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What does the Blowing out of
Birthday Candles Mean?

This birthday tradition originated centuries ago - round cakes were baked, to represent the full moon; the burning candles on the cake simulated the glow of the moon; the candle smoke conveyed the birthday person's prayers and wishes to the Gods residing in the skies (or so it was superstitiously believed).

Making a wish on your birthday, still remains popular today. It supposedly comes true, if you blow out all the candles on the cake, in one go.

So, you do see why the cake's all-important, (besides being a mouthwatering addition to the birthday party menu). It makes a festive base for the extinguishing of the candles. The care taken in decorating the cake, shows its significance, as the centerpiece of the birthday celebration.

The ritual cutting of the cake symbolizes the joy of sharing, and emphasizes the feeling of belonging, as we share out slices of cake amongst the birthday guests.

Birthday Centerpiece Ideas with Candles

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Rotating musical flower birthday candle Rotating Musical Flower Birthday Candle

This candle first appears as a closed flower bud, then it starts blooming, and the candle on each petal lights up; it rotates, and plays the Happy Birthday song. A magical performance, specially for you.

You'll get a set of two lotus flower birthday cake candles.

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Candles for girls spelling the word Birthday - Pack of 9 Candles for Girls Spelling the Word Birthday - Set of 9 Candles

Accessorise your birthday cake with a decorative figure of a girl. These super-cute candles spell out the word "Birthday" in fun shades of pink, apricot, yellow, red, and pale green.

Each pack contains 9 candles. You can easily put the candles on the cake - every candle comes on a plastic toothpick.

Free Shipping in the U.K.

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Numbers and balloons birthday candles - Pack of 10 Numbers and Balloons Birthday Candles - Pack of 10

Make those important birthday years - such as the 16th and 21st birthdays, and those significant mature years, starting new decades - extra bold and bright, with these number birthday candles. Buy several packs of the balloon-decorated candles, and combine them to make the right birthday age.

Each pack contains 10 candles, depicting the numbers 0 - 9, in colors of green, yellow, orange, red and blue.

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Angel flames coloured birthday candles - Pack of 12 Angel Flames Coloured Birthday Candles - Pack of 12

Turn the lights down low, and then only light these candles, to get the full effect, of their colourful flames.

You'll receive a pack of 12 multi-coloured candles, with different coloured flames.

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Color flame birthday candles - Pack of 12 Color Flame Birthday Candles - Pack of 12

Set your birthday cake aglow with colorful candles, burning with red, blue, purple, yellow, pink and green colored flames. Great for any age or gender.

Every pack contains 12 candles and holders, each measuring 2¼" tall, and with a burning time of 8 minutes.
Glow in the dark birthday candles - 13-piece pack Glow in the Dark Birthday Candles

Set a sophisticated evening party aglow, with multi coloured birthday candles.

The happy birthday letter candles sparkle on a plain cake or individual cupcakes, in a range of "grown-up" metallic colors. The long burning candles measure 8 centimetres tall, including their sticks.

Also available in sets of 13 silver, gold and rose gold candles.

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Wooden meadow design birthday candle table decoration Wooden Meadow Design Birthday Candle Table Decoration

Give your birthday children a sweet surprise, with a candlelit meadow table decoration. Floral candlesticks grow from a green flower shape, in the colors of white, yellow, blue, green and yellow. Place the birthday number on the flower pistil in the middle, with the busy honeybee on top.

You can even stick the 24cm arrangement onto a large birthday cake. An ideal centrepiece for your nursery class, or any school children up to nine years old.

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Vintage silver candelabra for candles and cupcakes Vintage Silver Candelabra for Candles and Cupcakes

Celebrate your special age birthday, with candles and designer cupcakes. Make this elegant cake stand the centerpiece of your candy and sweet table. Fill it with 8 cupcakes, and 3 candles, and add the wow factor to your sweet 16th, 21st birthday, etc.

Prefer the look of the classic candelabra? Remove the 3 votive cups, and reveal standard-sized sockets, fitting your favorite dinner candles.

This adaptable candelabra simply drips class and elegance...the steel frame is draped with beautifully hand-strung glass crystal pendants and beads. A non-slip felted bottom keeps the stand secure, and protects your table from scratches. Brushed to give it a distressed look, the silver piece gleams with vintage style.

Size: 18" high. Also available in antique gold.

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Lollipop swirl candles - Set of 3 assorted colors Lollilop Swirl Candles - Set of 3 Assorted Colors

Add these colorful "candies" to a birthday cake...the trio of vivid colors - blue/white, pink/white and yellow/green/white - make suitable decorations for boy's or girl's parties.

