Deliciously Delightful Waxy Fruit Shapes    

Candles Shaped like Fruit
add Zest to Your Dècor

Tantalize your taste buds with candles that look like fruit.

Set your dining room table for a candlelit dinner, with a mouthwatering arrangement of candle fruits in the centre. Wish your visitors a warm welcome with the pineapple shape, a classic symbol of hospitality.

Decorating a birthday party? Fruit shaped tea lights - or fruit candles-on-sticks - make fun candles for birthday cakes. Children, (and the ageless young-at-heart), love the bright colours, yummy scents, and cute shapes.

Take a beautifully gift-boxed candle - a shapely pear, a glossy apple, a dimpled orange - to that kitchen tea, or end-of-the-year party. Sure to please any hostess!

Ideas for Luscious Candles with Fruit Shapes:

Pineapple and flamingo shaped candles - Set of 12 tealights Pineapple and Flamingo Shaped Candles - Pack of 12 Tealights

Get into the party spirit, with tealights shaped like pineapples and flamingoes.

Each 12-piece pack contains 3 pink flamingos, 3 white flamingos and 6 yellow pineapples - cute additions for that baby's birthday party.
Sculpted grapevine candles - Set of 2 green and purple Sculpted Grapevine Candles - Set of 2 Green and Purple

Inspired by wine makers, and their epic struggles in the vineyards, these grape covered candles celebrate the fruits of the vine.

Use them as wine bottle toppers...display them in grape design taper them off in the entrance to your wine cellar, etc.

You'll get a set of two 8-inch long tapered candles, one with purple grapes and vine leaves, embossed onto the candle, the other with green grapes.

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Metallic silver wax-filled pear shaped ornament Metallic Silver Wax-Filled Pear shaped Ornament

A silvertone pear shape opens up to reveal a one-wick candle, scented with soothing, calming vanilla. The candle holder opens up easily by the antiqued brass leaf handle on top.

Surprise that special person, with this fragrant fruit shaped gift. The recipient will be overjoyed...but not only that, you're also supporting the One for One charity program, and providing a hot meal to a hungry child - a worthy cause, for your hard-earned Dollars.

Size: 6.5" high. Also available in an exquisite apple shape.
Pineapple shaped party cake candles - Set of 6 Pineapple Shaped Party Cake Candles - Set of 6

Add a taste of the tropical to your party dècor. Stick these pineapple candles into individual cupcakes, or one large cake. The set comes with two yellow, two orange, and two salmon-pink candles. The 55mm tall candles feature criss-crossed patterns of shiny gold foil.

Great for that tropical theme birthday, or any celebration calling for fruit shaped decorations.
Designer perfume scented pear candle - White Designer Perfume Scented Pear Candles

This luxury candle smells more like an expensive perfume, than an actual pear. Beautifully presented in a white box, and embellished with a gold ribbon, it makes an outstanding gift, for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Idea: instead of using drawer sachets, stick this candle into your cupboard, and scent your clothes with the luxurious fragrance. When the long-lasting scent finally goes, you can burn the candle.

Also available as a green pear candle, made of a high-quality blend of the finest waxes.

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Double wick scented candles - Assorted fruit pie candles Double Wick Scented Candles - Assorted Fruit Pie Candles

You'll love that scent...these double-scented candles smell as good as they look. Made of 80% soy, and 20% paraffin & gel wax, this blueberry pie candle measures 6 x 2 inches.

The candles come in an assortment of mouthwatering fruit tart flavors, all molded in foil tart dishes.

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Avocado shaped candles - 3-piece set Avocado Shaped Candles - 3-Piece Set

Candles shaped like avocado halves, look good enough to eat.

Arrange the candles (truly lifelike, with their creamy insides, and pips) between the summer salads, on that buffet, picnic or luncheon table. Guaranteed to entertain your guests!

The unscented candles measure 4.1 x 1.7 x 2.7 inches, and burn for 5-6 hours each.
30oz chocolate covered cherries scented jar candle 30oz Chocolate Covered Cherries Scented Jar Candle

Straight from the candle oven comes a jar, filled with delectable layers of dessert: a biscuit base, followed by cream, chocolate-covered cherries, more cream, and a few cherries on top - all made of wax.

A delightful gift for your sweet-toothed friends.

Made by hand from scented soy wax.
Pineapple tea lights - Set of 6 Pineapple Tea Lights - Set of 6

Decorative pineapple candles - with cactus tops - add playful pastels to your party decor.

