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The term "artificial flowers" often carries a negative connotation. Not surprising, when you consider the unattractiveness of fake plastic flowers, and the lifelessness of poorly-made synthetic flowers.

Modern silk flower candle rings display a new level of delicate craftsmanship, rarely seen before. Nothing compares with the sight, smell and velvety texture of fresh flowers...but these real looking blooms make worthy imitations, with a beauty that endures. Variegated petals, and veined leaves, add a true-to-nature realism.

Handmade silk flowers make superb wedding table decorations, with candles in their centres. Decorate your events-on-a-budget, and special occasions, on the cheap, with bulk sets of wholesale candle ring centerpieces.

Ideas for Silk Floral Candle Rings:

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Valentine wedding candle wreaths - Set of 2 Valentine Wedding Candle Wreaths - Set of 2

Getting married on Valentine's Day? Set a romantic wedding mood with these velvety rings of blood-red roses.

The wreaths sell in sets of 2, each one measuring 8-and-a-half inches wide. Stick in smaller-than-3-inch-candles, to get the right fit.
Spring floral and butterfly candle holder centerpiece Spring Floral & Butterfly Candle Holder Centerpiece

Transform any tabletop into a spring garden...bright butterflies flit around a colorful bouquet of flowers in shades of yellow, pink, blue and purple.

The glass hurricane in the center holds a candle of your choice - perfect for spring decorating.

Size: 11 inches wide.
Valentine red rose heart shaped wreath Valentine Red Rose Heart Shaped Wreath

The month of love blooms in a heart shaped wreath, filled with red roses, and gauzy red bows. Berry clusters and green leaves add realistic hints of nature.

See if you can find a heart shaped candle, to stick into the center, for a heartwarming table display...or add some romance to a door, or a wall.

Size: 16 inches in diameter.

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8.5-inch wedding candle rings with black roses - Set of 2 8.5-Inch Wedding Candle Rings with Black Roses - Set of 2

Ad: Planning an ultra-modern wedding, without a scrap of white to be seen? Opt for tones of black velvet instead. Rings of midnight-black roses make an interesting change from the traditional white and cream. You can create exotic matches, with just about any wedding decor colors.

The 8.5 inch rings feature a mix of buds and roses in full bloom, with sprigs of black baby's breath in between, as bridal accents. Only slightly smaller than 3" pillars may fit through the ring base.

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Valentine's Day heart shaped candle and flower set Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Candle and Flower Set

A heart shaped candle - half-red and half-white - rests in a wax plate, decorated with fake red roses, white baby's breath, and green foliage. A gold-painted chain separates the red-and-white segments of the curved dish.

Your Valentine can keep it as an ornament, or burn it as a candle. Either way you'll create romantic memories, she'll never forget.

Approximately 24cm wide x 15cm deep x 13cm high (9.5 x 6 x 5 inches).
10.5 10.5" White Daisy Candle Ring

Set these spring-fresh daisies abloom around a large 4½" candle, and banish the last traces of winter, from your decor.

Large daisies mix with green leaves and fern, in a centerpiece measuring 10½ inches wide.

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Easter centrepiece with glass removable lantern Easter Centrepiece with Glass Removable Lantern

Need ideas for easy Easter decorating? Then look no further than this charming Easter egg candle holder, bursting with fresh spring colors. The wooden flowers bloom in shades of yellow, white and green. The speckled eggs, and rustic rope, add to the countrified appeal of this 20cm wide piece.

Free shipping in the UK.

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Pansy flower candle rings - Set of 2 Pansy Flower Candle Rings - Set of 2

Dress up your spring tables in pretty shades of purple, pink, white, green and yellow. Every ring of pansy blossoms measures 4¼ inches wide - perfect for your taper candles.

Each set contains two candle rings - they're wired, so you can easily reshape them.
Easter candle holder centerpiece Easter Candle Holder Centerpiece

Bring the flavors of Easter to your indoor or covered outdoor areas. Decorated eggs with speckles, berries, flowers and ivy leaves, spring from a woven nest of vines, in a riot of pastel colors.

The centerpiece measures 10" long. The removable glass hurricane holds a 3-inch candle of your choice.
Cream and green Easter egg wreath Cream and Green Easter Egg Wreath

Take a trip to the countryside, without leaving your home, this Easter. This country-style candle ring looks superbly spring-like, not just for the Easter weekend, but for the whole season. The flowers and eggs, leaves and berries range from ivory to green, in natural-looking shades.

