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Home Decorating Ideas with Candles and Artificial Flowers

The term "faux flowers" often carries a negative connotation. Not surprising, when you consider the unattractiveness of fake plastic flowers, and the lifelessness of poorly-made synthetic flowers.

The best silk flower candle rings display a quality of delicate craftsmanship, rarely seen before. Nothing compares with the sight, smell and velvety texture of fresh flowers...but these modern floral ring arrangements make worthy imitations of real life. Variegated petals, and veined leaves, add a natural looking beauty.

Wreaths made with silk flowers form superb table decorations for wedding receptions. Decorate all your special occasions, on the cheap, with bulk sets of wholesale candle ring centerpieces.

Ideas for Fall/Winter Candle Rings:

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19cm fabric hydrangea candle ring (paid link) 19cm Fabric Hydrangea Candle Ring

You can deck a Xmas table with beautiful red roses, traditional poinsettias...or be interestingly original, and display this ring of bright red hydrangeas.

The pillar wreath measures 19cm wide, and accommodates a large candle, of your choice.
Pair of gold poinsettia dinner candle rings (paid link) Pair of Gold Poinsettia Dinner Candle Rings

All that glitters is gold...get into the spirit of Christmas with a pair of poinsettia candle rings, gleaming with golden flowers, and festive ornaments.

Fit the rings onto a pair of Xmas candlesticks, and let the celebrations begin.

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Poinsettia candle lantern centerpiece (paid link) Poinsettia Candle Lantern Centerpiece

Add a cozy holiday touch to any area in your home. House a LED pillar candle in this Christmas-themed lantern. Wreathed in snow-white poinsettias, berries and pinecones, this candlelit centerpiece simply exudes seasonal charm.

The metal lantern measures 14 inches high. Suitable for hanging or tabletop display.
Pair of 12cm Christmas rose candle rings (paid link) Pair of 12cm Christmas Rose Candle Rings

Put the bloom on your Christmas table - trios of red roses make magnificent displays on festive rings of gilded ornaments, leaves, pinecones and dainty gold flowers.

The pair of 12cm candle rings fit around classic 1-inch taper candles.
Poinsettia advent candle wreath (paid link) Poinsettia Advent Candle Wreath

Count down the days to Christmas, with a wreath of glorious poinsettias. Stick in one pink, and three purple, tapers, one for every week leading up to Xmas day.

The 14-inch wreath features a circular arrangement of the classic red Christmas flowers.
Romantic Victorian style flower wreath (paid link) Romantic Victorian Style Flower Wreath

February is the month of your devotion with a wreath filled with rose and peony blooms. The exquisite roses and peonies shade from a rich ivory, to the palest blush-pink, to a deep ice-cream pink.

Stick it on your front door, or adorn a tabletop, with a large candle, or three smaller candles, in the middle.

Measurements: outside diameter: 12.5"; inner diameter: 7.8".

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Burgundy peony flower indoor and outdoor wreath (paid link) Burgundy Peony Flower Indoor & Outdoor Wreath

Infuse your home de`cor, with a look that's timeless, evoking the romantic styles of yesteryear.

The fade resistant wreath keeps its good looks, season after season. The 16-inch plastic flower wreath features a unique uv protectant, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

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Hydrangea candle or door wreath (paid link) Hydrangea Candle or Door Wreath

Add a fresh breath of spring, to your front door; or create a charming tabletop candle centerpiece.

This 14-inch wreath features spring-green and snow-white hydrangeas, arranged on a genuine grapevine base.

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Spring florals candle wreath (paid link) Spring Florals Pillar Candle Wreath

Create an easy spring floral table arrangement, with a ring of daisies and buttercups.

The 10" wreath accommodates a big candle, or candle vase, up to 4.5 inches wide.

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Pair of pansy candlestick rings (paid link) Pair of Pansy Candlestick Rings

You know spring has arrived, when the pansies bloom. Create an irresistible springlike atmosphere, with rings of yellow and purple pansy blossoms, decorating your candlesticks.

You'll receive a set of two taper wreaths, wired for easy shaping.

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8-inch spring pillar candle ring (paid link) 8-Inch Spring Pillar Candle Ring

This ring positively bursts with seasonal spring hues - yellow daisies, blue hydrangeas, and colorful peonies form a riot of color, around a 3-inch pillar candle of your choice.

