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Savour the Sea with
Beach Themed Candles

Relax to the soothing rhythms of beach and sea, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Centerpieces with candles and seashells are yours, to treasure forever. Your beach style interiors - decked out with shell candle holders and seaside accessories - reflect the eternal nature of the ocean.

Concerned about the rapid depletion of our oceans? Decorate with candles shaped like seashells instead. Wax sea shells look astoundingly realistic, with true-to-life shapes and colours. Winners for your coastal decor or ocean themed parties. (See the pictures below).

Ideas for Seashell Candle Centerpieces:

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Pair of seashell shaped candle holders Pair of Seashell Shaped Candle Holders

Made from glossy white ceramics, glazed in a deep ocean-blue, this pair of shell shaped tealight holders make stunning ornaments for your bathroom, or any seashore setting.

Size - 14cm approx.

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Scallop shell pattern pillar candles - Set of 4 Scallop Shell Pattern Pillar Candles - Set of 4

Decorate with a nautical note...ivory pillar candles, covered with beautiful scallop shell designs, make a fabulous foursome on your dining room table, or arranged around your house, in different locations.

Other designs also available: blue and white shells, a starfish, and a white shell design.

The candles measure 3 x 6 inches high, and burn approximately 30 - 40 hours each.
Shell votive candle holders - Set of 4 Shell Votive Candle Holders - Set of 4

Add hints of glitz and glamor to your beach-style event. A set of four coastal votives - accented with "deep-sea pearls" and rhinestone-studded star fish - captivate with their jewel-like gleam.

The mini 2" frosted glass holders come with 1.5" wide white candles.

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Coastal breeze natural wax fishbowl candle Stoneglow Coastal Breeze Natural Wax Fishbowl Candle

Float away on a coastal breeze...a fishbowl filled with sea shells brings the coast to you, wherever you may be.

The reusable glass candle holder measures 10 x 10 centimetres - a compact size for your office or study desk; a wall niche; your bathroom, etc.

Free delivery in the UK.
Starfish and shell flameless candle Starfish & Shell Flameless Candle

Light up your surroundings with the glow of an eternal flame. So safe, even your beloved pets and children can touch its flickering "flame".

The real wax candle - inlaid with a seastar and tiny shells - measures 4 x 4 inches.

You can set the candle for 4 hours on, 20 hours off; or 8 hours on, 16 hours off.

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Hurricane vase beach wedding candle centerpiece Hurricane Vase Beach Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Have your own beach wedding table centerpiece, specially custom-made for you. A 6-inch high hurricane glass - filled with your choice of sand, shells and candle - adds a sprinkle of beach style romance, to any indoor or outdoor tabletop.

Have a special message, your initials, or images, engraved onto the shells. A one-of-a-kind centerpiece, for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.
Powder-blue seashell design candleholders - Set of 3 Powder-Blue Seashell Design Candleholders - Set of 3

Display your favorite 3-inch pillar candles, with a touch of coastal chic.

This set of 3 candle holders resembles driftwood, top and bottom; the stems are covered with 3-dimensional seashells. The versatile holders take your choice of either pillar or taper candles.

Measurements: 8, 10 and 12 inches tall.
Stoneglow oceanic gel wax candle Stoneglow oceanic gel wax candle

Take a journey to the coast, borne away on peppermint-fresh ocean winds. Flirt with the floral fragrances of jasmin and geranium; delight in the base notes of lavender, green oak moss, white cedarwood and musks.

The seashell filled glass candle holder makes a refreshing addition to your decor.
Blue shell-and-starfish LED candle Blue Shell-and-Starfish LED Candle

The romance of the coast comes alive in a flame free candle, covered with raised shell-and-starfish designs.

Set the timer function for 5 hours on, 19 hours off. The candle "burns" with a realistic flicker. You can enjoy a true candle-like ambiance; and best of all? don't have to clean up wax drips.

The blue candle measures 6 inches tall; 3.5 inches wide.

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Seashell candle rings - Pack of 6 Seashell Candle Rings - Set of 6

Set the table for a coastal-style dinner. Encircle your candlesticks with pretty wreaths, made of genuine sea shells.

Each pack contains 6 taper candle rings, fitting around 1.5" candles.
Shell tea lights - Bulk pack of 24 Shell Tea Lights - Bulk Pack of 24

Give your beach-themed party an irresistible Caribbean Island atmosphere. 24 candles - with different types of wax seashells on top - make cute party decorations.