The three candles look like real swirl lollipops, mounted on bamboo sticks.

Size: 6" high x 2" wide; Burn time: about 15 minutes each.

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Dinosaur design cartoon cake toppers - Set of 5 candles Dinosaur Design Cartoon Cake Toppers - Set of 5 Candles

Just the things for that dinosaur-loving child...a set of 5 cartoon dinosaurs, ready to style their birthday cake.

You can insert these candles-on-sticks into cakes, cupcakes, even into firm desserts, and cookies. Your kids will love it!
Spinning musical LED flower birthday cake candle Spinning Musical LED Flower Birthday Cake Candle

The festive flicker of candles, and the strains of the traditional birthday song, emanate from this flaming flower candle.

Press the middle button on the candle; the LED lights on each petal come on; the flower shape rotates, while it plays "Happy Birthday to You". You can "extinguish the flames" by blowing into the candle - young and old loves this fascinating display.

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Gold birthday cake candle holders - Pack of 10 Gold Birthday Cake Candle Holders - Pack of 10

Celebrating a special birthday? Do use these gold candle holders, to add extra sparkle to the birthday cake.

The flower shaped holders come 10-to-a-pack, and measure 1 inch across.

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Birthday cake 6-arm candelabra with candles Birthday Cake 6-Arm Candelabra with Candles

Stick this replica of a formal candelabra into a celebration cake, and bring a playfully posh look to your party.

Clear Lucite-like plastic recreates the look of multi-faceted crystal. The 6-branch candelabra comes with 9 silver-and-white candles.

The piece measures 6.5 x 6 x 6 inches; it comes apart, so you can store it easily, till your next event.

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3-wick candelabra design cake topper candle 3-Wick Candelabra Design Cake Topper Candle

Add festive candlelight to a cake, the easy way.

This wax miniature of a classic candelabra features 3 wicks, and gold wax embellishments.

The 5-inch candle fits well into any normal-sized birthday cake.

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European-style wooden birthday candle ring Waldorf Wooden Birthday Candle Ring

Celebrate your son or daughter's birthday in the charming tradition of olde-worlde Europe.

Stick the decorations into the wooden platform. Light the candles. Gather around every year, and tell memorable stories about the child's day of birth, and your favourite stories about the child.

This set includes 3 wooden rings, fitting together in ascending heights; 6 wooden figurines, with felt/fabric clothing and hair; 3 wooden trees; 2 wooden mushrooms. You'll have to supply the appropriate number of birthday candles.
Wooden birthday candle ring Camden Rose Wooden Birthday Candle Ring with Beeswax Candles

Celebrate your children's birthdays in classic European style, and create unforgettable memories.

Durable cherry hardwood, (with a rosy finish), lasts a lifetime, and is sure to enchant successive generations of young birthday girls.

This wooden ring consists of 4 pieces, so you can arrange them in different shapes. Insert the required number of pure beeswax candles into the brass rims. Fill the rest of the holders with birthday ring ornaments, or leave these open if you prefer. When the birthday girl turns 12, display the ring with all the candles lit. Enjoy the pure simplicity of the arrangement, or add decorations in the center, if you like. Guaranteed to delight, year-after-year!

The set includes one dozen hand dipped, 5½" tall, beeswax candles with cotton wicks.

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Silver birthday cake candelabra topper Silver Birthday Cake Candelabra Topper

This silver-toned candelabra transforms a large birthday cake into a playfully "grand", centerpiece. Whatever your age!

Display the 5" tall candle holder in the center, and your cake's dressed to impress.

The set includes nine candles, (how's that for an early birthday present)!
Vintage traveling animal circus 
train with birthday candles Vintage Travelling Animal Circus Train with Birthday Candles

Celebrate your young child's birthday in vintage style.

Reminiscent of the old-fashioned trains decorating the birthday cakes of yesteryear, this green, pink, blue, red, and yellow train makes a delightful centerpiece for any child up to the age of 6 years old.

The birthday train candle holders come in the shapes of 1 head car, 4 cage cars, and 1 rear car. You can remove the cars individually, and celebrate your 4 or 5-year old's birthday too.

The train measures 10 inches long, and comes with 6 pink or blue birthday candles.
21st birthday countdown candle 1-21st Birthday Countdown Candle

Establish an unforgettable family tradition. This cute candle will delight your daughter or granddaughter for years to come. It counts down her age, up to that magical milestone, her 21st birthday.

