Shipping.

Read the review.
Glass cylinder pillar candle vases Cylinder Pillar Candle Vases - Bulk Set of 36

Decorate your wedding receptions and special events affordably, and with style.

These glass vase sets consist of 36 clear cylinders, measuring different heights: twelve 6", twelve 7.56" and twelve 10.56" tall respectively.

3 inch wide pillar candles, especially hand poured for the perfect fit, accompany the vases. Choose from a variety of colors - black, green, ivory, lavender, light blue, navy blue, pink and white - and coordinate with your favorite color schemes.

Free shipping.

Too many for your needs? Also available as a set of 3 cylinder candle vases with pillars, or a set of 18 square candle vases with pillars.
Faux flame candles with fillable candle holder - Set of 5 Faux Flame Candles with Fillable Candle Holder - Set of 5
by Candle Impressions

One candle centerpiece...many decorative ideas...

This clear glass log candle holder with 5 flameless votive candles makes a versatile centerpiece for indoors or outdoors, for a coffee table, a fireplace mantel, or a long table during your end-of-the-year festivities. Fill the hollow glass with sea shells, beads, stones, glass nuggets, sea glass, etc., and create exciting displays, changing with the seasons, and complementing your dècor.

The "wicks" flicker like real candles, and you can set the timer for 5 hours on and 19 hours off. Batteries included.

The candle holder measures 16½ inches long. Also available as a 3 votive candle holder centerpiece.

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Clear glass bubble ball candle holders with hanging votive candle holders - 6 pieces Libbey Hanging Babylon Votive Candle Holders - 6 Pieces

Add your favourite things to these candle holders, and create your own unique themed centerpieces.

This set consists of 3 clear glass bubble balls, and 3 removable votive candle holders, hanging from the inside.

Insert sea glass, shells, sand, stones, marbles, or glass nuggets into the bases of the bubble balls, a candle, (supported in sand, tiny pebbles, etc.) into each votive holder, and celebrate in style.

The bubble balls measure 6.6", 5.6" and 4.9" in diameter respectively.
Bottle candle holders centerpiece Turn Bottles into Taper Candle Holders

Create an unusual centerpiece using decorative glass bottles, and candles. Fill the bottles with colored water. Insert a taper candle into each one.

Group bottles of varied shapes and sizes together, on a glass pane, candle plate, or platter, for a display that dazzles.

Read the full instructions.
Beaded glass candle jar We used beads with jewel-like facets, which refract the candlelight and create extra shimmer.

You'll need:

A glass jar; beads; a small pillar candle; a thin embroidery needle; embroidery or crochet cotton

Thread the cotton through the eye of the needle. Thread enough beads onto the cotton to fit snugly around the top of the jar. Pull the cotton thread in tightly, and tie the ends together. Tie a second knot for extra security. Insert the pillar candle. You might have to make a dent in the candle base with a hot spoon, so that the candle fits onto the often dome-shaped bases of the jars.
Tea light centerpiece A simple centerpiece, especially dramatic for night-time, or early evening display.

Remove at least 10 tea lights from their metal casings. Using a sponge brush, paint craft, or an all-purpose glue, around the sides of the casings. Sprinkle silver glitter onto the glue, (or roll them in a saucer of glitter), and leave to dry. Re-insert the candles.

Arrange the candles on a silver tray or platter. Scatter beads, sequins, or other shiny decorations around the tealights.
Apricot ribbed candle plate centerpiece with decorated pillar candles Display pillar candles on a ribbed candle plate. We fastened star shapes, (biscuit cutter wax cut-outs, with holes made in the centre), to the candle fronts. You can use buttons, or candle pins instead, in a shape of your choice.

You'll need:
3 pillar candles
A ribbed candle plate
Candle decorations
A 5cm (2") wide length of corrugated cardboard, long enough to fit around each candle

Fasten a piece of corrugated cardboard around each candle with a length of raffia. Tie a knot. Attach the decorations, by threading the raffia ends through the holes, from the back, tying a knot in front, and then a small bow. Trim the ends.
Glass jar candle holder filled with pink beads, holding white, pointed pillar candle Turn a plain glass jar into a colourful candle holder. Very easy to create, when you need a quick, informal centrepiece.

Fill the jar with colourful beads, leaving enough space on top to hold a candle securely. Stick a tight-fitting pillar candle into the top, resting it on the beads. Make a slightly-too-large candle fit, by holding the bottom in hot water for a minute, and inserting it carefully. Or carve to size, with a kitchen knife.

