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Create Vibrant Centerpieces
using Candles with Flower Shapes

Love floral arrangements with candles? But don't want to look after fresh flowers? Use candles shaped like flowers, to get the floral effects you seek.

Candle bouquets with scented or unscented roses, carnations, lilies, sunflowers, daffodils and pansies look astonishingly natural. Vibrant colours, and lifelike shapes, give these candle sculptures a true touch of nature.

How to set your tables with an authentic garden party theme: display freestanding flower bouquet candles in the centre...stick flower shaped tea lights into a tealight candelabra...place a wide-petalled candle onto each guest's plate. Simply stunning!

Ideas for Floral Design Candles:

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Assorted flower candles of different colours - Pack of 10 Assorted Flower Candles of Different Colours - Pack of 10

Show them you care, even if you can't visit them at this time. A set of beautifully scented flower tealights - in the shapes of roses, sunflowers, jasmine, frangipani and poinsettias - brings the outdoors inside.

Each candle burns for approximately 3 hours, with the smell of Indian jasmine.

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Russian nesting doll candles decorated with flowers Russian Nesting Doll Candles Decorated with Flowers

Inspired by the famous Matryoshka wooden dolls, decreasing in size, and placed one inside another, these 5 candles range from 10 inches, to 3.14 inches tall. Bright red and blue flowers adorn the fronts of each candle.

The burn times - but who would want to burn these? - range from 6 to 24 hours.

Handcarved and decorated in Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.
Multi-colored daisy flower candles - Set of 10 Multi-Colored Daisy Flower Tealight Candles - Pack of 10

Life is a garden party - display these cute little candles at your next event, and bring some color into your favorite people's lives.

The 10-piece pack contains daisy shaped candles, two each in green, purple, pink, red and orange colors.
Summer garden ball candle arrangement Summer Garden Ball Candle Arrangement

Still stuck at home? Cheer yourself up with a garden of summer flowers. This arrangement of yellow ball candle, blue and white flowers, and ladybugs, adds a sunny sense of summer to any room.

Beautifully gift-boxed, this candle set makes a fun everyday gift, or present for Christmas.
Cut and carved candles with orchid flowers Cut and Carved Candles Decorated with Orchid Flowers

Staying at home can be a pleasure, if you surround yourself with things of beauty. Reminiscent of the rich ornamentation of the Baroque decorative period, these candles just ooze color, and floral charm. The carved candles reveal yellow-and-white layers, behind the royal purple exteriors. Breathtaking orchids, in the brightest yellow imaginable, adorn the fronts of two of the candles, leaving the third candle free of flowers.

These waxy works of art burn up to 18 hours each.
3-piece floral wedding unity candle set 3-Piece Floral Wedding Unity Candle Set

Embossed with pure white roses, and decorated with pearl beads, this unity candle centerpiece adds the look of luxury to a bridal table.

The set includes one 6" tall pillar candle, and two 10" tall taper candles, with which to light the pillar, during the unity wedding ceremony.

Order now, and get this 3-piece unity candle set delivered to your home, in plenty of time for your wedding.

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Hand carved unity candles with wedding flowers - 3-piece set Hand Carved Unity Candles with Wedding Flowers - 3-Piece Set

Decorate your autumn wedding venue, with a set of unity candles, in the rich shades of fall...the pumpkin-yellow, orange, and tomato-red candles come in a set of 3 pillar and unity taper candles. The central candle measures 8 inches tall; the two taper candles each measure 10 inches tall.

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Mexican-style party candle favors - Set of 18 Mexican-Style Party Candle Favors - Set of 18

It's fiesta time!...or it will be, as soon as you add these cute little candles, to your party decor.

The set of 18 tealights - in a selection of cactus, succulent and flower shapes - comes packed in three gift boxes.

Give each of your guests a box filled with 6 candles, with a cactus design "Thank You" tag attached. They'll love it!

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Coffee creme cut and curl candle with rose appliques Coffee Creme Cut and Curl Candle with Rose Appliques

Order this exclusive one-of-a-kind candle now, and receive it in time for autumn. You can get the candle in any color of your choice.

The 6.3" (16cm) tall cut and carve candle features beautiful roses, appliqued onto the candle. Gorgeous shades of coffee match your fall decor.

Free Shipping.