The whole ring measures 8 inches in diameter.
Spring tea light rings - Pair Spring Tea Light Rings - Pair

Bring your spring decor to life, with the refreshing colours of the season. White flowers combine with apple-green berries and foliage, in two invigorating votive holder centrepieces.

The tiny but versatile wreaths measure 5 inches across. You can separate the holders from the flowers, and insert your own candlesticks, scented jar candles, small 2-inch pillar candles, etc.
Pillar wreaths for summer wedding - Pack of 4 (paid link) Pillar Wreaths for Summer Wedding - Pack of 4

Bunches of summer-pink roses make enchanting displays for your mid-year wedding. The inner diameter of each wreath measures 3.35", ideal for those bridal pillars, in soft shades of white.

Each pack contains 4 wreaths, made up of plastic roses, berries and baby-pink flowers.
Circular hurricane candle arrangement with purple and white flowers (paid link) Circular Hurricane Candle Arrangement with Purple & White Flowers

Surprise her with an arrangement of easy care artificial flowers. The purple hydrangeas, white flowers and green berries make a dazzling display.

The centerpiece measures 20 inches at its widest, and includes a glass vase for a candle.
Gerbera daisy candle ring (paid link) Gerbera Daisy Candle Ring

Welcome summertime, with a ring of mixed color Gerbera daisies.

Stick a fragrance jar candle into the 4.75" inner ring, and say hello to summer with large red, magenta and yellow flowers, and delicious scents emanating from their center.

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Spring blossoms candle ring (paid link) Spring Blossoms Candle Ring

Welcome the changing of the seasons with tones of peaches-and-cream. Fit the ring of spring flowers around your favorite jar candle, and celebrate the season with everlasting flowers, and your most-loved scents.

The inner diameter of the ring measures 4.75 inches.

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8.5 (paid link) 8.5" Royal-Blue Rose Wedding Flower Wreaths - Pair

Complete the candle displays for your wedding in shades of bluish-purple, and feel like a royal bride.

The rings of royal-blue roses measure 8.5" wide, and fit around pillar candles, slightly less than 3 inches wide. Low maintenance flowers for your winter wedding ceremony.

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13-inch rose and peony candle ring (paid link) 13-Inch Rose & Peony Candle Ring

Add the romantic look of yesteryear to your spring and summer decor. Reminiscent of Victorian times, and its floral arrangements, this ring features lush pink roses and peonies, in the soft hues of the era.

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8.5 (paid link) 8.5" Lavender Rose Wedding Wreaths - Pair

Dress your wedding tables in wintry tones of lavender. The rings of icy lilac show off 3 budding roses, and 6 in full bloom.

Stick them around your thinner-than-three-inch pillar candles, for stunning bridal table displays.

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13-inch magnolia candle holder ring arrangement
13-Inch Magnolia Candle Holder Ring Arrangement

Large magnolia blossoms contrast with a ring of deep green leaves. Add candlelight, and you have an elegant centerpiece that stays stylish, season after season.

Decorating small homes or apartments? The 13" centerpiece makes a good fit for small spaces.
Candle holder arrangement with amaryllis flowers Candle Holder Arrangement with Amaryllis Flowers

Rich red blooms make a bold centerpiece for a formal dining room table.

The realistic amaryllis - with their luxurious suede-like appearance - surround a glass cylinder. Stick in a candle of your choice, and greet your dinner guests in style. Guaranteed to break the ice, and start lively dinnertime conversations!

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Artificial eucalyptus garland with roses Artificial Eucalyptus Garland with Roses

Use this versatile garland to create the romantic look you want. Turn it into a unique garden-style table runner - lay it down the center of your table, with candles here and there; wind it around a group of pillar candles, or floating candle vases, for a circular tablescape; decorate your wedding arches, etc.

The eucalyptus garland measures approximately 1.9 metres/6.2 feet long and features 6 champagne-colored roses.

Come rain or shine, this durable UV resistant indoor-and-outdoor garland keeps its lovely looks, no matter the weather.

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7-inch candle ring with purple African violets 7-Inch Candle Ring with Purple African Violets

Roses are red, and violets are blue...or in this case, a rich shade of purple. Make your own potted arrangement: stick a tall 3-inch candle into a terracotta pot. Slide this 7-inch ring over it, resting it on the edge of the pot. There you are, your own lifelike violet pot plant, with candle, to light those evenings on the porch or patio.

