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Create Vibrant Centerpieces
using Candles with Flower Shapes

Love floral arrangements with candles? But don't want to look after fresh flowers? Use candles shaped like flowers, to get the floral effects you seek.

Candle bouquets with scented or unscented roses, carnations, lilies, sunflowers, daffodils and pansies look astonishingly natural. Vibrant colours, and lifelike shapes, give these candle sculptures a true touch of nature.

Set your tables with an authentic garden party theme: display freestanding flower bouquet candles in the centre...stick flower shaped tea lights into a tealight candelabra...place a wide-petalled candle onto each guest's plate. Simply stunning!

Ideas for Floral Shaped Candles:

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Red and pink rose shaped tea light candles - Pack of 12 Red & Pink Rose Shaped Tea Light Candles - Pack of 12

Say "Be my Valentine" with romantic red, and passionate pink, rose shaped tea lights.

Each pack contains twelve handmade rose flower candles, for creating that unforgettable atmosphere of romance.
Chrysanthemum shaped candle favors - Pack of 12 hot pink Chrysanthemum Shaped Candle Favors - Pack of 12 Hot Pink

Warm up your winter event, with a garden of hot pink summer flowers. Each flower-candle-in-a-glass looks just like a chrysanthemum. Stick one at each place setting, or one on each plate. Your guests will be delighted with their fresh-as-a-daisy scent.

Each package contains twelve 3" x 2" candles, each covered with PVC.
Red rose candles - Pack of 12 Red Rose Candles - Pack of 12

Ad: Wish your beloved a Happy Valentine's Day, with a "bunch of red roses." A set of 12 tealights captures the beauty and romance of this classically romantic flower.

These sweet-smelling candles burn smokelessly.
Shamrock tea lights - Pack of 12 Shamrock Tea Lights - Pack of 12

Light your tables in true Irish style, with shamrock shaped candles. Every pack includes 12 lucky clover candles, each with its own adorable ladybug.

These long burning tea lights won't let you down. With a burn time of 4-5 hours each, you can celebrate into the early hours.

Must-have decorations for your Irish wedding, or cute favors for your St. Patrick's Day party.
Pink rose tealight candles - Pack of 12 Pink Rose Tealight Candles - Pack of 12

Too shy to say it? Show her how you feel, with these pretty pink roses. 12 candles, shaped like roses, send a romantic message, without you saying a word.

Every pack contains 12 of the scented tea lights. They burn for 2-3 hours, with the delicious smell of sweet berries. Handmade in the UK. You can also get these in a set of romantic red roses.

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Set of 12 red rose tea lights Set of 12 Red Rose Tea Lights

Planning an evening of romance? Give her a bouquet of red roses...a set of 12 rose shaped candles look just like flower buds waiting to bloom.

Remove the candles from their casings, and stick them into a tealight candelabra, for the center of the dinner table...a nice surprise for her, in an evening, filled with special moments.
Shamrock design dip and carve pillar and taper candle set Shamrock Design Dip and Carve Pillar & Taper Candle Set

Going visiting on St. Patrick's Day? Then take a set of these handdipped and carved candles for your hostess. The 5-inch pillar, and two 6-inch tapers, each have a three leaf clover worked into the front.

The sets come in emerald-green and white or shades of light-and-dark-green with white. Beautiful paired with a shamrock embroidered table runner.
Metallic gold rose floating candle Metallic Gold Rose Floating Candles - Pack of 12

Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with a set of golden candles, shaped like roses.

The candles float for a lengthy 5 or 6 hours, so they won't fizzle out, in the middle of your event.

The candles come 12-to-a-pack. The 3-inch size fits most vases, or you can float them three-to-a-bowl, for magical centerpieces, that shimmer the night away.

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Poinsettia tea lights - Set of 4 Poinsettia Tea Lights - Set of 4

Ad: Only ornamental, or brightly burning...you decide. Either way, these poinsettia shaped tealights look fiercely festive, on any Christmas table.

The candles measure 3.5cm x 4.5cm each, and sparkle with glitter on their petals, and in their centres.
White-and-silver rose floating candle White-and-Silver Rose Floating Candle

Ad: Decorate your winter wedding with masses of white "roses", floating on water.

