Instructions for Candle and Flower Wineglass Arrangements    

How to Make Candle and Flower Arrangements in Wine Glasses

You don't need special skills to arrange fresh flowers and a candle in a wine glass. You can make simple centerpieces without using florists' foam, or any elaborate tools.

For an arrangement in a wide, shallow glass: center a small pillar or votive candle in the glass. Secure it with a dab of Presstik, (see picture on the right, below). Add water. Balance a selection of cut flowers on the edge of the glass, with their stems in the water.

Stabilizing a tall taper candle in a deep wine glass or narrow champagne flute presents more of a challenge. See instructions below.

You truly don't have to be a champion flower arranger to create these mini floral displays, (I certaintly am not). Just arrange the flowers in a natural, and eye-pleasing way.

We used roses and carnations in the pictured floral arrangements. Use any dainty flowers you like for standard-size glasses. Making an arrangement in a giant size wine glass? In that case, feel free to use large chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, dahlias, lilies, etc.

You'll need:

A wine glass
A tall taper candle
Green, or clear, glass nuggets
Flowers of your choice


diagonal cut in rose stem supporting the candle with glass nuggets
1. Snip the flowers with a diagonal cut to each stem. Leave them longer-stemmed, you'll cut them to the right length later on.

Place the flowers in a jug or vase filled with warm water. Leave them there for at least 2 hours before arranging, (the flowers will last longer).

2. Carefully pour a few glass nuggets into the glass. Wedge the candle firmly into these. Add more nuggets around the candle, until the candle stands firmly, and stably, upright, by itself.
cut the flowers to the right length, and start arranging arranging flowers in the glass
3. Fill the wine glass up to about half-way with cool water.

Cut the flowers to the right length before inserting: the flower heads should rest comfortably on the edge of the glass.

4. Arrange the flowers around the glass's edge, resting them on the rim. Stick a few longer- stemmed flowers around the candle, filling in any gaps, and creating a dome shape.

Tiny flowers, buds, leaves, berries, ferns or foliage make handy fillers for unsightly openings.