Instructions for overdipped, layered candle    

Create Layered Colours on a Candle with this easy Overdipping Method

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When you make candles in 2-sided, opaque moulds, the conventional method of creating layers becomes very difficult, because it's hard to judge when the wax is sufficiently set, before pouring the next layer.

With this method, you can easily create a subtle, layered effect, with colours gradually becoming darker towards the bottom of the candle, by overdipping in stages. We used a lemon-yellow candle and turquoise-blue dipping wax, but experiment with other harmonizing colours.

Dip more layers than the three specified, to get a more subtly graduated effect.

You can view the finished centerpiece on the Birthday Centerpieces page.

You'll need:
A 6-sided, lemon-yellow candle
Dipping wax
Yellow and blue candle dyes
A dipping can, (we used an old coffee tin)


1. Heat the dipping wax up, and dye it a turquoise-blue colour. Wait for the wax to reach 100C (212F).

2. Dip the candle in-and-out of the wax, up to three-quarters of the candle's length.

3. Wait for 1 minute, and dip the candle in again, submerging half the candle's length.

4. Wait for 1 minute, and submerge of the candle's length into the wax. Place the candle onto wax paper, and leave for 30 minutes.

5. Neaten the bottom of the candle in an old saucepan, or with a hot iron.

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