Stone and Candle Centerpieces    

Relish the Pure Relaxation of
Candle and Stone Arrangements

Adorn your home with a touch of nature. From the Oriental allure of candle rock gardens, to stonecrafted candle holders, these centerpieces illuminate your home with relaxing candlelight.

Zen candle gardens originated in Japan. Sand represents the sea; stones, the mountains. The wooden rake tends the sacred garden.

Many river rock candle centerpieces come in ready-made kits. Or make your own easy candle tray arrangements: arrange candles and stones on trays, platters, and plates, in pleasing ways. Nurseries and garden centres stock inexpensive stones, pebbles, and small river rocks.

Stone-filled centerpieces add an unrivalled air of serenity to your favourite spaces.

Ideas for Decorative Stones and Candles:

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African-style brown wooden tealight tray set African-Style Brown Wooden Tealight Tray Set

Decorate with an African theme, and add a warm and relaxed atmosphere to your evenings at home.

The long rounded candle tray makes the ideal centrepiece for your sideboard, for dining by candlelight on the balcony, illuminating your patio, or decorating your den. Lighther and darker shades of brown wood create a warm and natural ambiance. Gem-like insets - faceted like diamonds - form sparkling flower and leaf shapes on the tealight holders.

Included in your delivery: 1 x leaf shaped tray, measuring 51.5cm long; 3 x ball shaped candle holders; 3 x tea lights; 1 x bag of deco pebbles.
Romantic rose scented tin container candle tray set Romantic Rose Scented Tin Container Candle Tray Set

Ad: Who doesn't love walking into a room, filled with the aroma of roses? You can make this rose scented candle the centerpiece for any romantic evening. The bright pink tin container candle sits in a tray of genuine semi-precious agate stones, gleaming in an array of bright colors.

Please take careful note of the size - the tiny metal tray measures 6 inches wide.

The candle and stone set comes in a Log-in-Joy gift box, tied with a red bow; it may only arrive after Christmas; but order it now, and keep it for Valentine's Day.

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Beach style trio candle holder set with tray Beach Style Trio Candle Holder Set with Tray

Ad: Bring a suggestion of the seaside to your tablescape with this three candle holder centerpiece. The jute rope, tied around the clear candle glasses, conjures images of fishing nets, while the blue pebbles add to the beachy look. Even the aluminium tray, cleverly resembles driftwood.

Dimensions: 16.4" long x 6.3" wide.

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Contemplative statue sand and stone candle garden Contemplative Statue Sand and Stone Candle Garden

Ad: Add an oasis of rest and relaxation to your very own home environment, these holidays, with a traditional Japanese Zen garden, in miniature.

The 11-piece set contains a bag of stones, a bag of incense, an incense burner, a candle, a bag of sand, a rake, a meditating statue, a base, a big Zen stone, a bell and a beat stick. Ring the bell to evoke wisdom, and show compassion.

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Seven-branched candlestick tray Pomeroy Firenza Seven-Branched Candlestick Tray

Ad: Need something special for that long and narrow space? This seven stick candle holder measures 31¾ inches long X 7¾ inches wide. The tray looks like it's made of beachwood; its worn and weathered look will fill that empty space, with a look of rustic panache.

A great way to decorate that fireplace, when it's unused in the summertime.

Free Shipping.

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Round hurricane candle holder with dish and stones Round Hurricane Candle Holder with Dish and Stones

Ad: Accessorize any small area in your home with this stylish candle garden centerpiece.

Sophisticated, with rustic elements...a round wooden dish, with antique palonia and bronze finish, houses a selection of stones, and a metal-and-glass candle stand.

Dimensions: 11.8 in diameter x 10.6 inches high.
Imagine stone jar centerpiece with flameless candle Imagine Stone Jar Centerpiece with Flameless Candle

Ad: Imagine...your own little landscape-in-a-jar, containing a flameless candle, decorated with dangling strands of beads, resting in a bed of polished pebbles.

Chic, yet with a certain rustic appeal, supplied by the rough string, winding around the top of the glass.