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Diwali tea light holders - Set of 4 with silk roses (paid link) Diwali Tea Light Holders - Set of 4 with Silk Roses

Bring a traditional ethnic look to your Indian festivals. Light up Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, with this quartet of flower decorated tealight holders.

Four Gota rings, decorated with yellow, red, green and orange artificial rose flowers, bring a touch of true Indian art, to your celebration.
Peony and hydrangea candle holder arrangement Peony & Hydrangea Candle Holder Arrangement

Make your home a little warmer, with a heartwarming arrangement of flowers and berries, surrounding a fluted glass candle holder. The ivory and pink flowers blend beautifully with deep burgundy berries - the ideal color combo for your summer decorating themes.

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Pair of 8.5 Pair of 8.5" Rose Pink Candle Rings

Transform your wedding hall - or sweet 16 celebration - into a garden of romantic pink roses. The rings show roses, some budding, others bursting into full bloom. The roses can be removed to make wedding corsages and boutonnières.

You'll receive a pair of 8.5" rings, with 3" openings.
Blooms and bumblebee summer candle ring (paid link) Blooms & Bumblebee Summer Candle Ring

A bumble bee has a wonderful time in a garden of sunny summer blooms. The yellow, pink, orange, lilac and white flowers adorn a sturdy wrapped ring, in a colorful mix of different flowers.

The 10-inch candle ring accommodates a large pillar candle up to 4.5 inches wide.

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Eucalyptus garland with fairy lights Eucalyptus Garland with Fairy Lights

Create an enchanted evening, your guests will never forget. Do up your venue with sparkling garlands of greenery. This LED lighted eucalyptus garland makes magic of your indoor or outdoor event. Use it as a country-style table runner, and arrange candles, and silk flowers, between the softly powdered leaves.

The garland measures 6 feet long.

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8.5 8.5" Rings of Burgundy Roses for Wedding Candles

Getting married this summer? Decorate your tables with floral candle rings of summer roses, in delicious shades of burgundy. Match the 8.5" rings with snow-white or pale mauve candles, and bring the bloom of romance to your wedding interiors.

You'll receive a set of two floral circlets, with openings a bit less than 3 inches.

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Candle flower ring with burgundy & pink peonies and hydrangeas Candle Flower Ring with Burgundy & Pink Peonies and Hydrangeas

Enrich your home, with a romantic all-year-long wreath, covered in big red peony flowers, soft pink hydrangeas, and touches of greenery plants.

The 16-inch wreath includes ultraviolet protection. The fade resistant wreath will look good for years to come, outside on your front door, or indoors, as a candle tabletop centerpiece.
8.5-inch wedding candle rings with black roses - Set of 2 8.5-Inch Wedding Candle Rings with Black Roses - Set of 2

Want a non-traditional wedding? Make a bold statement with tables, laden with rings of midnight-black roses. Stick matching candles into their centers, and celebrate your wedding with a touch of ultra-gothic splendor.

The 8.5 inch rings feature a mix of buds and roses in full bloom, with sprays of black baby's breath in between, as bridal accents. Only slightly smaller than 3" pillars may fit through the ring base.

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Hurricane candle holder centerpiece with white peony blossoms Hurricane Candle Holder Arrangement with White Peony Blossoms

Update your decor with an elegant all-white arrangement of summer flowers. Soft white peonies bloom in eternal purity, within a forest of summer ferns.

The 16" wide arrangement fits around a cylindrical glass, ideal for your own 3" white pillar candle, or smaller scented votive candle.
9 9" Sunflower Candle Ring

Add rays of summer sunshine to your decor. Golden-yellow sunflowers add bright splashes of color to a ring of leaves and greenery. Stick a vase or candle into the 4½ opening, and light your favorite room with the golden glow of the season.

Diameter: 9 inches.

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Vintage-style blue peony and eucalyptus wreath 16-Inch Vintage-Style Blue Peony & Eucalyptus Wreath

Have a longing for times past? Indulge that nostalgia, with a ring of peony flowers, in the vintage blue colors of the 1940's and 50's. The beautiful peonies fill up a lush ring of eucalyptus leaves.

Size: 16 inches.