Decorate with braids and more glass ornaments. We used a 6x20cm (2.4x8") candle, and wound a plaited, silver braid around the jar's edge, suspending a clear glass heart from it, with silver thread.

Marbles, or any small glassy objects, with transparent, reflective qualities, also make good fillers.
Decorative tin can candle holders Decorate a picnic table with vintage-style candle tins, and enjoy al fresco dining, with a difference. Collect food tins with old-fashioned designs, and create eye-catching centerpieces for casual indoor or outdoor get-togethers.

Know candle making? Fill the tins with candle wax, and a wick. Not familiar with candle making? Stick a tea light candle, or small votive candle, into the tin.
centerpiece with 3 cup-shaped candles in long wooden dish A simple, casual look. Perfect for a coffee table.

You'll need:
3 candles, in a colour of your choice. We used cup-shaped, wax container candles.
Bath crystals or coarse sea salt
Wood shavings (optional)
A long, shallow, oval or rectangular container with square, or slightly rounded corners.

Place the candle/s into your container. Sprinkle the crystals around the candles. Add some wood shavings or suchlike for a nice touch.
Centerpiece with three square green marbled candles, mirror tiles and glass nuggets Square candles look fantastic grouped together, even in the most uncomplicated arrangements.
For a round table, place four square candles onto a glass or wax mosaic plate. Or line up three or more square candles in a sideways fashion on mirror tiles, for a long table.

Mirror tile edges don't look very good. You might want to cover them up, unless you can find mirror tiles with bevelled edges. Arrange wrong-way-up glass nuggets around the edges, to disguise them.

The V-shapes made by this sideways candle arrangement give you a great opportunity to arrange glass nuggets or beads in pretty patterns within and around them.
Candle tins decorated with operatic wrapping paper, with brown pillar candles Transform ordinary aluminium tin cans into versatile candle holders. We used wrapping paper with an operatic theme, but you can use any designs under the sun, and make adaptable centerpieces for any occasion.

You'll need: tin/s; a sharp craft knife; wrapping paper; craft glue; a sponge brush; glitter, (optional); pillar or ball candle/s. Proceed as follows: cut a piece of wrapping paper slightly longer than the circumference of your tin. Glue the overlapping ends together, with a (not-too-wet) sponge brush. Give the tin's edges a bit of sparkle, if you like. Pour glue into a plate, and spread it around with the brush. Pour glitter into another container. Dip the tin's edges into the glue, and immediately roll it around in the glitter.

Place a pillar candle into the a ball candle on the lip...or turn the tin upside down, and rest a candle on it, etc.
centerpieces with dessert dishes, tealight candles and red glass nuggets Centrepieces don't come much simpler than these.

Arrange small, cut-glass dessert dishes lengthwise along your table (we used dishes 10cm (4") wide. Place a tealight in the centre of each one. Surround each tealight with brightly coloured glass nuggets.

Light up and enjoy the shimmering candle light.
votive candle glasses on glass pane, nuggets, and mirror tiles base
Glass nuggets sandwiched between mirror tiles and a pane of glass give a jewel-like effect, with lit candles bringing it to life. Use round mirror tiles and glass panes, if you prefer.

You'll need:
A rectangular mirror tile, (or push 2 squares together)
A rectangular pane of glass
Coloured glass nuggets
Votive glasses and candles

Place the mirror tiles into position on your table. Arrange glass nuggets on the mirror. Place the glass pane onto the glass nuggets. Arrange the votive candle glasses on the glass pane.
wine-goblets-and-glass-pane candle stand holding deep pink and purple candles and glass beads
In this centrepiece, wine goblets support a pane of glass holding candles.

You'll need:

At least 3 wine goblets
A glass pane, at least 30 cm (12") in diameter, and 4 millimetres (1/6th") thick
A variety of cone, ball and pillar candles
Glass beads

Place 3 wine goblets in a triangular shape, with spaces between them. Use more goblets for bigger glass panes, arranging them in a circle. Place a dab of Presstik onto each rim. Place the glass pane onto the goblets, pressing down gently, to make them stick.

Arrange candles on the pane of glass. Surround the candles with glass beads.
Grecian urn candle centerpiece
This Grecian urn candle is not the best-burning candle around, but it has a decorative appeal, suitable for a study, mantel or coffee table. Leave it unlit, as a decoration only, or place it in a container when burning, as these candles can be quite drippy.

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