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Adorn your Candlesticks with a
Feast of Fruits and Berries

Transform ordinary candlesticks into authentic country-style centerpieces. Rings of fruits and berries surround your favorite candles with an air of seasonal abundance.

Decorate your holiday tables with rings of glossy or frosted berries. Use some as serviette rings; stick the rest around your candle holders...irresistibly festive, and an easy way to coordinate your table decor. Decorating with the icy look of winter? Frosted fruit mimics the splendor of Christmas in the countryside.

Large pillar wreaths - ringed with faux fruit and autumn leaves - create a festival of fall color on any Thanksgiving table.

Ideas for Berry and Fruit Candlestick Rings:

Multi-pack of 6 candle rings with autumn berries Multi-Pack of 6 Candle Rings with Autumn Berries

Get ready for your fall events, with rings of vari-colored red-and-orange berries.

The miniature 4½" rings create an unmistakable air of autumn around your 2" candles.

With these packs of 6 wreaths, you can decorate as many tables as you wish, inexpensively.
12-inch Christmas berry and ornament candle ring 12-Inch Christmas Berry & Ornament Candle Ring

One of the many joys of Christmas, is candlelight. Surround your own white, red or silver candle with this glittering ring of Xmas ornaments, berries and frosted pine & cones.

The 12-inch ring - with three-inch candle aflame in the center - brings festive cheer to any tabletop.

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Rose hip candle rings - Set of 2 Rose Hip Candle Rings - Set of 2

Decorate a dining table with a delectable taste of autumn. Rose hips - the fruit of rose plants - make vari-colored accents around a sturdy wreath of leaves. The realistic rose hips shade from green to yellow, through orange and red.

You'll receive a set of two candle rings, with inside openings of 3.5 inches, an ideal fit for your 3" candles. You can also get these as taper candle wreaths, with openings of 1.5 inches.

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3-inch mixed red-and-white berry rings - Set of 4 3-Inch Mixed Red-and-White Berry Rings - Set of 4

Add a taste of the traditional to your holiday decor. Coordinate your tabletop decor with a mix of blood-red and snow-white berries. The small 3-inch rings fit your taper candlesticks, and your serviettes, equally well.

Each set contains 4 of the leafy rings, with inner sizes of 1½.

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Flower shaped twig wreath with pip berries Flower Shaped Twig Wreath with Pip Berries

This flower shaped wreath looks equally at home around a thin candlestick, adorning a mantel, or hung from your front door. The hand painted burgundy- and-gold pip berries add subtle accents; enhance the twiggy wreath with strands of fairy lights, silk flowers or ribbons, for a fuller effect.

The wreath measures 12 inches across.
Pair of frosted berry and fern candle rings Pair of Frosted Berry & Fern Candle Rings

Update your rustic style decor, with tall candles in tin buckets, (or country baskets), wreathed in icy ferns and berries.

With inside openings of 3¾ inches, the pair of 12-inch rings easily accommodate your favorite three inch candles, or slightly larger.

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Mixed berry swag wreath for 3 inch candles Mixed Berry Swag Wreath for 3 Inch Candles

Add a touch of country style to a dresser, shelf or long table. This 22-inch candle ring forms a festive swag shape, dressed in black, brown, burgundy and mustard berries.

Great for year round decorating, this wreath really comes into its own around fall and Christmas, with a color-matching candle in its center.
Snowy cranberry candle ring Snowy Cranberry Candle Ring

Need a change from the ever-present Christmas poinsettias? Try this ring of luscious cranberries and holly leaves instead. With a light dusting of frost, this wreath gives your Xmas candles a delicious taste of winter.

This long lasting wreath of faux cranberry fruits stays endlessly "fresh", and provides you with Christmas cheer, year-after-year.
8.5 8.5" Iced Christmas Berry Candle Wreath

Add a touch of wintery charm to your Christmas display.

This ring of snow-flecked berries measures 8.5 inches wide, and takes the most popular candle size, the 3-inch pillar candle. Try a wintry-white candle, a berry-red candle, or a pine-green candle in its center, and add a dash of traditional Christmas cheer to any tabletop.

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8-inch Christmas apple candle wreath 8-Inch Christmas Apple Candle Wreath

Luscious red apples and berries make bright focal points in an arrangement of pinecones and holly leaves.

At 8 inches wide, this festive ring makes a good fit for your coffee table; and saves space between your other food and dessert dishes, on your Christmas dining table.
Snowy holly and berry candle ring Snowy Holly & Berry Candle Ring

Want a touch of the traditional for your Christmas dining table? Then this "snow-covered" wreath should please you. The 18-inch wreath - covered in holly leaves and icy red berries - adds a festive glitter to any table, with a flickering candle in its center.