Each pack contains one silver-edged floating rose candle, measuring 3.75 inches wide.

Beautiful for bridal displays; equally effective as part of your Christmas table settings.

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Assorted flower tealight candles - Bulk set of 30 Assorted Flower Tealight Candles - Bulk Set of 30

Bring some color into your friends, colleagues and co-workers lives! Anyone who likes flowers and scents will love these pretty little candles. The set includes 30 scented tealight candles (or a smaller pack of 10) in a variety of flower shapes.

Don't give them all away, keep some for yourself too. You'll adore the scent, during the 2-3 hours burning time of each candle.

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Sunflower tea light candles - Pack of 8 Sunflower Tea Light Candles - Pack of 8

Candle sunflowers evoke the splendours of fall.

The multipacks come in boxed sets of 8 sunflower shaped tea lights, perfumed with Indian Jasmine fragrance. The decorative boxes show flora and fauna illustrations.

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Scented succulent shaped gift boxed tea lights - Set of 6 Scented Succulent Shaped Gift Boxed Tea Lights - Set of 6

Bring light and greenery to any tabletop.

This candle 6-pack contains adorable succulent shaped tealights, in 3 different designs. Fill in the mini greeting card with your love and best wishes, and make someone feel special, on any occasion.
Orange rose candle centrepiece on wax plate Orange Rose Candle Centrepiece on a Wax Plate

Fall becomes a festive affair, when you make this ornamental rose candle the centrepiece of your bedroom or dressing room.

The decorative orange rose rests on a star shaped wax plate. Best not to burn this candle, unless you remove the artificial flower-and-leaf decoration first.

Size: 15cm diameter x 10cm high (6 x 4 inches).
Floating plumeria flower candles - Set of 10 assorted colors Floating Plumeria Flower Candles - Set of 10 Assorted Colors

Your guests will love these little flowers, floating around in bowls of water. The plumeria candles make a vivid display, with their brightly-tinted centers.

Each set has 10 candles in white-and-violet, white-and-pink, white-and-red, and white-and-yellow. Each one comes individually wrapped - perfect party favors for that special event.

Free Shipping.

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Cut and curl flower garden candle Cut and Curl Flower Garden Candle

Wonder what to give your favourite candle lovers? Present your friends and family with these floral design candles, carved, curled and spiralled to reveal layers of sunshine-yellow, white and lime-green wax. White silk flowers and ornamental ladybirds provide garden-style embellishments.

These artistic works of wax make superb gifts for candle and garden lovers alike. They won't want to burn them!

Free delivery in the U.K.

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Carnation flower candles - Assorted colors with or without wicks Carnation Flower Candles - Assorted Colors With or Without Wicks

Beautiful carnation shaped candles come in an array of exciting colors... red, bayberry and Christmas green, work a treat for your holiday events. There's a color for every season and occasion - decorate your venues with blue, bright green, brown, buttercream, Colonial blue, fuchsia, forest green, ivory, lavender, maize, mauve, melon, orchid, sky blue, yellow, peach, purple and pink...or candles in several shades of cinnamon, cranberry, honey brown, orange, rust and burgundy.

Want the carnations without the wicks? Simply send an email asking for wickless flowers.
Pink rose embossed flame free candle with remote control Pink Rose Embossed Flame Free Candle with Remote Control

Roses are the best-selling flowers for any romantic occasion - here's the next best thing, a real wax flameless candle, embossed with beautiful pink roses, yellow flowers and true-to-life leaves.

She'll love this candle, without the messy wax and dangerous flames. She'll love the convenience of the remote control, giving her a choice between 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours of candle lighting; two flame modes: flickering and straight; and brightening and darkening candle modes.

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Wedding white plumeria embossed candle favor Wedding White Plumeria Embossed Candle Favors - 100-Piece Set

Scent your wedding hall with a fragrance as bewitching as the bride's bouquet. Plumeria-covered candles - with their lovely shades of wedding-white and ivory - remind one of the handmade artistry of antique lace. Sure to be the talk of your tables!