Dimensions: 5.8 inches in diameter x 5.1 inches high.
Hurricane candle tray holder Hurricane Candle Tray Holder

Ad: Decorative, without being frilly; functional, without being boring, this unassuming tray centerpiece decorates, and illuminates, at the same time.

The 16-inch tray - with its three candle lights - provides a long shelf, mantel, room divider or windowsill, with easy candlelight.

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Leaf design rock candle garden Leaf Design Rock Candle Garden

Ad: Bring nature indoors...brown candle holders - decorated with gold leaves - add natural Oriental style to your dècor. A matching tray, filled with stones of many colors, holds the ball-shaped tealight holders.

The long narrow tray goes into even the most awkward fits easily where other decorations won't fit.

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HOME tealight holder and tray set HOME Tealight Holder & Tray Set

Ad: Home sweet home...enhance an interior with a candle quartet, glowing with the word "HOME".

The decorative set includes a long black tray; four glass cups, spelling out "HOME" in golden letters; and natural stones in soothing colors. Add your own aromatic, or no-fragrance candles.

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No Evil Buddha Candle Garden

Ad: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...invite peace and serenity into your home with this trio of benign Buddhas, sitting in a garden filled with two candles, and pebbles.

The silver-and-bronze Buddhas sit in an almost-square wooden container, measuring 8 3/4 x 8 5/8".

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Home Sweet Home candle tray centrepiece Home Sweet Home Candle Tray Centrepiece

Ad: Feeling homesick? This candle set transports you home for the holidays, wherever you may be.

A round tray bears three large stones, inscribed with the words "Home Sweet Home"; a decorated pillar and frosted glass votive illuminate your surroundings; a selection of smaller polished stones completes the set.

Make this all-inclusive set a Christmas gift for your home-loving family and friends - they'll love it!

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Set of three frosted glass votive holders - Cobalt blue Set of Three Frosted Glass Votive Holders - Cobalt Blue

Still don't know how to decorate your office or home? Still not sure what to get your family and friends? Then this complete candle set solves all your gifting and decorating woes.

Three cobalt-blue votive holders each find a home in a wavy ceramic tray, surrounded with ornamental glass stones. This beautifully boxed set needs nothing added to it, (it includes three white votive candles), therefore it's a winner for easy gift-giving.

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Wood tea light pillar candle holders - Set of 3 with tray Wood Tea Light Pillar Candle Holders - Set of 3 with Tray

Ad: Inspired by nature...three leaf design candle holders find a home in a matching tray, surrounded by natural stones. The silver-on-brown colour combo looks simply superb on your desk, in your study, in a den, etc.

The tealight pillar candle holders measure different heights, and form a striking ensemble within the 24 x 24 cm square tray.
Bonsai candle garden centerpiece Bonsai Candle Garden Centerpiece

Need to get away from your desk? Take a break, and do some indoor gardening.

This miniature candle garden includes a compartmentalized pot - on the one side a bonsai tree lives in its own rock garden; fill the other side with water, and float the flameless candle in it. A handy saucer catches any spills.

Size: 6" x 4" x 2"
Zen candle garden centrepiece with photo frames Zen Candle Garden Centrepiece with Photo Frames

Turn your desk into a home-away-from-home. Stick photos into the two frames, and keep those you love close to you. No matter how many hours you spend at the office.

The set includes the 26cm tray - 1 Buddha statuette - 1 rake - 1 tealight holder - 1 packet of white sand - 3 decorative stones - artificial flowers and greenery.

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70's style centerpiece with votive holders and glass stones 70's Style Centerpiece with Votive Holders and Glass Stones

Create gorgeous glows with a wooden tray, holding a collection of 70's style glassware. The silver lined votive candle holders shimmer in peachy pinks. Clear glass nuggets add a touch of glamor to the white-pigmented wooden tray. The repeating circle designs on the glasses, cast corresponding patterns of light around your surroundings, when you light the candles, (insert your own tealight or votive candles).

