Ideas for arranging candles    

How to Arrange Candles

Banish monotony, and create dramatic candle arrangements full of striking good looks and aesthetic appeal. The secret to successful candle groupings? Display candles of different heights together.

Combine taller and shorter pillar candles. Tall pillar candles, of the same height, cause the eye to meander aimlessly from one to the other, (imagine a city skyline with all the skyscrapers at the same height, not terribly inspiring!) Varied heights stir the sense of sight, and create an exciting feeling of visual tension.

Want something more harmonious? Arrange round or square candles, no taller than their width, in rows or blocks of the same height. Stick greenery, flowers, pot pourri, dried fruit slices, around these arrangements, to break the sameness.

Pictures of Successful Candle Arrangements:

These slideshow photos show several ways of displaying candles. You can easily duplicate most of these effects with your own candles and plates, trays and dishes.

Candle Arrangements

Arrange Pillar Candles on a Tray or on a Plate

The classic 3-pillar candle centerpiece...white candles, arranged in a circle, with the tallest at the back, look spectacular on a blue and white plate.

3 or more square candles, of different heights, lined up next to each other in a series of increasing heights, create a look of startling asymmetry.

Line up sets of 5 or more candles with the tallest in the middle, and the rest in descending heights on either side.

Introduce an unexpected element, and display a ball candle, (or any contrasting shape), with 3 square or round pillars...

How to Arrange Candles on a Mantel

  • Place two tall candlestick holders on either end of the mantelpiece, with an oval-shaped flower arrangement in the middle.

  • Attach a mirror to the wall above the mantel. Arrange candles in front of the mirror, and enjoy the multiple reflections.

  • Display a Swedish candelabra in the centre of the mantle. Its V-shaped arrangement of 5 or 7 candles, with the highest in the middle, looks superb on a mantle.

  • Boxed arrangements of flowers and candles - rectangular in shape - make the ideal fit for a mantlepiece.

Arrange Candles in a Fireplace

The easiest and most visually appealing way: the fireplace candelabra. Made of durable wrought iron, these sturdy pieces hold many pillar or ball candles, stacked in rows of varying heights, and giving you a stunning display of multiple lights, especially in summer, when your hearth usually lies dormant.

Also available as tealight fireplace logs, artificially made of resin, but with the authentic appearance of genuine wooden logs.

These aren't fixed rules, just my own subjective opinion, and what's generally considered to be pleasing candle combinations. Use these tips to create your own exciting candle formations!

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