The yellow, pink and sky-blue candles come in a boxed set of 6 candles.
Timber pear shaped candle - Grape green Timber Pear Shaped Candle - Assorted Colors

Add an appealing element of Mother Nature to your dècor.

Classic pear shapes come in an assortment of natural and fantasy colors: brown, burgundy, coral, dove, turquoise, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, brown sugar, crystal blue, lemongrass, pale yellow and pear. More than a match for your fall and Christmas color schemes.

The wax textured candles measure 4 inches tall, and burn for 45 hours each.

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Red-and-yellow apple shaped scented candle Red-and-Yellow Apple Shaped Scented candle

Be the apple of your teacher's eye, and give her this extra-large candle for her birthday. Any fruit lover will appreciate this candle; it looks and smells just like a real apple.

The candle lights easily from the wick, disguised as the stem.

The red-and-yellow apple comes in a box, with festive tie - ready for gift-giving. Or indulge yourself for a've earned it!

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Marbled green vanilla scented pear candle Marbled Green Vanilla Scented Pear Candle

A marbled pear alternates between light and dark green, as though partly peeled.

Stick the candle in your kitchen, and let the vanilla flavour blend with your other baking smells; or light your family dinner with it - the pear shape burns quite well.

Size: 12cm high.

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Pineapple scented car freshener candle Pineapple Scented Car Freshener Candle

Keep your car smelling great, with a splash of citrus and pineapple. Hang this car deodorizer candle from a mirror - the non melting candle keeps its shape, no matter how hot it gets in your car. Enjoy the mouthwatering smells of juicy mandarins and pineapples while you drive.

Size: 5 inches long.
Ornamental pear candle with marbling - Shades of orange Ornamental Pear Candle with Marbling - Shades of Orange

An ornamental candle, shaped like a pear, makes an inviting sight in your kitchen. Brave enough to burn it?...revel in the comforting smell of vanilla.

The 12cm tall candle looks like it's been sliced, revealing an orangey-yellow interior, with burnt-orange streaks.
Vance Kitira pear shape candle Vance Kitira Yellow Pear Candle

The soft yellow of autumn warms this waxy pear shape. The pear form also makes the ideal shape for burning, and you can expect to get 60 hours of burning time from the 5.5" tall candle.

The Vance Kitira label appears as a leafy accent, around the wick. Be sure to put this candle onto your gift list for fall. Your family and friends will be delighted!

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Green grape tea light candle Green Grape Tea Light Candle

Give your table decor a taste of the vine.

Candles - shaped like pale green Hanepoot grapes - make delicious decorations for your cheese-and-wine party; a birthday cake; a kitchen counter.
Green apple shaped tealights - Set of 2 Green Apple Shaped Tealights - Set of 2

Show you care, with a gift of leafy green apples.

The pairs of apple shaped tealights come in plastic boxes, tied with super-cute bows.

Also available as pairs of juicy oranges.

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Lemon half candle Lemon Half Candle

Add a taste of lemon zest to your kitchen dècor. Why display a traditional candle, when you can show off this eye-catching fruit candle instead?

The lemon candle - halved, and revealing its juicy insides - makes a great conversation piece. Sure to amuse and delight your visitors.
Pineapple toothpick birthday candles - Set of 5 Pineapple Toothpick Birthday Candles - Set of 5

Give your child birthday memories that last a lifetime.

Mounted on sticks, these sturdy candles stay in place atop a cake, donut, tart or cupcake.

The set contains 5 pineapple cake candles. Each candle burns for 15 minutes. Plenty of time to bring the cake out all aglow...blow out the candles...and get the perfect birthday pics!
Strawberry candle gift set Strawberry Candle Gift Set

Attractively boxed and labelled, a pair of luscious "strawberries" makes a cute gift.

Take a set to your new neighbours, or the hostess at that summer party or picnic. They'll be delighted with their strawberry shaped candles.

Also available as pairs of watermelon, lemon, orange, green apple, peach and red Fuji apple candles.
Two-wick cherry pie candle Two-Wick Cherry Pie Candle

Let this cheerful cherry pie bring color to your holiday table.

Light the two-wick candle, and let its "straight-from-the-oven" smells tickle your tastebuds. The scents of spring berries and fruits combine with the fragrance of fresh flowers. An evocative blend for your Christmas table.