Complete the look with a candle holder, specially made to fit the wreath, (the glass hurricane sells separately).

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Silver holly leaf and berry candle rings - Set of 6 Silver Holly Berry & Leaf Candle Rings - Set of 6

Decorate a Christmas table inexpensively, but with the full festive glow of the season.

A set of 6 silver candle rings add instant glamor to any tabletop. The rings of holly berries and leaves each measure 5 inches across, and hold standard three inch candles.
12-inch Christmas Led candle arrangements - Two 12-Inch Christmas Led Candle Arrangements - Two

Create a frosty tablescape, that lasts all winter long - it's easy with a pair of "snowed-upon" centerpieces, complete with two bright red LED candles. The arrangements of pine, cones, berries, leaves and xmas ornaments add festive flair to any tabletop.

The 6" tall candles flicker warmly with yellow light.
Snowy mushroom candle table centre Snowy Mushroom Candle Table Centre

This one-of-a-kind wreath combines red berries, holly leaves, pinecones and something you don't always see on the Christmas table...pretty spotted red mushrooms.

Display this snowy ring with a red-and-white candy striped candle in the centre, or a frosted glass hurricane, measuring no more than 8 centimetres wide.

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Six rings of red berries, pinecones and rusty tin stars Six Rings of Red Berries, Pinecones, and Rusty Tin Stars

Enjoy easy decorating for Christmas. Six low-maintenance wreaths, with bright red berries, natural pine cones and rusted metal stars, provide all the rustic Christmas decorations you need.

Size: overall: 6 inches; inside: 1¾ inches. The ideal fit for your smaller candles, or candle chandeliers.

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Mixed berry swag wreath for 3 inch candles Berry & Leaf Candle Rings - Pack of 6

Delicious displays of tasty berries add festive flavor to your holiday candlesticks. The different-size berries come in delectable shades of burgundy-and-cherry-reds.

Each pack contains 6 leafy rings, with many uses: besides candle rings, you can stick these onto your Christmas tree; or around your table serviettes.

Size: 5½" across; inside opening: 1¾".

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3 3" Sea Breeze Berry Rings for 1.5-Inch Candles - Pack of 10

As fresh as a sea breeze...create serene seaside centerpieces using ocean colored wreaths, with thin 1 1/2 inch taper candles in their centers.

You'll receive a pack of ten 3-inch wreaths with aqua-blue, sea-green and seafoam-white berries.
6.5 6.5" Red & Green Beaded Berry Wreath

Plump red and green berries - some glossy, others lightly dusted with "frost" - fill this ring to bursting. Tiny beads provide the "frosted" look.

The ring measures 6½" at its widest, and makes a festive holiday display with a 1-inch candle in its center.

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10cm blueberry candle rings - Set of 2 10cm Blueberry Candle Rings - Set of 2

So lifelike, you can almost taste them...rings of lush foliage - bursting with appetizing blueberries - add the delectable flavor of summer to your 2.5cm dinner candles.

Each set contains two rings, each measuring 10 centimetres wide.
12 12" Thanksgiving Harvest Wreath

A feast of pumpkins, gourds and rose hips add their spectacular colors to a ring of autumn-colored leaves and berries.

Just add a LED pillar, or hurricane candle holder, to this 12-inch wreath, and give thanks for the bounty of another successful harvest.
9.5 9.5" Assorted Fruits Candle Ring

Need a quick and easy hostess gift? A leafy ring, bearing assorted fruit - a pear, a plum, a pomegranate, a bunch of grapes - pleases even the fussiest hostess.

The 9.5" ring fits around a 3-inch cylinder candle. She'll display it with pride in her kitchen, or on her dining room table.
Autumn berry candle rings - Set of 4 Autumn Berry Candle Rings - Set of 4

Treat your 4-inch candles to an autumn fling. 6½" rings, in gentle tones of peach and apricot, create a look of perpetual motion, with their lively swirls of berries and leaves.

Each set contains 4 mini candle rings. You can also get these in a deep shade of burgundy.
35cm Halloween wreath with maple leaves and berries 35cm Halloween Wreath with Maple Leaves and Berries

This fun wreath is sure to be the life and soul of your Halloween party.

Filled with maple and burnt-black leaves, green berries, and grinning pumpkins and skulls, this 35cm ring sets the mood, with a black pillar candle in the center. Or hang it on your front door, to give your guests an appropriately spooky welcome.
8 8" Autumn-Colored Berry Wreath with Rusty Tin Stars

You can put this candle ring out as soon as fall starts, and leave it out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, even over Christmas. The wreath of burgundy-and-mustard berries, decorated with rusty tin star shapes, brings something to every season and event.