The 15" candle features genuine waxy designs, (not just plastic decals, stuck on), illustrating every number on the candle. It's overdipped in pink wax, with realistic "frilly" drips down the sides.

An enduring gift for that baby shower. There's also a blue candle, for the boys.

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Birthday cake decorating kit Candle and Balloon Bouquet Birthday Cake Topper Decorating Kit

Decorate your own homemade birthday cake with the style of a designer cake, straight from the bakery. Cheerful cake toppers, in hot neon colors, add zest to any ordinary cake.

The kit includes a set of timeless birthday designs: letter candles spelling out "Happy Birthday", and two plastic balloon arrangements.

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Wooden train birthday candle holders
Wooden Train Birthday Candle Holders

Make this candle lit train centerpiece the highlight of your child's birthday celebrations, year after year.

Add candles and the birthday number to the compartments of this colourful wooden birthday train. Birthday numerals from 1-6 come with the train. Additional numbers 7, 8, 9, and 10, and the birthday candles, can be purchased separately.

Length: 20.5 inches / 52cm.

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Centerpiece with gift box candles Make a festive birthday arrangement with at least 3 colourful gift box candles.

Leave the candle lighting until the start of the festivities, so the "ribbons" can stay intact as long as possible.
Birthday centerpiece with candy striped candles and roses Create an elegant birthday centerpiece with candy striped candles, and roses.

We used one each 32, 28, 24 cm, (12.8, 11.2, 9.6") candles, and two 20 cm, (8") candles.

You'll need:

5 pink-and-white candy striped candles
White and/or pink roses
A oval glass dish
A gauzy pink/white ribbon

Wind the ribbon around the glass dish, and tie a bow. You might have to secure the ribbon here or there, with strips of sticky tape. Arrange the tallest candles in the centre of the glass dish. Place the other two towards the sides. Fill the dish half-way with water. Cut the roses' stems very short, and float them between the candles.
birthday balloons pillar candle centerpiece Making your own birthday centre pieces is very enjoyable, especially if you know candlemaking.

Using a decoupage technique, decorate a pillar candle with designs cut from birthday gift-wrap. Use any birthday-themed designs as a substitute for the balloons, if you prefer.

Your guests will admire your creativity!
chunk candles surrounded by sweets on cake stand One of the easiest birthday centerpiece ideas, using candles and sweets.

You'll need: a cake stand; colourful sweets; 4 chunk candles, of different heights and shapes, matching the colours of the sweets. We used three 2.4" (6cm) pillar candles, and one 3" (7.5cm) ball candle, with purple, sky-blue and pink chunks.

Arrange the candles on the cake stand in a way that pleases your eye. Surround the candles with the sweets.

Variations: striped candles with liquorice. Ivory, cocoa and brown layered candles with chocolates. If you don't like the elevated look of the cake stand, use a plate or flat tray instead.
15th birthday centerpiece with 5 ball candles Make your own festive birthday centerpiece for a long table.

Line the table with upside down wineglasses, with a ball candle on each one. Decorate the central glass with the birthday number, (made from pipe cleaners), and ribbons.

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group of dessert candles Arrange a group of dessert candles on a tray or platter. This can form a single centrepiece on a round table. For long tables you might line up multiple single dessert candles in a row. Or place them between the real goodies on your table, to add a playful effect.


candle tins featuring photos of birthday person Create a memorable birthday experience for an older person. Someone with a long history, who has experienced and done many things!

Decorate tin cans with photos from all stages of his or her life. These form a unique tribute to the person, and make meaningful centrepieces for their birthday tables.

Display the series of tins on silver paper doyleys. Decorative, rather than a great source of illumination, you might want to arrange tea lights or votives around the tins, to supplement the available candle light.

Read the full instructions.
cupcake candles centerpiece Celebrate youth, and have fun, with this playful centerpiece. Good enough to eat!

You'll need a cake stand, paper doily, and a variety of cupcake candles. Five or six candles should be enough.

Place the paper doily onto the cake stand, and arrange the cupcake candles on it.
21st birthday champagne glass candle holder Achieve this simple, but elegant look, in no time at all. Use a 21st birthday glass as a hurricane candle holder. You can find these 21st champagne glasses at many gift stores. We used a 20cm (8") tall glass, with a 6.2cm (2½") wide opening.

You'll need: a large 21st glass; a pointed, ivory, cylinder candle; a cream-and-gold ribbon; tiny gold beads.

Pour a thin layer of gold beads into the bottom of the glass. Center the candle in the glass. Pour more gold beads into the glass, wedging the candle in firmly. Tie the ribbon around the glass's stem, and tie a bow in it.

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