Each 2 x 2.5" candle rests on an eggshell-white, ceramic candle holder. Every candle & holder set arrives in a clear gift box, adorned with a white bow-tied organza ribbon, and a matching, plumeria-design "For You" tag.
Purple Shamrock embossed flameless candle Purple Shamrock Embossed Flameless Candle

Decorating with an Irish theme? An embossed candle - covered in tiny Shamrocks - celebrates the mystery and magic of the Emerald Isles. Also available in a Kelly-green candle, as charming as Ireland herself.

The package includes: 1 Shamrock LED candle; 1 remote control; 1 user manual. The flame flickers or glows realistically, as you like it. Too bright? Dim the candle, with a flick of the switch.
Icelandic poppy candles - Set of 3 assorted colors Icelandic Poppy Candles - Set of 3 Assorted Colors

Wish a friend a "Happy Spring Day", with a set of poppy shaped candles. The Icelandic poppies come in a set of yellow-centered white, white-centered purple, and peach-centered pink candles.

The candles measure 3¼ x 2 inches, and burn for 5 hours each.
Pansy flower floating candles - Set of 3 Pansy Flower Floating Candles - Set of 3

Float these pansies in water-filled bowls, and add an irresistible hint of spring to your home.

You'll receive a set of 3 candles: one each in lavender with a purple center; pink, with a rose colored center and edging; and a dark-centered yellow.
16th wedding anniversary bouquet of red wax roses 16th Wedding Anniversary Bouquet of Red Wax Roses

Celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary with the romance of roses. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers, each one an exquisite red rose, crafted from wax. A unique message of love, that lasts a lifetime.

The bunch of roses comes with its own vase. Add your own pebbles for stability.

Size: 18 inches tall.
Daisy candles - Pack of 10 perfumed tealights Daisy Candles - Pack of 10 Perfumed Tealights

Bright yellow daisies evoke the pleasures of summertime.

Each pack contains 10 daisy tealights...enjoy their mysterious fragrance in your spa; while receiving a relaxing massage; or in your home with a healing dose of aromatherapy.

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Pink dahlia bouquet candle Pink Dahlia Bouquet Candle

Adorn a table with a bouquet of waxy dahlias. The breathtaking flowers shade from snow-white, to a delicate pink in their centers.

The single-wick candle makes a beautiful free standing display on any tabletop.
Succulent shaped citronella candles - Set of 6 Succulent Shaped Citronella Candles - Set of 6

Enjoy peaceful summer nights, with citronella-scented candles. Each candle resembles a floral-style succulent. The set features 6 unique candles, ranging from a bright red, to a grayish-green, all "planted" in cement pots. So real looking, your friends will be amazed, when you light them!

Perfect for the patio; take them on that camping trip; to the picnic lunch, and stay free of annoying mosquito bites.

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Sunflower bouquet candle Sunflower Bouquet Candle

Wrapped in their own emerald-green leaves, a bunch of glorious yellow sunflowers adds the glow of summer sunshine to your dècor.

Free Shipping.
Himalayan salt candle holders - Set of 4 flower shapes Himalayan Salt Candle Holders - Set of 4 Flower Shapes

Bask in the healing glow of natural Himalayan salt tealight holders.

When lit, the flower shapes act as air purifying candles. The extra-pure salt emits negative ions, binding to the positively charged dust particles in your surroundings, thereby neutralizing them. Fresher air for you, your people, and your pets.

Each unique hand carved piece averages 4 inches in diameter.

Give this quartet of candle holders to someone with asthma, or any respiratory ailment. They'll be a fan for life.

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Rose shaped candle favors - Set of 3 assorted colors Rose Shaped Candle Favors - Set of 3 Assorted Colors

Say a special "Thank You" to everyone, attending your celebration.

Leave an exquisite rose candle on each guest's dinner plate. Beautifully packed in cellophane, and tied with a leafy decoration, the wax roses add an unbeatable air of romance to any wedding or event table.

Each pack contains three candles, in different colors. Delightful candle gifts for your guests.

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Peony shaped floating candles - Set of 3 colors Peony Shaped Floating Candles - Set of 3 Colors

Illuminate your spring nighttime event with bowls of floating peonies. The candles come in boxed sets of 3 ivory, orange and yellow peony flowers.

The long lasting floating candles burn for 6 hours each...they'll keep your tables aglow, until your last guest leaves.