Use the 8-inch candle holder ring around your favorite black or fall-colored pillar candles, no more than 4 inches wide.
3 inch gold beaded berry wreaths for taper candles - Pair 3 Inch Gold Beaded Berry Wreaths for Taper Candles - Pair

Give your holiday candles a dash of glitz and glamor.

Golden pip berries - some beaded, others plain - surround your tall tapered candles, or glass votives, with festive flair.

Also available as a single 6.5" wreath.
20-inch olive wreath 20-Inch Olive Wreath

Cooking a hearty Italian or Greek meal? Whet your guests' appetites for more than just the food...a leafy wreath of artificial olives sets the scene for an evening of mouthwatering dining, and the closeness of family and friends.

Set a large candle aglow in the center of the 20" wreath, and create a bright beginning, for a heartwarming evening.
Country primitive berry taper ring Country Primitive Berry Taper Ring

Accessorize your primitive style furniture with a ring of burgundy-and-old-gold berries. The mini berry wreath looks great on that weathered wooden dresser, or farmhouse dining table, with a 1" taper in the center.

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8-inch citrus fruit candle wreaths - Pair 8-Inch Citrus Fruit Candle Wreaths - Pair

Artificial wreaths - made of real-looking oranges, lemons and limes - add a bright burst of color to your kitchen decor.

Stick citrus-scented candles into their centers, and keep your kitchen fresh, all summer long.

The twin candle rings each measure 8 inches across, and take 3-inch pillar candles.
Fall leaf candle rings - Set of 4 Fall Leaf Candle Rings - Set of 4

Inspired by the brilliant colors of fall, these candle wreaths show off multi-colored oak leaves, with bright clusters of yellow-orange-and- red berries in between.

Put flame free candles in their centers, and you have beautiful centerpieces for a festive table, or anywhere you want some autumn color.

The 9-inch rings fit easily around 3-inch candles.

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12 12" Summer Strawberry Pillar Candle Wreath

Give a kitchen or buffet table a luscious taste of summer.

A ring of artificial strawberries, flowers and leaves looks simply mouthwatering around a rich cream, or ice-cream-pink, pillar candle.

Stretched out to its fullest, the wreath measures 12 inches wide.
Pip berry pillar rings - Set of 4 burgundy Pip Berry Pillar Rings - Set of 4 Burgundy

Decorating on a tight budget? Spend little, and still create expensive-looking centerpieces. A set of 6-1/2" wreaths look simply stunning around your candle vases, or attached to 4-inch pillar candles. Add twinkling fairy-lights to the wreaths; float candles in the vases, and you have a ritzy look, in a few easy steps.

Each pack contains 4 wreaths, in a rich and inviting shade of wine-red.
Purple berry and flower candle wreath Purple Berry & Flower Candle Wreath

Summer's in the air. Purple berries, and periwinkle-blue flowers, set the mood for the season.

Fit the ring around the base of a suitable candle, and instantly transform any room into a summer haven.
Cranberry candle ring Cranberry Candle Ring

The turkey's on the table...the bubbly's been poured...a twinkling candle illuminates a ring of snowy cranberries.

Welcome your guests, and let the festivities begin!
12-inch candy corn and berry wreath for large candles 12-Inch Candy Corn & Berry Wreath for Large Candles

Trick or treat! This ring of black and mustard-colored berries and candy corn is definitely a treat for the fall holidays.

Stick a black lantern into the large 6½" opening, and you're ready to greet your Halloween guests in suitably spooky style.
5-inch ring of berries and gems 5-Inch Ring of Berries and Gems

Add extra sparkle to your candles with a cherry-red candle ring.

The 5-inch ring features bright red and burgundy-red berries. Not only that, there are glittering "jewels" in the arrangement, sparkling in the light of the candle.

The central opening measures 2.5 inches.
8-inch spring-green berry tabletop wreath 8-Inch Spring-Green Berry Tabletop Wreath

Round and pip berries spring from a sturdy vine wreath, in dreamy clusters of apple-green and soft white.

Set a large candle into the center, and give a table top the neverending look of spring.

The wreath measures 8 inches wide, and has an opening of 5.5 inches.

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Sweet blossom pip berry taper rings - Set of 10 Sweet Blossom Pip Berry Taper Rings - Set of 10

White berries, stained a delectable ice-cream pink, make a sweet addition to your summer decor.

The 3-inch rings fit around your 1-1/2" diameter taper candlesticks.