Stick an ivory or pale green candle into the middle of the 35cm ring, and shine a light on the special joys of this season.

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8.5 8.5" Rose Candle Rings - Pair of Spring-Yellow

Get your home ready for spring, with rings of sunshine-yellow roses.

Some great decor ideas: stick the two rings on either side of your rectangular dining table, and banish any wintry gloom, that might have settled over your surroundings; give your bedroom an instant lift, with one on your bedside table, and the other on your dressing table.

The rings measure eight-and-a-half inches across, with three-inch openings.
Pair of 12cm tropical candle rings with green orchids Pair of 12cm Tropical Candle Rings with Green Orchids

Planning a tropical themed gala? Transform your venue into an exotic hothouse, filled with orchid flowers. The rings of green orchids, (touched with purple), berries and buds look simply splendid around your 1" dinner candles.

Each set includes a pair of 12cm (4.8") taper rings.

Free Delivery in the UK.
Peach-toned rose wreaths for pillars - Pair Peach-Toned Rose Wreaths for Pillars - Pair

Decorating for spring? Rose-like flower rings - in varied shades of a creamy peachy-pink - make delightful centerpieces for your wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, a sweet 16 celebration, and many more special events. Or use the pair of 8½" rings as everyday table decorations for your home.

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Multi-purpose pearl and gold wire rings - Set of 8 Multi-Purpose Pearl & Gold Wire Rings - Set of 8

Glamorize your wedding tables with ivory-and-gold accessories. Artificial flowers - with pearly centers - decorate your candles or table napkins in timeless style. Sprigs of pearl beads and exquisite leaves, radiate outwards from the gold-wire rings.

The 2-inch wide rings fit your thinner pillar candles, votive holders or fine linen napkins - or use them to display your place cards.

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Mini daisy rings for taper candles - Pair Mini Daisy Rings for Taper Candles - Pair

Drab coffee table? Lifeless mantelpiece? Bursts of bright blue and snow-white daisies make cheerful centrepieces for your home.

Each 10cm wide ring has a 2.5cm opening.
Pale pink rose candle wreaths - Pack of 8 Pale Pink Rose Candle Wreaths - Pack of 8

Create beautiful floral arrangements for the home, with easy-care faux flowers. Rings of ice pink silk roses add their delicate charm to pink or white pillar candles, (candles a bit smaller than three inches make a good fit).

The pack contains 8 wreaths, measuring 8½" each. Each ring arrangement shows a beautiful blend of buds and blooms.
Mini lavender rings for 2.5cm candles - Set of 2 Mini Lavender Rings for 2.5cm Candles - Set of 2

Lavender fields forever...sprigs of French lavender bring a dash of Continental flair to the candles for your dining table.

The mini rings measure 7cm at their widest. 2 cm candles make the best fit for the pair of taper wreaths.
Pack of 6 rose flower garlands for lanterns Pack of 6 Rose Flower Garlands for Lanterns

Whatever your wedding style, these premade garlands of romantic pastels, add an unforgettable bridal look, to your table lanterns.

The lifelike arrangements are made up of foam avalanche roses, rosebuds, silk roses, and greeneries, in dreamy tones of peachy-pink and blue blush.

Every pack contains 6 ready-made garlands, each measuring about 20" long, with beribboned ends, to tie to your lanterns.
Turquoise-blue rose wreaths for pillar candles - Pair Turquoise-Blue Rose Wreaths for Pillar Candles

Hot turquoise makes a good color choice for your winter events, held on those still-chilly days, after Christmas.

The mix of velvet-like buds and roses makes up a pair of vivid rings, each measuring 8.5" wide. The 3" openings fit candles slightly smaller than their diameters.

You can use these versatile wreaths to make winter wedding bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces and more.
20-inch wreath with artificial orchids and plants 20-Inch Wreath with Artificial Orchids and Plants

An artificial arrangement of purple orchids, artichokes, and flower-like succulents enchants with its nearly natural beauty.

This unusual wreath measures 20 inches wide. Decorate a door, or make a large candle at home in its center.

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Murano glass and silk rose candle holder arrangement Murano Glass & Silk Rose Candle Holder Arrangement

The beauty and centuries-old artistry of Venetian glass takes center stage in this candle-and-silk-flower centerpiece. A white 1.5" candle enhances the smoky grey-and-white swirls in the Murano glass candle holder. Mini white roses encircle the flower design candle vase.

