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  • Candle centerpieces button A centerpiece with candles makes a stunning focal point for your celebrations. Combine candles with flowers, stones, seashells, candle holders, fruit or wineglasses.

  • Candle wax removal button Candelabra and candlesticks decorate your table tops with style. Unfortunately, with candle light, comes candle drips. Find out how to remove candle wax from your precious household surfaces. Get tips for cleaning wax from fabric, carpets, wooden furniture and stove tops.

  • Candle making tips button Having trouble when making candles? Learn how to prevent common problems in candle making. Find easy solutions to the 8 mistakes most frequently found in candles.

  • Candle crafts button Make candles and other wax objects, which form the elements of a centerpiece. Step-by-step candle making instructions and photographs lead you through each project easily.