Centerpieces with candles and roses    
Candles and Roses

Candle and Rose Centerpieces

Roses are so universally popular, they're in the top 5 flowers chosen for wedding centerpieces. (Quite something, seeing there are hundreds of thousands of flowering plant varieties in the world).

Red roses are the first flowers given when a romantic attachment is declared. Valentine's Day would be an anemic affair, without masses of blood-red roses!

Roses and candles are an unbeatable combination. And why not, when you can display your favourite candles with an infinite variety of white, pink, lilac, red, orange or yellow roses? In single, bi-coloured, or multi-coloured magnificence.

Ideas for Candle and Rose Arrangements:

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Rose and ball candle centerpiece Here's a simple rose-and-candle-centerpiece you can create without an oasis.

You'll need two glass bowls, one ± 2", (5cm) smaller in diameter than the other. Place the smaller bowl into the larger bowl. Place a large ball candle in the central bowl. Half-fill the gap between the bowls with water, and insert roses, (and rose leaves, if you like).


Rose and ribbon wedding cake candle centerpiece Wedding Cake Candle with Ribbon and Rose Decorations

Give white or ivory wedding cake shaped candles that essential bridal feel by decorating them with ribbons and fresh roses.

Large, multi-tiered candles, decorated with many roses, make striking table centrepieces. Tiny 2-or-3-tiered candles make cute wedding favors. Decorate with small silk rose/s, and narrow ribbons.

Read the full instructions.
Candles and dried roses arrangement Create an old-fashioned, country-style centerpiece with dried roses, and you'll have a bit of summer with you, all-year-round. Make the arrangement in a wooden crate, of the type commonly used for gift sets.

Dry roses by hanging raffia-tied bunches in a warm, dry, dark place, or with silica gel. Dry leaves in a flower press.

You'll need:
Dried roses and leaves
Raffia, (or excelsior)
A rectangular, wooden crate, at least 27cm, (10.8"), long
3 candles

Stick excelsior, or raffia, into the crate. Create 3 "nests" in the raffia, and insert the candles. Arrange the dried roses and leaves around the candles, by inserting stems into the raffia.
white pillar candle with rose decoupage design surrounded by pink rose and petals Place a white pillar candle, with a rose dècoupage design, in a plate. Instructions for napkin dècoupage. The plate should have a slightly raised edge.

Add water to the plate. Arrange roses and petals around the candle, letting the short stems rest in the water. Not-completely-open roses give the best effect.

A soft, dreamy look. Perfect for dressing table centrepieces, or any romantic occasion.
centerpiece with ball candle on glass pedestal and pink roses drifting in water You'll need:
A ball candle, ± 10cm (4") in diameter
Roses, and a few separate petals and leaves
A circular glass pane, ± 12cm (4.8") in diameter
A wine glass
A glass dish
Pale green glass nuggets

Place the wine glass upside-down in the center of the glass dish. Arrange glass nuggets in the bottom of the dish. Fill the dish ¾ full with water.

Stick a piece of Presstik onto the wine glass's base. Press the glass pane firmly onto this. Place the ball candle on top of this pedestal arrangement, and stick a few rose leaves around the candle base.

Trim the roses' stems, and let them drift in the water around the glass's stem.
blue-and-gold Venetian glass decanter holding single rose, surrounded by glasses with tapers Secure the tapers properly for this centerpiece. You don't want the lit candles falling over and wrecking your precious glassware.

You'll need:
A decorative decanter and 6 glasses
6 tapers
A rose
Florists' gel, or crystals (we used bath crystals)

Fill the decanter with water, and place a single rose in it. Arrange the glasses around the decanter. Place a candle in each one. Pour some crystals or florists' gel around each candle base, and wedge them in firmly. You can also secure the candles with Presstik, if you prefer.

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