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Floating Candle Centerpieces

Why do candles float in water? It's all to do with density - despite the high concentration of carbon atoms, (surrounded by hydrogen atoms), making up candle wax, these particles are more loosely packed together than the oxygen atoms, found in water. Hence, the unstoppable buoyancy of the floating candle!

What to put in your floating candle arrangements? Line the bottom of a bowl with decorative stones, multi-colored mini river rocks, marbles, etc. Set flowers, petals and leaves adrift between the candles, for a divine miniature indoor pond effect. Fill a floating candle vase, with a layer of natural or glass stones in the base, silk flowers next, and a candle on top. Get more decorating ideas below.

Candles floating in water create a magical mood of calm celebration. Ideal for the formal tables at your wedding reception; equally eye-catching in informal arrangements around your home. Floating candle lights shimmer with a serene sense of otherworldly enchantment.

What Kind of Flowers Float Best in Water?

Floral bowl centerpieces - aglow with floating candles - create a natural sense of tranquillity. Dense flower heads, with multiple layers of wide petals, make the best floaters. Below is a list of the best floating flowers:

Floating daisy flowers and candle Anemones

Do It Yourself Floating Candle Displays:

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Margarita plastic party tabletop centerpiece stands Margarita Plastic Party Tabletop Centerpiece Stands

Let the fun and festivity begin. Create colorful floating candle table decorations with plastic holders, shaped like Margarita cups. Made of shiny plastic, you can fill the sturdy glasses with candles, colorful candies, flower petals, silk flowers, and glitter leaves, or whatever else you like - you can dream up your own fanciful creations. Fill the hollow stems with shiny sequins, lustrous pearl beads, colorful jelly beans, or acrylic crystals for a shimmering spectacle, created entirely by you.

The set contains 4 of the sturdy plastic centerpiece stands, each with a height of 18 inches, and width of 9½ inches.

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Floating oil candles & wicks - Set of 3 Floating Oil Candles & Wicks - Set of 3

Fill these floating oil candles with lamp oil (these tend to tip over if filled to the top, so half-full's best); light the fiberglass wicks, and add the romance of candlelight, to any setting.

Filled, these oil candle holders burn for up to 12 hours. Add different colored oils, and match them, to the color schemes of your events.

Measurements: 2½" in diameter and 1¾" high.
Gold leaf coconut shell candle holders - Set of 4 Gold Leaf Coconut Shell Candle Holders - Set of 4

Set any table aglow, with golden candlelight. A quartet of Asian-style candle holders, made of coconut shells, make superb floating candle holders.

You'll receive a set of four 4-inch wide shells, lined with multiple layers of gold leaf on the inside. Float these multi-use bowls on water, with a tealight in each one...or fill each coconut dish with water, and float your own candles in them.

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Agate stone vase fillers and centerpiece decorations Agate Stone Vase Fillers & Centerpiece Decorations

Layer these agate stones in the bottom of your floating candle bowl, for a beautiful display of rich natural tones or bright jewel colors.

All the stones were formed naturally, not artificially created in the lab, so you get what nature intended...some of the stones might have uneven cracks and small holes on the surface. Rinse them off thoroughly, before making your centerpiece, to remove the sand, dust and dirt, that might remain on them.

These also come in blue, green, red, yellow and mixed agate colors.
Floating glass candles - 6-pack of white scented candles Floating Glass Candles - 6-Pack of White Scented Candles

Invigorate your home with the refreshing smells of lavender, lemon and mint.

Double layers of insulating glass allow these pumpkin-shaped containers to float on the surface of water.

You'll receive two sets of three all-natural, soy wax candles - the must-have home scent gifts.

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Wish floating silk lotus flower candles - 20-piece pack Wish Floating Lotus Flower Candles - 20-Piece Pack

Make a wish by the lights of these floating lotus flowers, and achieve your heart's desire, (according to Chinese folklore).

This 20-piece pack illuminates your floating lights festival with a rainbow of different colors. Handmade from silk, each flower bears a tea candle in its center.

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Autumn themed pearl bead vase fillers - 45-piece pack assorted Autumn Themed Pearl Bead Vase Fillers - 45-Piece Pack Assorted

Create a vivid fall style floating candle centerpiece, with autumn style vase ornaments.

How to make your floating candle vase arrangement: soak the transparent gels in water, for 10 hours. Add them to your own vase, with the pearls "floating" in between. Stick a fall-colored candle on top, and get ready to receive many compliments.

The pack contains 45 different size pearl beads and pumpkin shaped gems, in typical fall colors: orange, burgundy, red, yellow and brown + 1 packet of water gels.
Memorial floating candle vase Memorial Floating Candle Vase

Gone, but not forgotten...just add water, float the candle, light the wick, and you've created a centerpiece, to remember them by.

The laser etched glass bears the inscription, "In Loving Memory, this light shines as a symbol of a life and love remembered"

The vase measures 9 inches tall, and comes with the right size floating candle.

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Square floating Chinese paper lanterns - Pack of 20 Square Floating Chinese Paper Lanterns - Pack of 20

Turn a pool party into a festival of floating lights. Water-and-fireproof Chinese lanterns float freely on any water surface.