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Floral sculpted candles - Pair of rose ball candles Floral Sculpted Candles - Two Rose Ball Candles

A pair of 3D LED candles, sculpted into breathtaking rose designs, make decorative ornaments for the home, and unforgettable centerpieces for weddings, and romantic occasions. The roses shade from white, to pink, to a deep hand painted red in the centre.

The pair of automatic on-off flameless candles feature 6-hour timers. The larger of the LED lights measures 12.7 cm in height, and the second one 10 cm.

Ready for gift giving, these candles are well-packaged in a box as a gift for her.

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Cally lily candles - Set of 5 wedding or bridal shower favors Calla Lily Candles - Set of 5 Wedding or Bridal Shower Favors

Each of your guests can now catch the bouquet. Packed in see-through boxes, and tied with gauzy organza ribbons, they'll be thrilled to take these bouquets of calla lilies home with them!

Each pack contains 5 candles, resembling bunches of white-and-yellow calla lilies, tied together with silver ribbons.

Fragrances: Vanilla, Rose, Lavender, Cinnamon, Hawaiian Mist, Apple.
Elephant shaped tea light holders - Set of 2 Elephant Shaped Tea Light Holders - Set of 2

Two adorable baby elephants hold your favorite flower shaped tea candles, in true Asiatic style.

Hand carved from rain tree wood, this pair of tealight holders depicts two elephants, in playfully relaxed poses. Two beautiful flower-like tea lights, come with the set.

Height: 4 inches tall.

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Carnation flower candles - Assorted colors with or without wicks Carnation Flower Candles - Assorted Colors With or Without Wicks

Spoil her with beautiful carnation shaped candles. These candles come in a multitude of red, pink, purple and blue colors.

Want the carnations without the wicks? Simply send an email asking for wickless flowers.
Beeswax rose flower candle Beeswax Rose Flower Candle

Planning a country-style wedding, for the summertime? Then consider this pure beeswax candle, as a table centerpiece. Decorated with a beautiful rose relief design, the candle will surely bring a bloom to your cheeks.

Size: 3 x 9 inches tall.

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Handmade aromatic candles - Tulip shapes Handmade Aromatic Candles - Tulip Shape

Stuck inside? Turn your home into a spring garden, with exquisite flower scented candles. These tulip shaped candles come in different colours and aromas: white candles made with a vanilla aroma; orange with orange; a rose-scented red candle; purple with a lavender aroma; a pink tulip smelling of jasmine.

Burning time: 4 hours; size: 75mm tall.
Flower design floating candles - Pack of 7 Flower Design Floating Candles - Pack of 7

Relive your days as a flower child - these candles, with their colorful flower designs, remind one of the floral decor, popular from 1967 onwards.

With a not-very-long burning time of 25 minutes each, you might like to simply admire these candles, as they float around in a bowl of water.

Each box contains 7 totally unique candles, scented with the heavenly aroma of Indian jasmine.

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Flower shaped tea light candles - Box of 10 Flower Shaped Tea Light Candles - Box of 10

Brighten any room in your home with a bunch of spring-and-summer flower candles.

The pack contains ten scented tealights, each with a unique flower shape.

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Pure natural beeswax lotus shaped candle Pure Natural Beeswax Lotus Shaped Candle

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, self-regeneration and rebirth. Light this beautiful lotus shaped candle, and experience this sense of enlightenment, in your surroundings.

Made of 100% beeswax, and a lead-free cotton wick, this candle causes no harm, to your environment, or the people in it.

Diameter: 4½ Height: 3¼ Burn Time: 40 hours.
Cactus tea lights - Pack of 6 Cactus Tea Lights - Pack of 6

Spoil yourself with a set of candles, in the shapes of flower-like succulents. The cactus tealight candles come 6-to-a-pack, in a variety of colors and designs.

Need cute desert themed party favors? Stick the candles into individual cellophane packets, with colorful ties.

The candles burn for up to 4-5 hours each.
Chrysanthemum shaped candle favors - Pack of 12 hot pink Chrysanthemum Shaped Candle Favors - Pack of 12 Hot Pink

Warm up your event, with a garden of hot pink summer flowers. Each flower-candle-in-a-glass looks just like a chrysanthemum. Stick one at each place setting, or one on each plate. Your guests will be delighted with their fresh-as-a-daisy scent.