This one-of-a-kind centerpiece measures 7 inches wide.
Centerpieces with orange roses - Set of 8 rose wreaths Centerpieces with Orange Roses - Set of 8 Rose Wreaths

Brighten your special day with bursts of festive orange. Rings of artificial silk roses show off 4 buds, and 5 large open blooms.

The pack of 8 wreaths survives the rigors of travelling - upon arrival, simply steam them, to fluff them up, to their full form.

With inner diameters of three inches, the 8-inch rings fit the standard unity and pillar candle sizes.
15-inch cotton plant wreath 15-Inch Cotton Plant Wreath

Decorate your fall festivals with the cream-of-the-crop of Southern-style cotton, and eucalyptus leaves.

This strong and sturdy wreath comes with a convenient storage box, so you can pack your wreath away safely, at season's end, and keep it in tip-top shape, for next season.

Bring this wreath to life with a dark-green candle, to match the eucalyptus leaves, or use a creamy color for a more understated look. Or why not be bold, and stick in a bright-red candle, and keep it on display through the Christmas holidays?

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Lavender rose flower candle rings - Set of 2 Lavender Rose Flower Candle Rings - Set of 2

Celebrate your special occasion, with bouquets of lilac roses. Six fully-open roses, and a trio of exquisite rose buds, make up each circular arrangement. Sprays of white gypsophila appear here and there.

The pair make breathtaking bridal wreaths for your reception tables. Pillar candles, slightly less than three inches wide, make a good fit for the 8.5" rings.

Choose from a variety of colors, to match the color scheme of your autumn/winter wedding or event: black red, coral, cream, cream pink, peach, purple, red, royal blue, turquoise, snow-white, and a bright yellow.

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12-inch faux flower ring for pillar candles 12-Inch Faux Flower Ring for Pillar Candles

Bring floral flair to your home. Place your favorite candle inside this colorful faux flower ring. The beautiful cabbage roses and dahlias shade from snow-white through the palest ice-pink, to a deep colors for your winter decor. Hydrangeas and dark-green leaves, (realistically veined), complete the arrangement.

The ring extends up to a minimum of 12 inches, maximum 14 inches, depending upon the way you shape it. Fill the 6-inch hole with a large candle vase, wax hurricane, or super-size multi-wick candle.
Floral unity pillar candle Ivy Lane Design Floral Unity Pillar Candle - From the Beverly Clark Amour Collection

Match the silks and satins of your bridal gown with this rich ivory pillar candle. A rosette fashioned from classic wedding fabrics encircles the candle in a gauzy confection of organza ribbons.

The 9" unity candle won't drip or smoke. Making your wedding day a little bit easier.

This listing is only for the pillar candle. The two taper candles, shown in the picture, sell separately.

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White rose votive candle holder favors - Set of 36 White Rose Votive Candle Holder Favors - Set of 36

The white rose symbolizes purity, young love, and anticipated joy. These lovely candle favors showcase this treasured flower in all its glory!

A glass votive holder, wrapped in textured paper, features a bouquet of delicate roses on the front, tied with an organza bow.

Superb wedding or bridal shower gifts, these come in clear cellophane boxes, tied with organza bows, and labelled with "For You" tags.

Available in wholesale lots of 29, 36 and 72.

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Hibiscus candle ring with different colored flowers Hibiscus Candle Ring with Different Colored Flowers

Decorate with multi colored silk flowers. A ring of hibiscus flowers makes a summery display on any tabletop.

The floral and berry ring fits a candle up to 3½ inches wide.

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8.5-inch lily and rose bud pillar rings - Set of 3 fuchsia 8.5-Inch Lily & Rose Bud Pillar Rings - Set of 3 Fuchsia

Rings of rose buds, and large and mini lilies, make inexpensive decorations for your wedding tables. You'll even see some pollen on each super-realistic lily!

Only candles smaller than 3 inches fit into the openings. Stick them around thin pillars or votive candle holders; or adorn your tall crystal and Sterling Silver candlesticks.

Each set contains three 8.5" rings, in a magnificent shade of fuchsia. You can also get these in a delectable chocolate brown, autumnal lime-green, bitter-sweet red, pure white and a bright turquoise.
Multi seasonal pillar tabletop wreath 30cm Multi-Seasonal Pillar Tabletop Wreath

A wreath for all seasons...multicoloured flowers shade from wintry-white, to rich ivory, through a spring-like apricot, to the deep berry-reds of summer and autumn.