Measurements: 3½" diameter, 1½" deep.
Assorted spring tealights - Boxed set of 9 Assorted Spring Tealights - Boxed Set of 9

Every day's spring day, with a set of nature inspired candles. The tea lights - shaped like beautiful butterflies, birds, spring leaves and flowers - evoke the season in all its splendid colour and variety.

The 9 Indian jasmine-scented candles arrive in a box, ready to give as a one-of-a-kind present, or as a much-deserved indulgence for yourself. Each candle burns for 4-5 hours.
Dollhouse candle rings with wax flowers Dollhouse Candle Rings with Wax Flowers

Adorn your doll's house, with 4 miniature candle rings, scaled to 1/12th of the normal size. Made entirely of wax, the tiny rings show red candles, wreathed in exquisitely crafted flowers and leaves.

A wonderful gift, for adult collectors of dolls house decorations.
Daffodil candle gift set Daffodil Candle Gift Set

Need gifts for spring birthdays? A set of daffodil shapes enchants with its snow-white and sunshine-yellow candles.

Great spring birthday gifts for your mom, or female friends. The set includes 3 unscented candles, burning for 3 hours each.
Multi-coloured pansy shaped candles - Set of 8 tealights Multi-Coloured Pansy Shaped Candles - Set of 8 Tealights

When pansies bloom, you know the worst of winter's over. Spoil yourself with a box of pansy candles, in a rainbow of spring colours.

Each box contains 8 perfumed tea lights, with a burn time of 2-3 hours each.

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Beeswax floral embossed egg shaped candle Beeswax Floral Embossed Egg Shaped Candle

Celebrate rebirth and new beginnings, with an egg candle, covered in floral designs.

The 100% beeswax candle is perfect for spring decorating. The natural honey scent makes your home smell wonderful.

The handmade egg shape measures 4 inches tall.

Free US Shipping.
Flower pot candle centrepieces - Set of 4 Flower Pot Candle Centrepieces - Set of 4

Indulge in a bit of easy indoor "gardening".

Potted wax flowers make cute decorations for that conservatory...a shady windowsill...a bathroom. Or spread the joy, and give these candles to your flower-loving friends.

The set of 4 turquoise, lilac, pink and yellow candle flowers "grow" in white cement pots. Each measures 7cm tall.

Free UK shipping.
Battery operated lotus flower candles - Set of 7 Assorted Colors Battery Operated Lotus Flower Candles - Set of 7 Assorted Colors

Light a tabletop, or your pool or pond, with a rainbow of flickering lotus flowers.

The set includes 7 candles - red, yellow, orange, blue, white, green and purple. They burn flamelessly with a candle-like amber glow.

The sets come in surprisingly fancy boxes, so make easy gifts.

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Cactus plant candles - 6-candle gift set Cactus Plant Candles - 6-Candle Gift Set

What more do you need to delight that special person? This all-in-one gift package contains 6 adorable cactus tealights, in 3 different styles, in a gift box, tied with organza ribbon.

Write your message of well wishes on the cute cactus-style card, and warm your way right into that person's heart.

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Red poppy candles - Set of 8 scented tealights Red Poppy Candles - Set of 8 Scented Tealights

Get your house spring-ready with bright red poppies. The wax poppies make a vivid show in a multi tealight holder; arranged on a candle plate; dotted around your living room.

Each candle burns for approximately 2-3 hours, with the tantalizing fragrance of Indian jasmine scent.

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Water lily floating candles - Assorted colours Water Lily Floating Candles - Assorted Colours - Made in Great Britain

Sheer bliss...waxy water lilies scent the air as they float around your wedding venue.

These candles won't let you down. With a burn time of 10 hours each, they'll keep your event lit, all evening long.

Available in an assortment of lovely colours.

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Beeswax sunflower floating candle Beeswax Sunflower Floating Candle

A sunflower floats lazily in a pool of water, while a busy honeybee collects pollen.

This candle is made of 100% pure beeswax, with no artificial scents or colors added.
Wooden cat candle holder with flower shaped tealight Wooden Cat Candle Holder with Flower Shaped Tealight

Indulge your love for cats and candlelight.

A curled-up cat makes a cute holder for a colorful flower tealight. The kitty-cat sleeps, quite unconcerned by the burning candle.