Size: 15¾ long x 5½ wide x 4¾ inches high.
HOME tea light holders - Set of 4 HOME Tea Light Holders - Set of 4

Home is where the heart is...decorate your favourite room with this heartwarming tea light candle holder set.

A wooden rectangle holds 4 tea light pillars, and white decorative stones. Wooden hearts - tied onto the holders with rustic string - spell out the word HOME.

The wooden tray (with grey shabby chic finish) measures 38 x 14 x 2,5 cm / each tealight holder: approx. 9 cm high x 6 cm wide.

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White Nights candle holder centerpiece White Nights Candle Holder Centerpiece

Celebrate your special occasions with a glam silver-and-white decorating style.

A white tray holds five rhinestone-studded, bubble glass, and frosted glass candle holders. A scattering of clear glass stones fills the tray. Add your own tealight or votive candles, and set your nights aglow with the shimmer of silver.

Luxury, on a budget!

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Glass storm candle lantern - Hands and hearts Glass Storm Candle Lantern - Hands and Hearts

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts to build a home." So says a glass hurricane lantern, with the sentimental message, and three heart designs, printed on in white. Decorative stones keep the flame free candle (included) in place.

Charm your friends and new neighbours - present them with this hurricane lantern as a housewarming candle gift.

Hang the glass-and-chrome lantern from the rope handle. Or make a rustic display on a tabletop.

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Desert style candle garden Desert Style Candle Garden

Breathe new life into a living space. This conveniently-sized centerpiece adds an appealing look of the desert to your surroundings. Light the candles, and really bring it to life.

The set includes a rustic wooden tray, measuring 13.5 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches - 2 square glass candle holders - two artificial succulents - natural colored round river stones.

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Nature themed LED candle centerpiece Nature Themed LED Candle Centerpiece

Liven up your living room with a touch of nature. Three flameless wax candles resemble pieces of birch bark. A great look for that rustic space!

The set includes 3 flickering wax LED candles, a decorative tray, rocks and remote control. The tray measures 8 inches wide x 14 inches long. The 3 inch wide candles measure 4, 5 and 6 inches high.
Gray cement mini Buddha statue & candleholder set Gray Cement Mini Buddha Statue & Candleholder Set

Get the full effect (in miniature), of a rustic Zen garden, in your own home.

The gray cement set comprises of a rake - snow-white sand - lotus flower tealight candleholder - decorative rocks - Buddha figurine in lotus position.

Stick the decor piece onto your coffee table; your study desk; a room divider - and drain away the stresses of your day.

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Glass and mirror oval tea light holder with turquoise flowers Glass & Mirror Oval Tea Light Holder with Turquoise Flowers

The sophisticated style of this glass centerpiece includes a modern touch of the outdoors...this mirrored tea light holder exudes class, and fits your contemporary dècor to a T. The set includes the aquamarine silk flowers, and the pure white stones for the base.

Size: 20cm wide.

Free Shipping.
Buddha candle holder centrepiece Buddha Candle Holder Centrepiece

Fill your home with an atmosphere of Zen-like relaxation. A serene Buddha presides over a tray filled with candles and multicoloured rocks.

This set includes everything you need to complete your centrepiece: the Buddha head; a modern wooden rectangle; 4 brown frosted glass holders + tealights; natural stones.

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Votive candle tray centerpiece Votive Candle Tray Centerpiece

Add a hint of rustic flair to your decor.

A stone-filled cement tray comes alive at night when lit with three votive candle lights. The rectangular tray for candles measures 11.2 inches long. Fit your favorite votives or tea light candles into the clear glasses, and let candlelight work its magic.

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Starfish shaped candle holder with pebbles Starfish Shaped Candle Holder with Pebbles

Add an appealing touch of the ocean, to your home or office. A candle garden - shaped like a sea star - holds several pebbles, and an amber-colored votive candle holder.