Every bulk pack contains 10 candle rings - the ideal things to deck your summer party tables inexpensively.
Woodland themed birdcage lantern Christmas centrepiece Woodland Themed Birdcage Lantern Christmas Centrepiece

A black birdcage, wreathed in red berries, gold pine cones, gold and green pine sprigs, "iced" twigs and green and red ball ornaments, adds an appealing "winter-in-the-woodlands" theme to any holiday table.

The bird cage - complete with red glass hurricane candle holder - adds its radiant glow to a special Christmas table.

Overall dimensions: 13" high x 19" diameter (approximate). A hinge on top allows you to add your choice of smallish pillar candle.
13 13" Cherry Blossom & Berry Candle Wreath

A ring of snow-white cherry blossoms and ice-cream-pink berries enchants with its fragile beauty. Hints of lime-green add that unmistakable feeling of spring.

The 13-inch ring accommodates a candle up to 8.5 inches wide. The ideal adornment for a waxy hurricane, large multi-wick candle, or big pillar candle holder.

Deceptively delicate, you can nevertheless easily bend and twist this ring into shape.

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Aquamarine-blue pip berry candle/napkin rings - Set of 4 Aquamarine-Blue Pip Berry Candle/Napkin Rings

Cool blue berries make the perfect foil for your spring pastels. The fantasy shade of icy aquamarine contrasts vividly with yellow and pink...blends easily with spring-green...harmonizes with lilac.

You'll receive a set of 4 three inch wide rings.

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14 14" Lemon Yellow & Green Berry Ring

Lemons and limes...dress up a pillar candle with vivid yellow and green fruit colors.

The pack contains 3 lemon-yellow and green berry sprays, each measuring 14 inches wide.
3 inch peach berry dinner candle rings - Set of 4 3 Inch Peach Berry Dinner Candle Rings - Set of 4

Spring is in the air...the season to celebrate new life, growth and renewal. Small berry candle rings add their warm peach tones to your table settings.

The 3" rings have 1½" openings.

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10-inch lemon hurricane candle holder ring 10-Inch Lemon Hurricane Candle Holder Ring

Keep your kitchen smelling fresh-as-an-orchard.

A ring of ripe yellow lemons and leaves surrounds a hurricane candle holder with the lushness of a fruit tree, in full bloom. Stick a lemon-flavored candle into the glass cylinder, and get rid of bad odors in your kitchen.

Measurements: 10 inches wide.
Sugared fruit Christmas wreaths - Set of 2 Sugared Fruit Christmas Wreaths - Set of 2

"Sugar-coated" fruits add sparkle to your Christmas party. Holly leaves add a festive ambiance to the rings of orange and red fruits and berries.

When Christmas is over, you don't have to put them away. Make them a vibrant part of your everyday decor.

You'll receive two 4-inch rings, with 1-inch openings.
3-inch purple and lilac mini country berry candle rings - Pack of 4 3" Purple & Lilac Mini Country Berry Candle Rings - Pack of 4

Decorate your 1.5 inch taper candles with the richness of lavender and purple berries. Or use them as fruity garlands around your napkin rings.

The rings of luscious mulberries show just a sprinkling of frost.

You'll receive a pack of 4 mini berry rings. Each measures 3 inches in diameter.

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LED Christmas taper candle ring centerpiece LED Christmas Taper Candle Ring Centerpiece

Get into the holiday spirit, with a festive red candlestick, wreathed in berries and "iced" greenery. The red LED candle shows a sparkle of glitter, a golden flame, and cute wax drips.

Free Shipping.
8-inch holly and berry candle ring 8-Inch Holly and Berry Candle Ring

Deck the halls with holly, and rings of cherry-red pip berries. Holiday decorating's easy, with this ring of velvet holly leaves and berries.

Stick a 4-inch flameless candle into the center, and save the 8-inch ring from waxy drips. You''ll get to display this ring year-after-year.

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35cm fruit and berry Christmas wreath 35cm Fruit & Berry Christmas Wreath

Feast your eyes on this colourful wreath, while you sip your cider, and visit with family and friends.

The Winter Orchard wreath brims with different coloured apples, orange slices, and bright red berries. Pine stems and cones add a subtle suggestion of Christmas.

Add a candle, and enhance any holiday setting.

Handmade in Ireland.
Beaded fruit candle ring Beaded Fruit Candle Ring

Start your Christmas party off on the right note, with an arrangement of festive fruits.

