Instructions for a ribbed candle plate    


Make a Ribbed Candle Plate

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used

This candle plate forms the base for the decorated pillar candles, as shown on the Non-Floral Centerpieces page.

ribbed candle plate You'll need:

Paraffin wax


Corrugated cardboard

A glass pie dish, at least 26cm (10.4")in diameter

Red and yellow candle dyes

Silicone, (or non-silicone), lubricating spray


1. Cut a cardboard circle to fit snugly into the pie dish.

silicone-free lubricating spray 2. Spray the cardboard thoroughly with the silicon spray, and leave to dry.

3. Melt enough paraffin wax/stearin mixture to fill the dish to a height of 15mm, (0.60"), and dye this an apricot colour.

4. Place the cardboard into the dish, with the ribbed side up. The ends might rear up. Stick them down with Presstik.

corrugated cardboard in pie 
	dish 5. When the wax reaches 88°C (190°F), pour it into the cardboard-lined dish, to a depth of 1cm, (0.4"), above the ribs.

6. Leave to set. Remove the wax plate from the dish, and carefully pull the cardboard from the wax. This is quite difficult, and you might have to stick a knife point under the cardboard in one spot, to release one end, before you can pull it off.

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