The durable wreath withstands indoor or outdoor living. Create up-to-date displays with seasonal pillar candles; or hang it on your front door - but only if you want lots of admirers, taking a closer look.

Free delivery in the UK.

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Hydrangea centerpiece with candelabrum Hydrangea Centerpiece with Candelabrum

Whether you're a candle fan or not, this hurricane candelabrum makes a great accessory for your living room or bedroom. Place it on a sofa table or end table; the white, light green, pink, and blue blossoms blend wonderfully well with your ceramic vases, and framed family photos.

A clear candle holder sits in the center of the arrangement.
9 9" Sunflower Candle Ring

Add a little sunshine to your decor. Golden-yellow sunflowers add bright splashes of color to a ring of leaves and greenery. Stick a vase or candle into the 4½ opening, and light your favorite room with the golden glow of fall.

Diameter: 9 inches.

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30cm pink rosebud indoor or outdoor wreath 30cm Pink Rosebud Indoor or Outdoor Wreath

This vibrant ring looks equally beautiful indoors or out. Tiny rosebuds shade from a rich ivory to a deep hot pink; others from white to the coolest ice-pink.

The 30cm ring makes a low-maintenance decoration for a grave; a superb pillar candle centerpiece; an easy-to-hang door or wall wreath.

Free UK delivery on orders over £20.00

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Rose wedding rings for dinner candles - Set of 6 Rose Wedding Rings for Dinner Candles - Set of 6

Romantic roses bring bold color to your wedding.

The 10cm (4") rings come in bright blue, purple and lilac, or a rich red. Snow-white gypso adds an unmistakable air of the bridal. Attach them to your 2.5cm candlesticks, and start your marriage off on the right note.

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10-inch sage rose bridal candle ring 10-Inch Sage Mixed Rose Bridal Candle Ring

Artificial wedding flowers charm with their subtle tea stain color.

The 10" rings - featuring two roses in full bloom, and two buds - make full displays around your smaller-than-3-inch candles.

Also available in shades of beige, burgundy, cream, blue, purple, yellow and mauve.
10-inch ring of mixed silk flowers & berries 10-Inch Ring of Mixed Silk Flowers & Berries

Wreathe your favorite 4.5" candle in a coronet of different colored silk florals. Warm pink, buttercup-yellow, and ivory flowers blend with green berries, creating a look of springlike abundance on any tabletop.

The ring measures 10 inches wide.

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Fruit and flower wreaths for 1-inch candles - Set of 4 Fruit and Flower Wreaths for 1-inch Candles

Give your home a new look for the holidays. Rings of fruit and flowers make superb accessories for your lounge or bedroom.

Each 12cm ring features cream roses and green pears, in different stages of growth. Fit them around ivory candles 2.5cm wide, and create restful centre pieces, for your relaxed moments at home.

Sold as a set of 4.
Ranunculus candle rings - Set of 4 Ranunculus Candle Rings - Set of 4

Use easy-to-look-after artificial flowers for the decoration of your bedroom or living room. High quality silk flowers - in pale pinks, and creamy ivories - create a dreamy look for your favourite room.

Each arrangement of ranunculus, buds, snowball flowers and leaves measures 13 centimetres across. The four rings make captivating floral accents for your thinner pillar candles, up to 4.5 centimetres wide.

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31cm multi-coloured summer blossom wreath 31cm Multi-Coloured Summer Blossom Wreath

Use this ring of mixed flowers as a table wreath for candles...or ditch the candles, and display it on your front door - this durable wreath withstands the elements.

With its bright burgundies, pastel pinks, and plum colours, your home remains eternally summer-like.

Free delivery in the U.K.

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votive candle rings - Set of 2 Votive Candle Rings - Set of 2

Decorate your dressing table, with the old-fashioned charm of yesteryear. Periwinkle-blue roses, and ivory Queen Anne's lace, encircle a votive glass, with an appealingly vintage look.

You'll receive a set of two candle holder rings...match the look on your bedside table.
14 Summer Garden Hurricane Candle Wreath

Transform that neglected corner into an instant summer garden. Artificial roses, dahlias and flower-like echevarias form an unusual white-and-green wreath for a square glass candle holder.