The candles come in 6 gift boxes, with 4 tea-lights-in-glass-cups, to a box. Perfect party favors.

Planning a gathering on the beach? Avoid those sea breezes: stick the candles into multi tealight candelabras, or into individual glass votive cups.
7-inch beach gel cylinder candle 7-Inch Beach Gel Cylinder Candles - Assorted Colors

A glimmer of candlelight reveals the mysteries of a deep blue ocean.

Untouched by candle flames, the starfish and shells keep their everlasting beauty. The gel wax burns within a separate container, inside the vase. Make the enchantment last...after a burning time of 50-60 hours, you can stick in a tealight or small votive candle.

These reusable gel candles come in four colors - blue, clear, jade and purple.

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Seashell candle ring wreath Seashell Candle Ring Wreath

Beautiful seashells - attached to a circle of scalloped lace - make a graceful centerpiece for your dressing room or bedside table. Place a glowing LED candle in its center, and be bedazzled by the rhinestones and pearl beads.

The wreath measures 9-inches wide.
Scented seascape candle Scented Seascape Candle

Take a scentsational journey to the beach, with a sea of tantalizing fragrances. This gift boxed candle smells of sea salt and water musk, sea lavender and orange flowers.

The round pillar candle features a seascape of sand and shells, embedded into ocean-blue wax.

Free Shipping.

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25cm beaded seashell pillar candle ring 25cm Beaded Seashell Pillar Candle Ring

Decorate your holiday home - or a beach themed table top - with a ring of unruly sea shells. Real shells - carelessly strung onto a silver thread - make a good fit for a 3-inch pillar candle.

Stretched to its fullest, the wreath measures 25cm wide.

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Beach tea light wall sconces Beach Tea Light Wall Sconces

Update your bathroom decor in romantic nautical style.

A double wall sconce features two hanging tealight holders, with fish and seashell decorations, tied with navy-and-white chequered bows.

You can nail the sconce to the wall by the twin metal hearts; each has a small hole, for easy hanging.

The white metal frame measures approximately 24cm in length.

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Shell encrusted votive candle holder Shell Encrusted Votive Candle Holder

A votive glass - covered in white sea shells - looks simply beautiful at your seaside wedding, at that beach-styled party, or as a gift for a sea-loving friend.

A candle 2¾" wide and about 2¼" tall makes a good fit for the central holder.

All species of shells used are non-endangered.

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Set of 7 ocean style jelly candles Set of 7 Ocean Style Jelly Candles

Liven up your seaside occasions with vibrant sets of gel candle holders. Genuine shells and starfish drift in oceans of rainbow colors.

Each set of 7 candle vases comes in yellow, green, pink, red, blue and purple colors. The candles burn with the invigorating smells of freshly squeezed lemonade, raspberries and subtle floral notes.

Size: 3 x 11cm, (1.18 x 4.33inch)

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Nautilus shell candle plate Nautilus Shell Candle Plate - by Blue Sky Clayworks

Handpainted ceramic perfectly captures the luminosity of a real nautilus shell. This candle plate features twin indentations, holding two tea light candles, (I would recommend LED tealights).

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Pair of seashell candlesticks Pair of Seashell Candlesticks

These candlesticks will get your guests talking!

Genuine sea shells, with nickel plated candlesticks affixed to them, make stylish holders for your tall tapers. Dine in style. Stick one on either side of your dining table, and treat your dinner guests to a modern ambiance, with a beachy flavor.

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Scented sand and shell gel wax candle Scented Sand and Shell Gel Wax Candle

The glories of the Florida coastline live in this long-burning gel candle. The sand comes from New Smyrna Beach; the seashells from the St. Augustine, Sanibel, Key West, Honeymoon Island and Cocoa Beaches.

The candle burns with the evocative fragrance of Cottage Ocean Breeze.

This boxed beauty makes a special treat for your ocean-loving friends.

The candle container measures 3¼" square.
Wax filled pearlescent shell shapes - Assorted set of 3 Wax Filled Pearlescent Shell Shapes - Assorted Set of 3

Not the best burning candles. But these shell shaped candle holders - filled with green wax - make appealing decorations for your bathroom, or dressing table.

The set contains 3 unique shell shaped ceramic candles, each with a pearlescent finish.

Free Shipping.
Oval sea-green shell filled candle Oval Sea-Green Shell Filled Candle

Scent your surroundings with the fragrance of the ocean. The smells of seaside jasmine blends with sunbaked driftwood, and underwater aquatic notes.