These nautical themed candle holders come in aqua, grey and blue - great colors for your bathroom, coffee table, or desk. Much more than a candle holder, you can use these trays for trinkets too...and to hold your keys, jewelry and other little things.
Votive candle tray with ornamental stones Votive Candle Tray with Ornamental Stones

The glimmer of golden candlelight spreads a festive glow around your living room.

Three patterned votive glasses, a 10-inch tray, and glass stones make a decorative accent in any room. This all-inclusive set even includes 3 LED tealights...a complete gift, ready to give.

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Japanese style candlescape tray centerpiece Japanese Style Candlescape Tray Centerpiece

Need to enhance a tiny space? Make the most of any small area with this 10¼" centerpiece.

Votives, in tones of rich olive-green, coffee and chocolate-brown, coordinate with your earth-toned dècor. Two feature twiggy decorations, the third a skeleton leaf, tied around with wooden beads.

Reminiscent of Japanese decor styles, the curved wooden plate holds polished river stones.

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Jewel tone candle holder set Jewel Tone Candle Holder Set

Jewel-tone candle holders come alive at night, when lit with twinkling tealights. The pink, yellow and lime-green votives sparkle on a snow-white tray, surrounded by river rocks. Tea candles included.

Length of tray: 17 inches.

Free UK delivery.

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Yin and yang candle holder with Buddha statue Yin and Yang Candle Holder with Buddha Statue

Yin and and white...masculine and feminine. Opposing elements create a harmonious whole on a square tray: black and white sand forms the yin and yang symbol; a white Buddha figurine displays an almost feminine flair.

The set includes a tealight; a mini pavilion; stones. Draw your own patterns in the sand, with the rake - a relaxing exercise in itself.
Fragrance 3 pillar candles tray set - Coconut Vanilla 3 Pillar Candles Tray Set - Assorted Fragrances

Fragrance evokes special moods. Go on a dream island vacation, with a set of three Coconut Vanilla candles.

Put these perfumed pleasures onto your birthday gift list - choose from the comforting smells of Fresh Linen and Sea Island Cotton; the fruity flavors of Jasmine/Orange and Mandarin Cranberry; earthy and seductive Patchouli Ilang Ilang; treat yourself to the delectable desserts of Red Cherry/Vanilla or Vanilla Caramel; have a taste for the exotic?...try Vanilla Orchid.

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Candle rock garden with elephant statuette Candle Rock Garden with Elephant Statuette

Life gets pretty hectic sometimes. All the more reason to turn your home into a haven of peace and tranquility.

A beautifully-made wooden elephant surveys his serene kingdom of candles and pebbles. The set includes a bag of pebbles; 2 ball-shaped holders, (including the candles); a wooden platter; the elephant statue.

Short on space? At 12 inches long, this centerpiece decorates even the smallest area with flair.

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San Miguel Sentiments candle garden San Miguel Sentiments Candle Garden

Live, Love and Laugh. This inspiring arrangement provides a fool-proof recipe for happiness.

The set includes: an 8¾" espresso wooden tray - three inscribed stones - an ivory pillar candle decorated with a cascade of beads - a champagne-tinted glass votive tea light holder - multi-colored rocks.

Surprise someone with a special gift; this all-inclusive set is ready to be given.

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3-candle desktop waterfall fountain 3-Candle Desktop Waterfall Fountain

Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of water, cascading from a candlelit fountain.

The set includes the 3-tier waterfall fountain; 3 candles; natural river rocks. Enjoy its sense of Eastern tranquility in your home, on an outdoor patio, or in your garden.

Free Shipping.

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Modern candle lighting tray set Modern Candle Lighting Tray Set

Set your modern dècor aglow, with the age-old charm of candle lighting.

Limited space? This 15" long black tray fits almost anywhere. The perfect decoration for that cluttered desk, or narrow shelf. Stones fill the compartmentalized tray, and turn the merely functional, into an appealing centerpiece. Each division in the tray holds a glass tea light, shaped like a flattened teacup.

Tea candles not included.
Buddha candle holder and incense set Buddha Candle Holder and Incense Set

Another busy day? Come home to an evening of cozy and calming candlelight.