Each package contains twelve 3" x 2" candles, each covered with PVC.
Scented pastel pansy candles - Box of 8 Scented Pastel Pansy Candles - Box of 8

Welcome spring with a box of black, pink, yellow and purple pansy topped tea lights.

The Indian-jasmine-scented candles come in a box of 8, beautifully illustrated with botanic designs. Average burning time: 2-3 hours.
Assorted spring tealights - Boxed set of 9 Assorted Spring Tealights - Boxed Set of 9

Every day's spring day, with a set of nature inspired candles. The tea lights - shaped like beautiful butterflies, birds, spring leaves and flowers - evoke the season in all its splendid colour and variety.

The 9 Indian jasmine-scented candles arrive in a box, ready to give as a one-of-a-kind present, or as a much-deserved indulgence for yourself. Each candle burns for 4-5 hours.
Beeswax floral easter egg shaped candle Beeswax Floral Easter Egg Shaped Candle

Celebrate rebirth and new beginnings, with an egg candle, decorated with wax flowers and floral designs.

The 100% beeswax candle is perfect for Easter decorating. The natural honey scent makes your home smell wonderful, for the whole long weekend holiday.

The handmade egg shape measures 4 inches tall.

Free US Shipping.
Multi-coloured pansy shaped candles - Set of 8 tealights Multi-Coloured Pansy Shaped Candles - Set of 8 Tealights

When pansies bloom, you know winter's over. Spoil yourself with a box of pansy candles, in a rainbow of spring colours.

Each box contains 8 perfumed tea lights, with a burn time of 2-3 hours each.

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Red rose candles - Pack of 12 Red Rose Candles - Pack of 12

Show her how you feel, with a "bunch of red roses." A set of 12 tealights captures the beauty and romance of this classically romantic flower.

These sweet-smelling candles burn smokelessly.
Mini rose blossom scented tin candleMini Rose Blossom Scented Tin Candle

Give this candle to her for her birthday, and she'll have a little piece of you, wherever she goes.

The deep pink candle looks, and smells, just like a rose blossom. The gift candle comes in a decorative tin, and burns for about 9 hours.
Pink rose tealight candles - Pack of 12 Pink Rose Tealight Candles - Pack of 12

Too shy to say it? Show her how you feel, with these pretty pink roses. 12 candles, shaped like roses, send a romantic message, without you saying a word.

Every pack contains 12 of the scented tea lights. They burn for 2-3 hours, with the delicious smell of sweet berries. Handmade in the UK. You can also get these in a set of romantic red roses.

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Metallic gold rose floating candle Metallic Gold Rose Floating Candles - Pack of 12

Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with a set of golden candles, shaped like roses.

The candles float for a lengthy 5 or 6 hours, so they won't fizzle out, in the middle of your event.

The candles come 12-to-a-pack. The 3-inch size fits most vases, or you can float them three-to-a-bowl, for magical centerpieces, that shimmer the night away.

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Set of 3 maple leaf LED candles Set of 3 Maple Leaf LED Candles

Complement your autumn decor with brightly glowing maple leaves, made of real wax. The three LED candles warm any table or mantel with their rich shades of red, olive green and orange.

The candles come in the slightly varying sizes of 4.21 x 4.88 inches, 4.6 x 5.7 and 4.2 x 4 inches tall.

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White-and-silver rose floating candle White-and-Silver Rose Floating Candle

Decorate your wedding with masses of white "roses", floating on water.

Each pack contains one silver-edged floating rose candle, measuring 3.75 inches wide.

Beautiful for bridal displays; equally effective as part of your Christmas table settings.

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Assorted flower tealight candles - Bulk set of 30 Assorted Flower Tealight Candles - Bulk Set of 30

Bring some color into your friends, colleagues and co-workers lives! Anyone who likes flowers and scents will love these pretty little candles. The set includes 30 scented tealight candles (or a smaller pack of 10) in a variety of flower shapes.

Don't give them all away, keep some for yourself too. You'll adore the scent, during the 2-3 hours burning time of each candle.

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Rose shaped candle favors - Set of 3 assorted colors Rose Shaped Candle Favors - Set of 3 Assorted Colors

Say a special "Thank You" to everyone, attending your celebration.

Leave an exquisite rose candle on each guest's dinner plate. Beautifully packed in cellophane, and tied with a leafy decoration, the wax roses add an unbeatable air of romance to any wedding or event table.

Each pack contains three candles, in different colors. Delightful candle gifts for your guests.