Assembly's easy: unfold each bag...light a candle... stick it in the bag...set it afloat.

Each pack contains 20 folded lanterns, each with its own tealight, (use your own battery operated tealights, if you prefer.) Great for floating your candles down the river, at large festivals; just as good for your own celebrations around the pool.

Free Shipping.

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Lotus flower colour changing floating candle - Pack of 6 mixed colours Lotus Flower Colour Changing Floating Candle - Pack of 6 Mixed Colours

Light up the night, with colour changing candles, shaped like lotus flowers. Made of durable foam plastic, they're totally scorch-and-waterproof. You can put them into your pond, pool or fountain, an turn your favourite water feature into a fantasy of floating flowers.

Each pack contains 6 multi-petalled water candles, each with its own heart-shaped lotus leaf. Each lotus includes 2 AG10 batteries.
Floating candle in cut glass dish Simple, but eye-catchingly effective...

Float a candle in a cut-or-pressed-glass dish, (dessert dishes often come in amazingly decorative designs). As the candle drifts around, it casts moving patterns of light and shade onto your surroundings. Quite a mesmerizing sight at night...especially if you line a number of bowls up on a long table, with a glass pane underneath.

Line the base of the dish with a layer or two of coloured glass stones, for extra decorative appeal.
Chrome and glass floating taper candle holder Chrome and Glass Floating Taper Candle Holder

Keep your decor up-to-date. You can adapt this chrome-and-glass pedestal to any occasion. Wind garlands of fresh or faux flowers, berries and foliage around the tall stem. It makes a superb seasonal centrepiece, all-year-round.

Fill the globe candle holder with water. Stick in your own taper. The candle floats about an inch above the water level at all times.

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Pink floating candle and flower set Pink Floating Candle & Flower Set

An all-inclusive candle set makes a convenient gift for any occasion. This pink-toned set comes with a high-quality glass bowl, two floating candles, and an artificial flower. All boxed, and ready-to-give.
Water beads vase fillers - Pack of 12 colors Water Beads Vase Fillers - Pack of 12 Colors

Place a pack of beads in a large bowl of water. Leave for 6-8 hours. Drain the water. Your beads are now fully hydrated, and ready to use.

Decorating a birthday party? Fill a vase with a rainbow of different colors. "Float" a brightly-colored candle on top. A formal function? Use a single color, matching your flowers and decorations.

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Floating glass tealight holder Floating Glass Tealight Holder

Turn any tealight into a luminous floating candle. Stick a tea candle into this glass holder, and set it afloat in a bowl of water. Candlelight at its best, (and easiest).

The holder measures 6.5cm in diameter.

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Glass floating tea light holders - Pack of 6 Glass Floating Tea Light Holders - Pack of 6

Tea lights CAN float, thanks to these handy little holders. Float several of the 2.875" candle cups in a dish, and spill romantic candlelight onto your surroundings.

All-glass gives you more light at each table: use clear glass tea light holders, instead of the usual aluminium casings. Stick a mirror under each bowl. There you are...dazzling centerpieces, ready to enchant your guests.

Idea for floating candle favors: stick a scented flower tealight into each holder. Pop them into individual cellophane bags. Tie each one with a matching ribbon. Festive favors, your guests will love.
Floating glass taper candle holder Floating Glass Taper Candle Holder

Create exquisite wedding centerpieces with flowers and floating candles. This candle stand allows a taper candle to float in water. The candle remains about an inch above the water at all times, even while it burns down. Wreathe the glass holder in your own fresh or imitation silk flowers. The perfect match for any decor.

In its chrome frame this holder stands approximately 10½ inches tall, (the candle and flowers shown on the box, are just for illustrative purposes, and are not included).
Floating candle dish gardens - Set of 6 Floating Candle Dish Gardens - Set of 6

Perfect for parties and special occasions. Fill these thick, crystal clear glass dishes with a trio of 3" floating candles. Easy floating candle centerpieces, that sparkle the night away.

The package contains six floating candle bowls. Each measures 7 5/8 inches wide.

Free Shipping.

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Mirror and cylinder vase floating candle centerpieces - 48-piece bulk set Mirror and Cylinder Vase Floating Candle Centerpieces - 48-Piece Bulk Set

Create dazzling event centerpieces, in 3 easy steps: arrange the mirrors on your tables. Stick a trio of different size vases onto each mirror. Float a candle in each one.

This all-in-one floating candle set includes 36 clear 3½" glass vases, in 3 different heights; 36 white Richland floating candles; 12 beautifully beveled mirrors, for unequaled radiance.

Whatever the theme of your function is, you'll find a color to match: aqua green, brown, dark pink, black, green, ivory, lavender, light blue, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.

The round mirror tiles come in different sizes: 8, 10, 12 or 16 inches.

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Artificial orange Calla lily & floating candle cylinders - Set of 5 Artificial Orange Calla Lily & Floating Candle Cylinders - Set of 5

Decorate your wedding reception tables with beautiful sets of floral candle holders.

Each glass cylinder vase holds an artificial calla lily and a selection of marbles. Just add water, and the candles, and your centrepieces are ready for display!