This small 3" candle combines an ocean of sea-green wax, floating above a bed of tiny sea shells.

Free Shipping.
Flame free seashell pillar luminara Flame Free Seashell Pillar Luminara

Tired of lighting, and extinguishing, worrisome wax candles? Simply set the timer on this candle for 5 hours on, and 19 hours off. Sit back, and enjoy gently flaming candlelight, that comes on at the same time every day.

The unscented pillar features genuine wax, poured over seashells and starfish.

The pillar measures 4 x 5 inches.

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Beach themed gel candle favors - Set of 50 Beach-Themed Gel Candle Favors - Set of 50

Create unforgettable wedding memories. Send your guests home with these enchanting "under-the-sea" candle favors. Starfish, shell, and seaweedy arrangements "float" in a suspension of clear gelatin wax, above a bed of bright blue pebbles.

A tealight rests in a holder on top of the tiny, 2" tall, glass container. The candle burns independently. The sea scene remains captured in the gel wax... a timeless gift. The lucky recipients simply replace the candles once in a while, and enjoy another fantasy escape to the ocean.

Each comes packed in a sheer box, tied with a blue satin ribbon, and shell design "For You" tag.

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Coconut-scented seascape gel candle Coconut-Scented Seascape Gel Candle

This candle will have you dreaming about a tropical island vacation.

The clear water-glass-candle reveals an "under-the-deep-blue-sea" scene of sand, beach stones and seashells. All arranged in translucent blue gel wax. Light it, and revel in the sweet smell of coconut.

Size: 3 inches in width by 4 inches high.

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Emerald-green capiz shell candle holder Emerald-Green Capiz Shell Candle Holder

Switch off those harsh overhead lights. And bask in the glow of this brilliant emerald green t-light holder. Shaped like a lotus flower, the "petals" are made from real capiz shells, trimmed with metallic silver.

The compact candle holder - 13½ cm (5½") - fits just about anywhere. Particularly nice on a dark wooden desk, where it creates a gleaming presence. And it leaves you plenty of space to spread your stuff out, and work in comfort.

Get a set of these lotus shaped t-candle holders in the seven colors of the rainbow. A quite spectacular display of jewel-like colors!

Free Shipping.

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Nantucket starfish beach candle wreath Nantucket Starfish Beach Candle Wreath

Decorate your seaside cottage - or beach themed wedding - with the lush greenery of the coast. Natural starfish, sand dollars, and shells nestle within a ring of green Salal leaves, wheat, Nayela and Gordolobo.

The wreath - made of preserved materials - measures 20 inches in diameter. You can fill the center with a large cylinder candle or hurricane glass. With a bit of care, this wreath will give you many years of enjoyment.

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Sea shell candle holder Sea Shell Candle Holders

Genuine sea shells, filled with candle wax. Natural baler, tonna, clam or melongena shells make stylish candle holders for you home.

Made by Mother Nature, each shell shape is completely unique. Sizes vary, and each candle burns for ± 4½ hours.
Rosy Rings beach candle with daisy flowers Rosy Rings Beach Candle with Daisy Flowers

An inspired blend of the floral and aquatic. This cylinder candle showcases a dreamy candlescape: a field of daisies floats in a sea of shells, grasses and poppy pods.

This round pillar burns for an astonishing 300 hours. An enchanting display of candlelight, tinged with notes of vanilla and citrus.

Size: 9½" tall.
Shell design crystal tea light holders - Set of 2 Shell Design Crystal Tea Light Holders - Set of 2
by Studio Silversmiths

Bring a touch of luxury to your seaside themed dècor. Candlelight shimmers through a pair of crystal shell tealight holders.

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Square seashell oil candle lamp Square Seashell Oil Candle Lamp

A square glass oil lamp reveals an undersea world of beautiful shells, seaweed, and a starfish.

The fibreglass wick lasts a lifetime. You'll only need to refill the glass with liquid paraffin once in a while.

A beautiful coastal accent for any desktop or tabletop.
Sand & shell votive candleholder with white sand Sand & Shell Votive Candleholder with White Sand

Your own little slice of the beach...

This hollow glass candleholder reveals a marine wonderland: a collection of multi-colored seashells, and a starfish, rest on a bed of fine white sea sand. A white votive candle lights up the scene.

Shake the sturdy glass, and form a new arrangement of shells and sand.