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14 14" Wildflower Pillar Candle Wreath with Mixed Florals

Bring your interior space to life with a touch of lasting nature. Pink butterflies - mixed with orange, yellow, red and purple flowers - bring magnificent color to a spring setting.

Measures approximately 14 inches wide; inner diameter measures 4 inches wide.

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Wedding foam floral tea light ring Wedding Foam Floral Tea Light Ring

Decorate your Indian themed wedding, in luxurious style.

This flower decorated candle holder measures 3 inches across. A tealight, wreathed in white and pink foam roses, sits in the center of a decorative gold holder. Bead pearls encircle the base, and accent the center of each flower.

The tealight centerpiece comes in a velvet pouch packing - ideal as a wedding gift, favor, or table decoration.
Pair of candle floral rings with gold roses Pair of Candle Floral Rings with Gold Roses

Gold is the color of luxury, and achievement, and takes center stage in many important occasions. So, celebrate all the golden moments of your life, such as your 50th wedding anniversary, or 50th birthday, with these pillar candle centerpieces.

You'll get two candle rings, filled with exquisite roses-in-full-bloom, and rose buds. Each 8.5-inch ring has a 3-inch center.

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Frosted magnolia candle vase centerpiece Frosted Magnolia Candle Vase Centerpiece

Snuggle up on the couch, (or in your bed), with a mug of hot cocoa, and enjoy the added warmth emanating from this candlelit centerpiece.

Snow-white magnolias, blood-red berries and green pine bear the first "snowfalls" of the season.

Size: 17 inches.
Faux grass and butterflies mini wreath Faux Grass & Butterflies Mini Wreath

Three butterflies flit around a ring of long grasses, and tiny flowers. A dainty addition to your spring decor.

The 11" wide ring accommodates a candle up to 4.5" wide.

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Anemone and hydrangea candle rings - Pair Anemone and Hydrangea Candle Rings - Pair

Lilac anemones and hydrangeas bloom in springlike splendour, around full rings of greenery and white-and-lilac berries.

Measurements: 12cm diameter; inner openings: 2.5cm.
12-inch Victorian-style candle ring 12-Inch Victorian-Style Candle Ring

Add the romantic look of yesteryear to your wedding or bedroom decor. This Victorian-style wreath brims with silk roses and peonies, in faded tones of pink and ivory.

Hang it on a door, or stick a pillar candle into the center, for a lifelike display of breathtaking florals.

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Multi-purpose pearl and gold wire rings - Set of 8 Multi-Purpose Pearl & Gold Wire Rings - Set of 8

Glamorize your wedding tables with ivory-and-gold accessories. Artificial flowers - with pearly centers - decorate your candles or table napkins in timeless style. Sprigs of pearl beads and exquisite leaves, radiate outwards from the gold-wire rings.

The 2-inch wide rings fit your thinner pillar candles, votive holders or fine linen napkins - or use them to display your place cards.

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Mini daisy rings for taper candles - Pair Mini Daisy Rings for Taper Candles - Pair

Drab coffee table? Lifeless mantelpiece? Bursts of bright blue and snow-white daisies make cheerful summer candle rings for your home.

Each 10cm wide ring has a 2.5cm opening.
12 inch lavender candle ring 12-Inch Lavender Candle Ring

This 12-inch ring of lovely lavender, will make you forget you're stuck inside. Fit it around a candle, up to 6.5" wide, and bring the garden indoors.

Perfect for summer decorating!

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Pack of 6 rose flower garlands for lanterns Pack of 6 Rose Flower Garlands for Lanterns

Whatever your wedding style, these premade garlands of romantic pastels, add an unforgettable bridal look, to your table lanterns.

The lifelike arrangements are made up of foam avalanche roses, rosebuds, silk roses, and greeneries, in dreamy tones of peachy-pink and blue blush.

Every pack contains 6 ready-made garlands, each measuring about 20" long, with beribboned ends, to tie to your lanterns.
Cut and carve candle with silk flower arrangement Cut and Carve Candle with Silk Flower Arrangement

Dipped in warm wax 20 to 30 times, then cut and curled, this cream candle reveals layers of soft candy pink, with deep burgundy stripes. The ring of silk flowers complements the candle colors. The candle set comes with its own wrought iron stand.

