Wine glass candle holders    
Wine Glass Centerpieces

Transform Wine Glasses into
Amazing Holders for Candles

Planning a celebration? Wine and champagne glasses make excellent candle holders. Wine glass candle holders With a little imagination, and a simple glass, you can dream up ingenious ways, to make distinctive centerpieces, with your own individual style.

Large or medium-sized wine goblets hold ball or egg-shaped candles with flair. Decorate the graceful stems with ribbons, flowers, and other ornaments, or leave unadorned, for a look of elegant simplicity.

Narrower champagne flutes make superb taper holders. Layer the bottom of the glass with coarse salt, crystals, or florists' gel, and stick the candles in firmly.

Create exciting displays with upside down wine glasses. Fill a glass with your favorite decorations, turn it over, and place a pillar or ball candle on top.

Wineglasses occur naturally in large quantities, at most events, and make economical substitutes for regular candlesticks. Use the stemware already available, and avoid the extra expense of hiring or buying separate centerpieces.

These ideas show you how to arrange candles in wine glasses. You can easily create any of these centerpieces yourself:

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Votive and wineglass tealight holder Create a makeshift candlestick with a votive and wine glass. Attach the votive glass to the overturned wineglass with a dab of Presstik. (For a permanent arrangement, you can attach the two pieces with epoxy glue).

Decorate the stem. We threaded transparent pink, and pearl beads onto sturdy crochet cotton, using a very thin embroidery needle, and tied the beads around the glass's stem.

Insert a tealight into the glass. Tea lights decorated with glitter give a nice sparkle.


rose and carnation arrangements in wine glasses with ivory candles Make a candle and flower arrangement in a wineglass.

Taper candles are ideal for deeper, narrower wine glasses, and small pillar candles for wider, shallower glasses.

We used roses and carnations, but you can use almost any smaller flower heads. Have fun experimenting with different flowers!



Pansy arrangement in upside down wineglass, with yellow ball candle on top Miniature flower arrangements, in upside down wineglass candleholders, make unusual centrepieces for weddings, bridal showers, and many more special occasions.

We used cheerful pansy faces, but you can use any small flowers or buds.

A ball, (or small pillar candle), on the foot of the glass, completes the arrangement.

Read the full instructions.


Centerpiece with up-side down wine glass, candle, flowers and ribbon The graceful stems of wineglasses present you with unique opportunities to decorate.

Turn wine glasses over, tie fresh flowers to the stems with ribbons, stick candles on top, and you have pretty floral centerpieces, adding notes of grace, and elegance, to your wedding, or bridal shower tables.

Read the full instructions.


upside down wine glass centerpiece with red glass nuggets and candles Inverted wine glasses, filled with glass nuggets, marbles, or beads, form dazzling candlesticks, with the base, (now on top), holding the candle.

You'll need: a wine glass; a cylinder candle slightly narrower than the foot of the glass; glass nuggets.

Fill the wine glass with nuggets. Place a mirror tile, or glass pane, over the glass's opening. Turn over carefully and place it on your table. Put the cylinder candle on top of the glass base. Decorate your table with more candles and serviettes of the same color.


Centerpiece with tapers in champagne glasses Champagne glasses of the same types or designs, but of different heights, make a dramatic centerpiece, when grouped closely together on a table, and with a taper candle in each one.

You'll need: 3 champagne glasses; taper candles; coarse bath crystals or florists' gel, (to stabilize the candles).

Arrange the glasses in a circular shape. Pour crystals or florists' gel into each glass. Wedge the tapers firmly into the crystals, until they stand firmly and securely upright, by themselves.


wine glasses rimmed with green sugar frosting, holding apricot egg-shaped candles An ideal party centerpiece. You can substitute coloured, or untinted salt or coconut, for the green-tinted sugar we used. Coffee granules also work very well, for an earth-toned colour scheme.

You'll need:

Wine glasses
Egg-shaped candles
Lemon juice
Food colouring

Pour lemon juice into a shallow plate. Add a few drops of food colouring. Dip the wine glass's rim into this lemon mixture. Pour sugar into another plate. Dip and rub the glass into the sugar until well coated. Place a candle into each glass.
Candle glasses decorated with lime napkins and silver ribbons Wineglasses, turned over, and decorated with napkins and ribbons, make festive pillar, or ball, candle centerpieces.

Use colorful paper napkins for birthdays, or informal parties. Use fabric or cloth napkins for weddings, or formal celebrations.

Read the full instructions.



wine glass centerpiece with tapers and floating flowers You'll need:

2 white tapers
Crystals or florists's gel
An oval glass dish
2 wine glasses
Flowers and leaves (we used a pink rose, white carnation, yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, and deep blue pansies)
Glass nuggets

Place the 2 glasses in the oval dish. Pour crystals into the glasses. Wedge the candles in firmly. Layer the bottom of the dish with glass nuggets. Pour water into the dish, up to the stems of the glasses. Arrange flowers and leaves in the water under the candle glasses.
Wineglasses with tea candles The refractive qualities of pressed glass, cut glass, or crystal, with deeply-etched designs, cast shimmering patterns of candlelight, in a way no ordinary glass can. Display a group of these sorts of wineglasses, with tealights, and you have a dazzling, hurricane-candle-holder-style light-show.

Place a glass circle, at least 30cm (12") in diameter, onto a white cloth. Or use a mirror tile instead, (on any colour cloth). Arrange a variety of glasses, (different shapes and sizes, same or similar patterns), on the glass/mirror.

Place a tealight into each glass. The effect is quite beautiful, but can look cold, (despite the glowing candlelight). Surround the glasses with flowers, beads, ribbons, or whichever decorations you fancy. Colourful flowers, particularly, bring this type of centerpiece to life.


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