The tartlet measures 5" (12.7cm) wide. Molded in an aluminium foil baking dish, it keeps your table free of wax drips.
Lemon shaped candle Yellow Lemon Shaped Candles - Set of 2
by Fantastic Craft

Natural colors, shapes and textures come to life in these candles with lemon shapes. Liven up your kithen. Or present these to your hostess at your next housewarming party. Guaranteed to be an instant hit!

Each candle measures 2¾ wide x 3¾ inches tall.

You'll receive a set of 2 candles.
Peach shaped wax candle Peach Shaped Wax Candle

Ripe, and ready to eat...or so it seems, until you take a closer look, and see this "peach" is really made of wax!

The realistic-looking fruit candle measures 6.5 x 6cm, and comes in a decorative gift-box.

Free Shipping.
Flameless pineapple candles - Set of 3 Flameless Pineapple Candles - Set of 3

Pineapple LEDs bring a radiant glow to your home, flickering the night away, just like real candles.

The wax threesome measures 5¼", 6" and 7" tall respectively. Group the flameless pineapples together, and illuminate your home with a genuine tropical island atmosphere.

The built-in timer turns the candles on for 4 again for the next twenty.
Yellow-and-red apple design candle Yellow-and-Red Apple Design Candle

Simply mouthwatering...spoil yourself - or someone else special - with this luscious red-and-yellow apple. The candle apple shape measures 6cm high.

Free delivery in the United Kingdom.

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Pineapple shaped candle - Lime-Green Lime-Green Pineapple Candle

Get your guests into the party mood.

With its lime-green finish, this 8" tall pineapple candle creates an irresistible taste of the tropics. Sheer pleasure for that summertime get-together.
Red grape tea lights - Set of 6 Red Grape Tea Lights - Pack of 6

De-vine-ly delicious. Bunches of juicy grapes make tasty toppings for ordinary aluminium tealights.

Pick green, purple or red candles, all in sets of 6.
Grape shaped candles - Set of 3 Grape Shaped Candles - Set of 3 Gift Boxed Candles

Gather family and friends together. Serve good food and wine...and set a warm and hospitable mood with these grape shaped candles.

The candles - sculpted to look like glossy bunches of purple grapes - burn with a grapevine scent.

The set of 3 candles comes in special gift packaging. Any hostess will be pleased to receive a set.
Beeswax wine casket candle Beeswax Wine Casket Candle

One for the wine lovers...a wine barrel candle, decorated with bunches of grapes and vine leaves. Made of the "king of waxes" (beeswax) the candle burns for a lengthy 60-80 hours.

Set it on a black wrought iron holder, in the entrance to your wine cellar. Or elsewhere...this candle looks great just about anywhere.
Pineapple shaped candle - Silver Pineapple Shaped Candle - Silver

Fruity, but sophisticated. This stylized pineapple candle decorates your home with the flair of a contemporary sculpture.

Beautifully packed in a gift box, the 8" tall silver-toned pineapple is a one-of-a-kind present for that one-of-a-kind person.

Handcrafted in Europe.
Scented watermelon wedge candle Scented Watermelon Wedge Candle

Try this foolproof recipe for summer relaxation: take one gorgeous candle shaped like a wedge of watermelon. Light it. Now enjoy the sheer bliss of its fruity scent, while you lie back in your armchair, and sip your glass of iced tea, or that fruity concoction.

Choose from a range of fabulously fruity candles: go bananas with a bunch of the ripe yellow fruits; or pick a pineapple in various tropical shades.

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Lemon scented candles in ceramic bowls - Set of 3 Lemon Scented Candles in Ceramic Bowls - Set of 3

Burnt the dinner? Banish those kitchen smells naturally, with the invigorating scent of lemons.

You can put these 3 lemon shaped bowls in different locations in your home. They're filled with lemon scented wax, and keep your house smelling great.
Strawberry shaped floating candle Strawberry Shaped Floating Candle

Bring a fruity sense of fun to the party. Set 3 of these strawberry halves adrift in a punch bowl, or float them in small bowls in the buffet line.

Each candle looks like a halved strawberry, with realistic hand-painted details. You get ONE of these strawberry shapes per package. Buy them in bulk, and you'll pay less for shipping.

The candle measures 2¼" by 1½", and burns for approximately 4 hours. Unscented, so it won't clash with the food and flower smells on your table.
Pillar candle with embossed vineyard designs Pillar Candle with Embossed Vineyard Designs

To burn, or not to burn? That is the question.

