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How to Harden Paraffin Wax

Are your handmade candles burning down too fast, leaving pools of wax in their wake? When you mould with waxes, with melting temperatures of 60°C (140°F) or lower, you end up with too soft, badly burning, poor quality candles. How do you make your candles harder? By adding wax hardening agents, such as stearin, or clear or luster crystals, to the waxes.

These additives raise the melting point of wax, and improve candles significantly, in various ways: they harden the candles, making them burn longer; they maintain their shapes, (even in hot weather); have a better appearance, (with enhanced colour); slide out of their moulds more easily; and burn with less drips and trailing streams of smoke.

Stearin makes your candles more opaque. Clear crystals increase translucency.

Try These Candle Wax Hardeners:

  • Add 10% stearin to your candle wax. Melt the stearin first, and add the candle wax. Stearin brightens the colors of your candles, and make them burn longer. Use stearin in rigid moulds only.
  • Luster crystals improve color and shine, and make your candles burn longer. Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) to 1 pound (454g) of wax. Melt the wax first, and when the wax reaches the right temperature, add the crystals.
  • Clear crystals raise the melting point of wax, for slower-burning candles. They brighten colors, and help to eliminate bubbles on the surface. Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) to 1 pound (454g) of wax.
  • Add 1/2-1% vybar instead of stearin to candles made in latex rubber moulds. Stearin rots these flexible moulds. Melt the wax first, and then stir in the vybar. Vybar increases opacity.
Reference: The Complete Candlemaker, by Norma Coney, contains information about the properties of luster and clear crystals.

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