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Dollhouse candle rings with wax flowers Dollhouse Candle Rings with Wax Flowers

Adorn your doll's house, with 4 miniature candle rings, scaled to 1/12th of the normal size. Made entirely of wax, the tiny rings show red candles, wreathed in exquisitely crafted flowers and leaves.

A wonderful gift, for adult collectors of dolls house decorations.
Sunflower tea light candles - Pack of 8 Sunflower Tea Light Candles - Pack of 8

Candle sunflowers evoke the splendours of fall.

The multipacks come in boxed sets of 8 sunflower shaped tea lights, perfumed with Indian Jasmine fragrance. The decorative boxes show flora and fauna illustrations.

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Battery operated lotus flower candles - Set of 7 Assorted Colors Battery Operated Lotus Flower Candles - Set of 7 Assorted Colors

Light a tabletop, or your pool or pond, with a rainbow of flickering lotus flowers.

The set includes 7 candles - red, yellow, orange, blue, white, green and purple. They burn flamelessly with a candle-like amber glow.

The sets come in surprisingly fancy boxes, so make easy gifts.

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Cactus plant candles - 6-candle gift set Cactus Plant Candles - 6-Candle Gift Set

What more do you need to delight that special person? This all-in-one gift package contains 6 adorable cactus tealights, in 3 different styles, in a gift box, tied with organza ribbon.

Write your message of well wishes on the cute cactus-style card, and warm your way right into that person's heart.

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Red poppy candles - Set of 8 scented tealights Red Poppy Candles - Set of 8 Scented Tealights

Get in the mood for spring with bright red poppies. The wax poppies make a vivid show in a multi tealight holder; arranged on a candle plate; dotted around your living room.

Each candle burns for approximately 2-3 hours, with the tantalizing fragrance of Indian jasmine scent.

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Water lily floating candles - Assorted colours Water Lily Floating Candles - Assorted Colours - Made in Great Britain

Sheer bliss...waxy water lilies scent the air as they float around your wedding venue.

These candles won't let you down. With a burn time of 10 hours each, they'll keep your event lit, all evening long.

Available in an assortment of lovely colours.

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Poinsettia tea lights - Set of 4 Poinsettia Tea Lights - Set of 4

Only ornamental, or brightly burning...you decide. Either way, these poinsettia shaped tealights look fiercely festive, on any Christmas table.

The candles measure 3.5cm x 4.5cm each, and sparkle with glitter on their petals, and in their centres.
Beeswax sunflower floating candle Beeswax Sunflower Floating Candle

A sunflower floats lazily in a pool of water, while a busy honeybee collects pollen.

This candle is made of 100% pure beeswax, with no artificial scents or colors added.
Wooden cat candle holder with flower shaped tealight Wooden Cat Candle Holder with Flower Shaped Tealight

Indulge your love for cats and candlelight.

A curled-up cat makes a cute holder for a colorful flower tealight. The kitty-cat sleeps, quite unconcerned by the burning candle.

Size: approx 3¼" (8cm) in diameter, by 2¼" (6cm) high.

The carved acacia wood candle holder comes boxed, (with a lovely flower candle). Just the gift for candle and cat lovers alike.

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White rose shaped floating candles - Pack of 12 White Rose Shaped Floating Candles

Beautifully bridal...

Set your wedding tables a-shimmer with these snow-white rose shaped candles. Line clear glass bowls with glass stones, gems or beads, and float 3 roses to a bowl. Or float each one singly in a tall vase, with decorative elements beneath. Quick-and-easy wedding candle centerpieces.

Each pack contains 12 candles.

Free Shipping.

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Mini cactus shaped candles - Set of 6 pieces Mini Cactus Shaped Candles - 6-Pieces

Decorating à la Mexican? Create an atmosphere of fun and fiesta on a sheltered patio...at your next Mexican-themed party, etc. Remove the candles from their casings, and stick them into platters of fine sand. True desert-style entertaining!

You'll receive an assortment of 6 cactus shaped tea candles, two each in 3 different styles.

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Set of 3 blue daisy candles Blue Daisy Candles - Set of Three Pillar Candles

Bring the pleasures of a summer garden into your home.

"Bunches" of beautiful blue daisies form freestanding pillar candles. Lengths of raffia tie the "stems" together. The look of summer, all-year-round.

Sizes: 5", 6", and 9" tall.

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