Instructions for floral candle wineglass centerpiece    

Turn a Wineglass into a Beautiful
Candle and Flower Holder

Make a miniature flower arrangement in a wine glass, stick a ball, (or small pillar), candle on top, and you have a dainty centerpiece for a wedding, bridal shower, etc.

We used pansies, but any small flowers and/or tiny buds will do.

Pansy and candle wineglass centerpiece

You'll need:

A ball candle

A wine glass


A saucer/small glass dish



1. Arrange your chosen flowers in the glass: stick in one flower at a time, using the tweezers.

Position the stems upwards, towards the glass's rim.

Gather rebellious, hard-to-manage flowers together, and tie the stems with florist's twine, or thin braid.

2. Place the saucer/dish onto the glass. Turn the saucer and glass over carefully, so that the glass now stands on the saucer.

3. Give the flowers much-needed moisture, to make them last longer. Pour a bit of water into the saucer.

4. Place a candle onto each glass. Stick the candle to the glass with a dab of Presstik, if necessary.

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