Instructions for a Wedding Cake Candle    

Wedding Cake Candle Recipe

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used

You can view the completed centerpiece on the floral candle centerpieces page.

Wedding cake candle with ribbon and rose

You'll need:
  • Paraffin wax
  • Stearin
  • 3 cylinder moulds 13, 10, and 8cm, (5.2, 4, and 3.2") in diameter
  • Yellow candle dye
  • 25cm (6") length of wick
  • Dipping wax
  • A wicking needle
  • A pouring jug
  • Ivory satin ribbon
  • Fresh roses


1. Melt 1,250 kg (2.75 lb) paraffin wax/stearin mixture. Leave the wax undyed. Prime the wick in the melting wax.

Making a wick hole with a hot wicking needle 2. Wick up and seal the smallest mould, leaving about 5cm (2") of wick sticking out the top of the mould. Pour wax to a height of 5cm into the mould. Leave until a dip forms. Fill the cavity, and leave the candle to set.

3. Seal the other two moulds. These don't get wicks. Pour a 5cm layer of wax into each one, and fill the cavity as soon as a dip forms. Leave to set.

Threading the wick through the candle pieces 4. Remove the candles from their moulds, and neaten untidy edges in a hot saucepan, or by gliding a hot knife over the edges. Don't trim the long wick protruding from the smaller candle.

5. Make wick holes in the two unwicked candle pieces with a hot wicking needle. Thread the wick through the next-sized candle, and then through the largest candle, forming a graduated stack.

Gluing the candle pieces together with whipped wax 6. Remelt the left-over wax, and leave it to cool down until a skin forms. Whip the wax with a fork until frothy. Spoon wax in between the two top wax pieces, and push them together firmly. Repeat with the next two layers.

7. Place the candle in a baking pan, lined with wax paper.

Completed wedding cake candle Melt the dipping wax in a small pouring jug, and dye it an ivory colour. When it reaches the appropriate temperature, pour wax over the top of the candle. Leave for a minute, and turning the candle, pour wax over the top again.

Tip: hold small candles by the wick, or place an object between larger candles and the wax paper, to prevent wax accumulating around the base of the candle.

8. Neaten the candle base in a hot saucepan again, if drips made the bottom uneven.

Attaching ribbon and rose to candle 9. Make a diagonal cut in the roses stems, and leave them in warm water for 2 hours, (makes them last longer).

10. Tie a ribbon around the base of the candle, and pin, (or glue), the ends together. Wind a ribbon around the base of the second tier of the cake, tie a loose knot, insert a rose, and pull it tight, before tying a bow. Repeat with the top layer of your wedding "cake".

You can produce larger multi-tiered candles with many roses, or tiny candles suitable for candle favors. You might decorate these with small silk roses instead.

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