Height: 9 inches.
20-inch wreath with artificial orchids and plants 20-Inch Wreath with Artificial Orchids and Plants

An artificial arrangement of purple orchids, artichokes, and flower-like succulents enchants with its nearly natural beauty.

This unusual wreath measures 20 inches wide. Decorate a door, or make a large candle at home in its center.

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Lavender rose flower candle rings - Set of 2 Lavender Rose Flower Candle Rings - Set of 2

Celebrate your special occasion, with bouquets of lilac roses. Six fully-open roses, and a trio of exquisite rose buds, make up each circular arrangement. Sprays of white gypsophila appear here and there.

The pair make breathtaking bridal wreaths for your reception tables. Pillar candles, slightly less than three inches wide, make a good fit for the 8.5" rings.

Choose from a variety of colors, to match the color scheme of your winter/spring wedding or event: black red, coral, cream, cream pink, peach, purple, red, royal blue, turquoise, snow-white, and a bright yellow.

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30cm pink rosebud indoor or outdoor wreath 30cm Pink Rosebud Indoor or Outdoor Wreath

This vibrant ring looks equally beautiful indoors or out. Tiny rosebuds shade from a rich ivory to a deep hot pink; others from white to the coolest ice-pink.

The 30cm ring makes a low-maintenance decoration for a grave; a superb pillar candle centerpiece; an easy-to-hang door or wall wreath.

Free UK delivery on orders over £20.00

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10-inch sage rose bridal candle ring 10-Inch Sage Mixed Rose Bridal Candle Ring

Artificial wedding flowers charm with their subtle tea stain color.

The 10" rings - featuring two roses in full bloom, and two buds - make full displays around your smaller-than-3-inch candles.

Also available in shades of beige, burgundy, cream, blue, purple, yellow and mauve.
14 Summer Garden Hurricane Candle Wreath

Transform that neglected corner into an instant summer garden. Artificial roses, dahlias and flower-like echevarias form an unusual white-and-green wreath for a square glass candle holder.

The centerpiece measures 14 inches across. Candle holder included.
Hydrangea candle ring and plate centrepiece Hydrangea Candle Ring & Plate Centrepiece

This easy-to-display centrepiece comes in a complete set: one ring of beautiful hydrangeas, shading from white to purple; a 20cm tall white pillar candle; a 20cm glass plate.

A soothing arrangement for your bedroom, a dressing table, any round table, etc.
Bird cage floral candle holder centerpiece Bird Cage Floral Candle Holder Centerpiece

Decorate with turn-of-the-last-century elegance. Creamy magnolias spring gracefully from an antique-style birdcage, reminiscent of the French decor of the belle époque period.

The set contains a globe-shaped candle lantern, (candle not included); the ring of magnolia flowers; the black metal birdcage. The hinged top lifts off, so you can easily drop in a votive of your choice.

Dimensions: 15" high x 18" in diameter.
Floral and fruit pillar candle arrangement in olive-green bowl Floral and Fruit Pillar Candle Arrangement in Olive-Green Bowl

Yellow roses dazzle in an olive-green arrangement of hydrangeas, genuine dried limes, and fir. A glossy green candle holds center stage.

Wherever you place this - on a living room table...above the fireplace - it adds a sense of glorious life to any room.

Not just for the holidays. This artificial arrangement enchants all-year-round.
Blue and white silk flower pillar candle base Blue & White Silk Flower Pillar Candle Base

Add a sense of unrestrained luxury to a wedding table. An arrangement of cornflower-blue hydrangeas, and pure white gypsophila, surrounds a white wedding candle.

You get the classic pillar shaped candle with the arrangement.

Blissfully bridal...
Silk rose and lavender hurricane candle holder centerpiece Silk Rose and Lavender Hurricane Candle Holder Centerpiece

Give someone special the gift of candlelight. Ultra-feminine...this arrangement of silk rose buds, and lavender and lace, encircles a hurricane candle holder with a charming touch of country vintage.

Insert a large pillar candle into the center, and wish her an extra-special birthday.
16-inch silk morning glory and fern hurricane candle rings - Pack of 4 16" Silk Morning Glory & Fern Hurricane Candle Rings - (Pack of 4)

Yours for a lifetime...beautiful morning glories and ferns surround a 3" candle holder in colors of white, yellow and periwinkle-blue.

You'll receive a set of 4 wreaths with hurricane lamps.

Diameter: 16 inches.

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