This Zen candle garden set includes:

1. A seated Buddha statue
2. Two lotus-shaped candle holders
3. An incense burner
4. 2 incense sticks
5. Sand and a rake
6. A black wooden tray, 14 inches long
7. A small bag of pebbles

Tealights NOT included. You might like to get more sand and pebbles, to create a fuller effect in the tray.

Styrofoam packaging ensures the safe shipping of your item.

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Stacked stone candle holder Tamarack Lodge Stacked Stone Candle Holder

Decorating a mountain lodge, rustic cabin, or traditional living room? You'll love this all-natural stone creation!

The candle holder features stones stacked together; drilled through; fixed with a steel rod; and glued together with high strength epoxy. Durable enough to last you a lifetime.

Constructed by hand. None of the stones look exactly alike. No-one else will have a candle stand quite like yours.

Purchase a set of two candle holders, and get a sizeable discount.

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Japanese candle garden with elephant figurine and incense Japanese Candle Garden with Elephant Figurine and Incense

A superb gift for a fan of elephants...and someone cultivating an atmosphere of peace and quiet in their home.

The kit contains everything shown in the picture: the 8" long rectangular footed tray; white sand; pebbles; a votive candle holder; an incense stand; an elephant statue.

The playful elephant assumes the Lotus position, while you draw your own patterns in the sand. A relaxing exercise in itself!

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Tealight serenity garden Tealight Serenity Garden

Explore the ancient art of Zen gardening, in miniature.

A modern tray - 10" square - contains 16 compartments. Fill them with sand, stones, and the 4 votive candle holders. Leave a few compartments empty, if you like. Draw patterns in the sand, (or stamp designs into damp sand, using household utensils).

There you have it...candlelit tranquility for your home or office.

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Pomeroy fragrance candle tray with reed diffuser Pomeroy Fragrance Candle Tray with Reed Diffuser

Spice up your surroundings. The intoxicating scent of "Sandalwood Falls": blends with the bewitching smell of tangy citrus and pepper-spiced clove, in a rich base of sandalwood. The relaxing smell of vanilla completes the fragrance.

This earth-toned set includes: a 10¾" long tray; a ceramic reed diffuser; 8 reeds; scented oil; two tealight holders; and stones of different colors.
Jewel tone votive holder centerpiece
Jewel Tone Votive Holder Centerpiece

Set your evenings alight with a blaze of jewel colors.

A rectangular candle tray holds 5 frosted votive holders - amethyst, tourmaline, and topaz toned - in a bed of polished river stones.

T-light candles included.

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Sentiments reed candle garden
Sentiments Reed Candle Garden

Love and laughter. What more do you need for a satisfying life?

Decorate any corner in a room with natural and amber tones. This floral-themed reed diffuser candle garden includes: a round tray; a ceramic reed diffuser; reeds; two stones with Love and Laugh inscriptions; a pair of clear and amber glass votives; extra pebbles and stones.

The reeds infuse your surroundings with the fragrance of flowers. A fleur-de-lis ornament adorns the neck of the vase diffuser.

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Zen garden candle set
Zen Garden Candle Set

Feeling creative? Make your own Zen tabletop garden.

This kit includes a wooden tabletop box with compartments, sand and a rake, inscribed stones, a selection of river bed pebbles, and a holder for a tea candle, (unfortunately no candle, but tea lights are easy enough to find).

Arrange the stones and pebbles in pleasing ways. Rake the sand to achieve patterns you like. Light the candle, and feel the tensions drain from your body and mind.
Japanese feng shui Zen candle garden set
Japanese Feng Shui Zen Candle Garden Set

Decorating with the principles of feng shui in mind? Need a centerpiece for your meditations? Or do you simply love all things Far Eastern? Celebrate the ancient traditions of the asian culture, and cultivate your own zen candle garden.

This kit comes with everything shown in the picture: a 5 x 5 inch square tray, (with supports), the statue of Buddha, a candle, white sand, stones, and a wooden rake for tending your garden.

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