Beaded pears and pomegranates, scarlet berries, gilded leaves and pinecones sparkle in the light of a 3-inch candle.
13-inch vine leaf candle with red grapes 13-Inch Vine Leaf Candle Ring with Red Grapes

So, the table's groaning with good food and wine. All you need for a centerpiece, is this wreath of vari-colored vine leaves. The multi-toned grape leaves shade to a rosy pink, and reveal tiny clusters of burgundy grapes.

Stick it over a large grape-red candle, or slide it (Tuscan-style) over your favorite bottle of red wine.

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10 10" Christmas Pip Berry Candle Rings - Set of 4

Adorn your Christmas candles with the subtle shimmer of gold, accented with bright red and lime-green.

Rings of pip berries surround your 3-inch pillars with festive cheer. Rusty reindeer add a whimsical touch of the holidays.

Sold as a 4-piece set, each measuring 10 inches in diameter.

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6-inch Christmas pillar candle berry wreath 6-Inch Christmas Pillar Candle Berry Wreath

"Festive" can be garish and tinsel-cheap...or it can be tasteful like these glorious rings of wine-red cranberries. The rings of frosty berries evoke the natural beauty of the winter countryside.

The six inch wreath has a 3 inch opening. You can also get a pair of 3-inch wide wreaths - in the same style - for your tapered candles.

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Red berry candle wreaths for 1-inch tapers - Set of 6 Red Berry Candle Wreaths for 1-Inch Tapers - Set of 6

Rings of lipstick-red berries brighten your special celebrations.

Invest in this multi-pack, and decorate more event tables for less. Each wholesale set contains six rings with 1-inch centers. Perfect to go around those standard size taper candles.

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10cm mixed fruit dinner candle ring 10cm Mixed Fruit Dinner Candle Ring

Need some colour on your dining room table? A ring of artificial fruits and leaves brightens up any tabletop.

The 10cm ring shows blueberries, pears, raspberries and cherries...all "ripe and ready to eat". It holds a 1-inch dinner candle.

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Taper wreaths with tea stain berries - Set of 6 pieces Taper Wreaths with Tea Stain Berries - Set of 6 Pieces

Rings of teastained berries impart a comforting air of homeliness to your surroundings.

These mini berry candle rings come in packs of 6. They fit around 1" candles. Decorate your out-of-town venue in true country fashion...or surprise your new neighbours with an unusual housewarming gift.

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Coffee bean rings for taper candles - Set of 6 pieces Coffee Bean Rings for Taper Candles - Set of 6 Pieces

Welcome your new neighbours, with a gift of 1-inch candle rings. Coffee beans, in natural shades of brown, ivory and green provide a taste of home.

Each pack contains 6 mini candle rings.

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Mini pip berry candle rings - 6-piece coffee bean set Mini Pip Berry Candle Rings - 6-Piece Coffee Bean Set

Pip berry rings - in warm shades of chocolate brown & beige - add a comforting hint of the homey to any living area. Forest-green foliage, and more berries, bring fullness to the rings.

Each set contains 6 rings. Give them away as housewarming'll be a huge hit with your friends, family and neighbors. Or keep them all for yourself...and adorn your traditional furniture with rustic flair.

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10-inch country candle rings 10" Country Candle Rings with Rusty Stars, Berries and Willow Grass

A swirl of rusty stars, wispy willow grass, and wild berries surrounds a 3" pillar candle with the lively look of the country.

Each pack contains four 10" rings. Great for festive table settings.

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Country Christmas candle ring Country Christmas Candle Ring

Juicy red berries add instant holiday charm to your favorite candle holders.

The ring consists of pine cones, extra-large berries, silky green leaves, and clusters of rich red pips. White frosting adds a touch of the winter chills.

Ideal for your country-style Christmas dècor.

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Miniature Shaker-style Christmas berry-and-candlestick arrangement Miniature Shaker-Style Christmas Berry & Candlestick Arrangement

An authentic furnishing for that traditional doll's house...or a special ornament for your Christmas display. So eye-catchingly unusual, you'll want to display it all-year-round.

A frosted-berry-and-candlestick-arrangement sits atop a miniature Shaker-style entryway table. The genuine wooden table measures 5½ inches tall, with a further 3½ inches for the candlestick wreath.

A once-in-a-lifetime gift for that special person. They'll think of you, everytime they admire this piece.
Ivory pip berry 1 inch taper candle rings - Set of 6 pieces Ivory Pip Berry Candle Rings for Tapers - Set of 6 Pieces

Take out your favorite wooden, ceramic or pottery candlesticks. Slide these mini wreaths onto them. There you have it...a genuinely rustic look.

These rings of ivory pip berries have 1" centers, and fit flawlessly around traditional tapers. Great for that country-style event!

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