Size: approx 3¼" (8cm) in diameter, by 2¼" (6cm) high.

The carved acacia wood candle holder comes boxed, (with a lovely flower candle). Just the gift for candle and cat lovers alike.

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Lotus flower tea lights Lotus Flower Tea Lights

Stick these lovely lotus flowers into floating candle holders, and set them adrift on your pool or pond. A memorable way to light your outdoor events.

Each pack contains 10 tealights, gently fragranced, in an assortment of delicate pastel colors.

Free Shipping.

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White rose shaped floating candles - Pack of 12 White Rose Shaped Floating Candles

Beautifully bridal...

Set your wedding tables a-shimmer with these snow-white rose shaped candles. Line clear glass bowls with glass stones, gems or beads, and float 3 roses to a bowl. Or float each one singly in a tall vase, with decorative elements beneath. Quick-and-easy wedding candle centerpieces.

Each pack contains 12 candles.

Free Shipping.

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Daisy tea lights - Set of 24 Daisy Tea Lights - Set of 24

Cheer up any room with these white, lilac, soft pink and bright pink daisies.

You'll receive a set of 4 boxes: each box containing 6 daisy topped tealights in one of the colors.

A gauzy ribbon finishes off every clear cellophane box. Delightful presents for your flower-loving friends!
Mini cactus shaped candles - Set of 6 pieces Mini Cactus Shaped Candles - 6-Pieces

Decorating à la Mexican? Create an atmosphere of fun and fiesta on a sheltered patio...at your next Mexican-themed party, etc. Remove the candles from their casings, and stick them into platters of fine sand. True desert-style entertaining!

You'll receive an assortment of 6 cactus shaped tea candles, two each in 3 different styles.

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Tiger lily floating candle Tiger Lily Floating Candle

A lifelike tiger lily, crafted entirely from wax, shows the true shape and markings of the real flower.

This peach-toned candle keeps it shape while it burns, (it burns for 9-10 hours).

This large candle measures 4½" in diameter. Great for a sheltered patio, or indoor area, these wax flowers turn any water feature into an exotic tropical centerpiece.

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Gerbera daisy candles - Set of 3 floaters Gerbera Daisy Candles - set of 3 Floaters

Float these daisy shaped candles in a bowl of water, and enjoy a bold display of brilliant color.

Each wax candle measures 2¼ inches across, and burns for about 3 hours.

You'll receive a set of 3 floating candles, one each in hot pink, red and bright yellow.

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Set of 10 daisy tea light candles Daisy Tea Light Candles - 10 Pieces Per Pack

Arrange these snow white daisies, with colored centers, closely together, and create the delightful effect of a "summer garden".

The 4 cm (1.6") wide candles burn for about 2 hours, lightly scenting your surroundings with a floral fragrance.

You'll receive a set of 10 candles.
Orchid tealight candles - Pack of 10 pieces Orchid Tealight Candles - 10 Pieces Per Pack

The "queen of the orchids". The cattleya flower comes to life in an array of vivid yellow, red, green, orange, and bright pink waxy flowers.

You'll get 10 candles, contained in 4cm (1.6") wide aluminium tea light candle cups.
Set of 3 blue daisy candles Blue Daisy Candles - Set of Three Pillar Candles

Bring the pleasures of a summer garden into your home.

"Bunches" of beautiful blue daisies form freestanding pillar candles. Lengths of raffia tie the "stems" together. The look of summer, all-year-round.

Sizes: 5", 6", and 9" tall.
White daisy pillar candle set White and Yellow Daisy Pillar Candle - Set of 2

White and yellow daisies, in all their waxy magnificence. A bunch of green "stems", tied together with raffia, and cheerful daisy faces encircling the pillar top.

A simple way of bringing that springtime feel to your dècor.

These candles are unscented, and their sizes are 5"h and 9"h respectively. The large pillar burns for 15 hours, and the small one for 6 hours.
Calla lily bouquet shaped candle Calla Lily Bouquet Candle

Add this "bouquet of calla lilies" to your wedding table. The beautiful bunch of white flowers looks simply dreamy on any bridal table.

The freestanding candle features realistic touches of pale green and yellow.

Size: 10 inches tall.

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