Don't fancy the orange? Pick your favourite colour: the calla lilies can be matched to ANY colour scheme of your choice.

Size: 4 x 15cm tall, (2.66 x 6"). Ideal as floating candle favours too.
Frogalina ceramic floating candle bath Appletree Design Frogalina Floating Candle Bath

What a delightful way to float candles on your patio or in your garden!

Lady Frogalina bathes, while your favorite water lily or lotus candles drift around in the water near her. She reclines majestically in her candlelit pond, shoes on the side, dragonfly pendant around her neck, and ring on her finger.

Constructed from ceramic and dolomite, this durable piece withstands the rigors of outdoor use. Use Led floating candles, where it's used outside.

For candle connoisseurs only. You'll treasure this collectors' piece for a lifetime. Comes gift boxed. Spoil yourself, or make someone else feel special.

Size: 13¾" in diameter.

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Set of 3 square vases and 3 floating candles Set of 3 Square Vases and 3 White Floating Candles

Candlelight floats and shimmers in triplicate. It transforms a trio of vases into a blindingly beautiful centerpiece. Display the threesome on a mirror tile, or on a sheer pane of glass, with a white tablecloth underneath. Radiance multiplied!

These square glass vases come in different sizes: 6, 8 and 12 inches tall.

Each set includes 3 floating candles. These long-lasting candles burn for 8-10 hours each, an astounding time for any floating candle! Choose from a variety of candle colors: aqua green, black, brown, dark pink, green, ivory, lavender, light blue, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, yellow, or white.

Buy wholesale lots, and enjoy low-priced luxury. Get these as a set of 18 square vases and 18 floating candles, also available in many colors.

Free Shipping.

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Orange gel floating candles - 12 pieces Clear Orange Gel Floating Candles - 12 Pieces

Illuminate bowls of water with the translucent glow of orange.

Glass discs - filled with gel wax - measure 1¾" each, (4.37cm). They burn for 3-4 hours.

This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

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Floral wax floating candle bowl Make a Floral Wax Bowl for Floating Candles

Floating candle bowls, made of wax, exude a softer and gentler glow than their hard, glassy counterparts. I decorated the sides of the bowl with pressed flowers - this gives a subtle, feminine look, reminiscent of the romantic decorations of yesteryear.

A one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your dressing or bedside table. Especially if you've made it yourself, with your own talented hands!

Read the full instructions here
Floating oil candle kit Floating Oil Candle Kit

Turn your favourite vases, dishes, or wineglasses, into objects of candlelit beauty.

A stained glass vase becomes a thing of romance with a floating oil candle in it. A crystal bowl takes on a magical aspect with a few of these "invisible candles" bobbing around in it.

Proceed as follows: pour water into a glass. You may color the water with food coloring, if you like. Add a layer of cooking or salad oil, (pure corn oil, blended vegetable oils, or olive oil recommended). Insert a length of wick into the floating disc. Place onto the oil. Light, and enjoy hours of soft and soothing candle light, without smoke, or unpleasant odors. (The box contains the full instructions, with more detail).

Leave the oil unscented, or add a few drops of natural essential oils for a pleasant aroma.

Each kit contains 800 hours of wick, and 5 floatable discs.

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Floating wax tealight candle holders A waxy version of the floating tealights.

Fill a bowl up to three-quarters with water. Float a group of wax bowls on the surface. Stick a LED tealight into each one. These flameless lights prevent the wax shells from melting.
Sun, moon and star floating candles arrangement Add some solar and lunar magic to your celebrations! Candles with cheerful sun, moon and star faces, have universal appeal, and children and adults enjoy them.

You'll need:
Celestial floating candles
Pressed, or etched glass dessert bowls
Mirror tiles
Blue and green food colouring
Turquoise-blue glass nuggets
A jug

Arrange the mirror tiles in a zig-zag pattern on the table. Place the dessert dishes onto them. Arrange a few glass nuggets in the bottom of the bowls.

Pour water into the jug, and dye it a pale turquoise-blue colour by gradually adding a few drops of blue, and a drop or so of green food colouring. Pour the tinted water into the bowls, and add the candles.
Cut-glass vase, with turquoise-blue glass nuggets, Swarovski crystal swan ornament, and floating candle You can use crystal, or glass, vases and ornaments to create these types of centrepieces. Is this glassy look too cold for you? Place fresh, or artificial flowers, (or foliage), beneath the candle instead.

You'll need:
A vase
A floating candle
An ornament
Glass nuggets

Carefully lower glass nuggets into the vase. Rest the ornament on the nuggets. Fill the vase with water. Float the candle on top.
Brandy glasses with colored water and floating candles Especially dramatic at night, you can do centerpieces with the full rainbow effect, if you can lay your hands on 7 matching wine, water, or brandy glasses. We only had 6 (brandy) glasses, and did the following: filled the glasses ± 2/3 full of water, added a few drops of food coloring to each glass, creating red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colored water.

Mix red with yellow to obtain orange, blue and yellow for green, and blue and red for purple. Add a few drops at a time, building the color up gradually.

Finally, display the glasses on a large mirror, and stick a candle into each one.

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