Inspired by the fruits of the wine country, this leaf-green candle features deep green bunches of grapes, embossed onto the surface.

Dimensions: 6.13 high x 3.75 wide.
Set of 5 colorful fruit candles Set of 5 Colorful Fruit Candles

Candlelight comes to life in the colorful shapes of a luscious lemon, playful peach, succulent strawberry, appealing apple and waxy watermelon.

Buy the fruits separately, or in a mouthwatering set of 5.
Orange shaped luminara with flameless candle Orange Shaped Luminara with Flameless Candle

Give your kitchen - the heart and soul of your home - a taste of vitality. Display this fruity orange shaped centerpiece on a counter or shelf. It features a built-in flameless candle. You can set it to come on automatically, for 4 or 8 hours. Giving you more time to do the really important things.

Size: 7" diameter x 9" high.

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Strawberry fruit luminara with flameless candle Strawberry Fruit Luminara with Flameless Candle

Not only a delightful ornament for your kitchen, this strawberry holder also provides flame free candlelight. The built-in LED candle shines through holes in the design.

Set-and-forget the timer for 4 or 8 hours. This saves you from lighting and extinguishing drippy wax candles. And gives you more time to do the things that really matter, like cooking, and chatting around the kitchen table.

Size: 7" diameter x 9" high.

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Fruit pie scented candle Fruit Pie Scented Candles - Assorted Fruits

Scent your home with the delectable flavors of fruit. This 5" candle looks just like a fruit pie, filled with strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi slices. A tasty treat for your kitchen counter, a sideboard or buffet table. You'll smell it's fruity aroma, even when it's not lit.

Choose from a luscious selection of bakery candles: apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie, a leafy pumpkin pie, or Easter pie candles.

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Tabletop pineapple shaped votive candle holder Tabletop Pineapple Shaped Votive Candle Holder

Gather family and friends around the kitchen or dining room table. And dine by the welcoming light of this pineapple votive holder. Long dinner table? Get two, and display one on either side of it. The pineapple shaped metal cage - with curly feet, and plumed top - creates an unmistakable air of hospitality.

A votive candle glass comes with the 9" tall holder. Add a yellow pineapple scented votive, or a tropical tealight.

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Chocolate dipped strawberry shaped candle holders - Set of 2 Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Shaped Candle Holders - Set of 2

What's for dessert? How about strawberries dipped in delicious chocolate?

Adorn your kitchen or dining room table with these whimsical ceramic strawberries. Burn tealights in them, or fill them with strawberry-scented wax.

Size: 2¾ high.
Fruit basket shaped candles - Set of 2 Fruit Basket Shaped Candles - Set of 2

Hosting a cheese-and-wine party? Surprise your guests with these cute little candle baskets.

Filled with green and purple grapes, beautiful vine leaves, and wine bottles, these candles add a sense of fun and festivity to any occasion.

You'll receive a set of 2 tiny candles, each measuring 2 inches tall.

Adorable hostess gifts, cake decorations, or party favors.
Mini pear candles - Set of 6 cranberry Vance Kitira Mini Timber Pear Candles - Set of 6 Cranberry

Delight your hostess at your next housewarming party, with a set of tiny pear shaped candles. Gorgeously gift-bagged in a see-through material, and tied with bow and tag, these candles will surely enchant!

The miniature pears measure 1½" x 2" each. The only colors left: cranberry, heather, persimmon and pink hibiscus.

Completely unscented, these candles show the classic textured appearance.
Pear shaped candles in wood box Pear Shaped Candles in Wood Box

Luscious candle pears, realistically cross-sectioned with pips, and rosy blush, in their centers, make a mouthwatering gift for your next housewarming party.

The package contains 8 pear halves. Float and burn them in a dish of water; hand these fruits of summer out as party favors, and much, much more...Each candle measures approximately 2" x 1½".
Candle apple slices 2-Inch Red Sliced Apple Candles - Set of 5

Delicious candle apple slices bring fruity flair to your dècor.

Red-skinned apples, revealing their warm, ivory interiors, (with pips and all), form a perfectly yummy, waxy rendition of the cross-section of a real apple.


Red and green apple shaped candles Washington Apple Candles - Red and Green (Set of 2 Candles)

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Gather friends and family around the kitchen table. Visit by the gentle light of these luscious red and green apple shaped candles.

Unscented, these candles won't clash with other smells in your kitchen.

Each apple candle measures 1¾" by 1½" tall, and burns for ± 3 hours.

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