Size: 8" in diameter.
San Miguel Harbor table candle garden San Miguel Harbor Table Candle Garden

Make a wish, by the dreamy light of this flameless jar candle.

Each glass container contains a perfect little seascape: a layer of sea sand, seashells, a starfish, aqua-tinted sea glass, and tiny stones, surround a led pillar candle, tied with a "Wish" tag.

Natural rope tied around the rim adds an appealingly rustic look.

Size: 5.125" high.
Oceanic candle tray San Miguel Waverly Oceanic Candle Tray

Bring back memories of your favorite seaside vacations.

An ashwood tray, with the weatherbeaten look of the outdoors, bears three azure candle jars, tied with rope around their tops. Each glass contains a candle-in-a-seascape - an ivory tealight rests in a bed of sand, surrounded by beautiful sea shells.

The narrow 14" long tray fits neatly onto a shelf in your bathroom, in the middle of a rectangular coffee table, etc.
Aqua glass starfish and seashell tealight holders - Set of 3 Glass Starfish and Seashell Tealight Holders - Set of 3

Looking for ocean inspired gifts? Delight your favorite people with this trio of aqua-colored glass candle holders.

Shaped like a sea star, scallop shell, and whelk shell, each holds a tea light candle in it's center. The set arrives in a clear plastic gift box, tied with a sea grass ribbon and shell decoration.

Currently only available in cobalt-blue glass. Tealights not included.

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Sea urchin flameless candle Sea Urchin Flameless Candle

Set your table up next to the sea, and dine by the light of this sea urchin candle.

The genuine sea urchin contains a battery powered LED light. It comes on with a flick of a switch, and emits a mysterious lavender glow.

A purple glass display stand matches the color of the glowing "candle".

Secure packaging guarantees the safe arrival of your unique - but fragile - sea urchin light.

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Turquoise-blue shell shaped candles - Box of 3 Turquoise Shell Shaped Candles - Box of 3

Organizing a picnic on the beach, or an oceanside wedding? Display these candles in clear glass containers, (to avoid smoking and drips), and add a bewitching touch of the ocean to your event.

These turquoise candles capture the natural textures and shapes of seashells, with vivid authenticity.

Each candle burns for 5-10 hours.

This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
Sand and seashell tealight wedding favors Sand & Shell Tealight Holder Wedding Favors - Set of 12

Getting married on the beach? Wish your wedding guests a memorable "thank you". Present each one with a sand & shell tealight holder. They'll remember your wedding, everytime they see their candle holders, filled with fine sea sand, and beautiful sea shells.

Each set contains 12, 3½" tall, glass tealight holders. A rope-ribbon-and-tag wishes the person a beach-themed "thank you".

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Piling candle holder with seashell decorations Piling Candle Holder with Seashell Decorations

A must-have centerpiece for lovers of the ocean. Decorate your vacation house, or add the atmosphere of the beach to a special place in your home.

A weathered "piling" forms an imposing pedestal, with a touch of the nautical. Natural seashells dangle from a length of blue fisherman's rope, twined around it. Place your favorite pillar or ball candle into the candle plate on top, and enjoy the matchless coastal style this unique piece adds to any space.

Free Shipping. Candle not included.
Pelican candle holder with seashell decorations Pelican Candle Holder with Seashell Decorations

A pelican perches proudly on a tall piling, and surveys its kingdom of sun, sand, and ocean waves. Two shorter pilings hold tealight candles, with tightly-wound fisherman's rope, decorated with seashells, wrapped around all three.

Size: 10.75" tall.

Free Shipping.

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oceanic pillar candle displayed on sea shell candle plate Tie 4 or 5 strands of raffia around an oceanic pillar candle, and tie a bow. You don't have to strive for extreme neatness. Untidy, unruly raffia strands suit this sea side themed candle very well.

Using craft glue, attach a shell onto the knot of the bow. Display the candle on a seashell candle plate.

Unlit, this centerpiece will give you no safety concerns. Planning to light it? Do the following, as raffia is flammable: use a wider candle, burning down the middle only. Move the raffia-and-shell ornament down, as the candle burns, or remove it entirely.
Wax oyster shell candle holders with gold ball candles Feeling creative? Make these "pearls-in-oyster-shells" centrepieces yourself. It's wonderfully satisfying watching your own handiwork take shape.

The rich creams and golds evoke a perfect wedding atmosphere. Arrange pairs of these shell shaped candle holders back-to-back in the center of your table, with a gold ball candle in each one, and more cream and gold decorations.

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