The centerpiece measures 14 inches across. Candle holder included.
Hydrangea candle ring and plate centrepiece Hydrangea Candle Ring & Plate Centrepiece

This easy-to-display centrepiece comes in a complete set: one ring of beautiful hydrangeas, shading from white to purple; a 20cm tall white pillar candle; a 20cm glass plate.

A soothing arrangement for your bedroom, a dressing table, any round table, etc.
Multi-toned pink rose wedding wreath Multi-Toned Pink Rose Wedding Wreath

Imagine a wedding in the countryside, driving through tree-lined avenues to get to the venue, decorated with masses of glorious flowers, and showers of lovely leaves.

Create the same effect at your city wedding, using rings of artificial roses. This 30cm ring makes a feast for the eyes, with its blend of deep and icy pinks. The garland reveals realistically-veined leaves, and clusters of tiny buds.

All it needs, to make a perfect table top centrepiece, is an ivory candle in the centre.
10cm silk flower and votive table centres - Set of 2 10cm Silk Flower & Votive Table Centres - Set of 2

Peaches and cream...ivory roses - showing a delicate blush of peach - transform a glass votive holder into a sublime springtime centrepiece.

Keep your decor updated with brand-new looks: remove the votive from the floral ring; stick it into a different-style candle ring.

Sold as a set of 2 votive candle ring centrepieces. Also available in lovely lilac, and pale yellow.

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Bird cage floral candle holder centerpiece Bird Cage Floral Candle Holder Centerpiece

Decorate with turn-of-the-last-century elegance. Creamy magnolias spring gracefully from an antique-style birdcage, reminiscent of the French decor of the belle époque period.

The set contains a globe-shaped candle lantern, (candle not included); the ring of magnolia flowers; the black metal birdcage. The hinged top lifts off, so you can easily drop in a votive of your choice.

Dimensions: 15" high x 18" in diameter.
4-inch rose and hydrangea ring for taper candles 4-Inch Rose & Hydrangea Ring for Taper Candles

Take a trip down memory lane. Do an antique candlestick up in vintage colors. Lifelike roses and hydrangeas charm with the faded pinks and creamy-yellows of yesteryear.

Stick an ivory taper into the 4" ring, to complete your olde-worlde centerpiece.

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Artificial LED candle holder ring - 3-piece set Artificial LED Candle Holder Ring - 3-Piece Set

Summer decorating's easy, with an artificial candelabra flower ring.

The 3-piece set includes: a ring of berries and purple summer florals; a glass pedestal; a flameless pillar candle.
4-inch rose and hydrangea candle ring 4" Rose & Hydrangea Candle Ring

Have a longing for times past? Indulge that nostalgia with an evocative rose and hydrangea ring.

The white flowers, delicately stained with pink, exude a faded and vintage charm. The lifelike leaves reveal many shades of green, with purple tips.

Fit the 4 inch ring around a much-loved candlestick, and give it a touch of olde worlde charm.

Also available in shades of deep rose and creamy ivory; antique lavender; and a rich cream.

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Floral and fruit pillar candle arrangement in olive-green bowl Floral and Fruit Pillar Candle Arrangement in Olive-Green Bowl

Yellow roses dazzle in an olive-green arrangement of hydrangeas, genuine dried limes, and fir. A glossy green candle holds center stage.

Wherever you place this - on a living room table...above the fireplace - it adds a sense of glorious life to any room.

Not just for the holidays. This artificial arrangement enchants all-year-round.
Blue and white silk flower pillar candle base Blue & White Silk Flower Pillar Candle Base

Add a sense of unrestrained luxury to a wedding table. An arrangement of cornflower-blue hydrangeas, and pure white gypsophila, surrounds a white wedding candle.

You get the classic pillar shaped candle with the arrangement.

Blissfully bridal...
Silk rose and lavender hurricane candle holder centerpiece Silk Rose and Lavender Hurricane Candle Holder Centerpiece

Give someone special the gift of candlelight. Ultra-feminine...this arrangement of silk rose buds, and lavender and lace, encircles a hurricane candle holder with a charming touch of country vintage.

Insert a large pillar candle into the center, and wish her an extra-special birthday.
16-inch silk morning glory and fern hurricane candle rings - Pack of 4 16" Silk Morning Glory & Fern Hurricane Candle Rings - (Pack of 4)

Yours for a lifetime...beautiful morning glories and ferns surround a 3" candle holder in colors of white, yellow and periwinkle-blue.

You'll receive a set of 4 wreaths with hurricane lamps.

Diameter: 16 inches.

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