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Oh-So-Tasty...a Feast of
Harvest-Style Candles

Candles shaped like vegetables make popular decorations for fall. Wax "fruits of the harvest" liven up your Thanksgiving tables, and autumn festivals, with their appealing shapes and textures.

Their bright colors, and cute shapes, charm their way through special occasions for babies, as well.

Naturally, your kitchen becomes the heart of the home, while preparing for autumn's festivities. Decorate your countertops with safe flameless candles shaped like pumpkins, squashes and corn. A touch of tasty inspiration, while you prepare that Thanksgiving feast.

Need gift ideas for that special housewarming party? Present your hostess with a beautiful veggie candle, stylishly gift-boxed. She'll display it with pride in her new kitchen.

Explore a Rich Harvest of Candle Centerpieces:

Red-and-green chili pepper candles - Set of 5 Red-and-Green Chili Pepper Candles - Set of 5

Celebrate a fiery fiesta with these hot hot hot chilli pepper candles.

Every package contains 5 of the red-and-green chili pepper tealights, each measuring approximately 2 inches tall.
Asparagus bunch candle Asparagus Bunch Candle

Give these asparagus shaped candles to your favorite food lovers...or display one or two of the lifelike candles in your kitchen. Guaranteed to get your visitors talking.

The 9" (23cm) tall candle ships in a cardboard box...safely packed, to get to you in good condition.
Novelty Easter candles - Set of 8 Novelty Easter Candles - Set of 8

Your little ones will love this assortment of Easter candles, shaped like flower pots, Easter bunnies, decorative eggs and carrots.

Each set contains 8 miniature 1 x 2" candles, two of each design. Burning time: 2 hours.
Broccoli bunch candle Broccoli Bunch Candle

Broccoli for dinner, anyone? This 4.7" (12 cm) tall candle resembles a real bunch of broccoli.
A unique home decor idea...this candle makes a one-of-a-kind table decoration for your kitchen or dining room.
Fleur de lis artichoke shape beeswax candle Fleur de Lis Artichoke Shape Beeswax Candle

Accessorize your traditional or colonial-style decor with the natural beauty of a beeswax candle. The stylized artichoke looks remarkably regal, like a Faberge egg on its pedestal.

The 7" candle burns for about 50 hours - as it burns down, it forms fetching lattice designs.

Made of 100% Oregon beeswax, with a pure cotton wick.
Two-peas-in-a-pod candle favors Two-Peas-in-a-Pod Candle Favors

A precious pair...two peas nestle together in a waxen pod.

The "Thank You"-tagged gift box shows an illustration of peas and floral greenery. It's topped with a clear display window, and tied with a sheer white ribbon. An unforgettable party favor for any "baby" occasion; an engagement party; that summer garden party.

Choose from a selection of Vanilla, Rose, Cinnamon, or Lavender fragrances.
Battery operated corn cob taper Battery Operated Corn Cob Taper

From the heart of America comes a candle, designed to look like a corn cob, wrapped in its natural husk.

A convenient "hands-free" centerpiece for your fall decor: once turned on, the 6-inch candle remains lit for 6 hours, then off for 18 hours. A real time-saver for you, over a busy Thanksgiving weekend.
Artichoke shaped tealight candles - Set of 6 Artichoke Shaped Tealight Candles - Set of 6

Creating a botanical tablescape? This set of 6 tealights brings an authentic touch of the garden to any tabletop.

Moulded and coloured to look precisely like fresh artichokes, the mini candles measure 4cm each.

The boxed set makes an ideal gift for yourself, or others.

Free UK delivery.
Artichoke shaped candles - Set of 2 sizes Artichoke Shaped Candles - Set of 2 Sizes

Inspired by the flower-like artichoke, these lifelike candles evoke the pleasures of gardening and growing things.

Sold as a set of 2, measuring 6cm and 8cm respectively.

Free U.K delivery.

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Wax artichoke candle Wax Artichoke Candle

A wax artichoke shape makes an unusual decoration for your kitchen, a sheltered corner of your garden, or breakfast room. Burn it while you have an early breakfast. Guaranteed to get your day off to a good start!

Height: 3½"

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Halloween pumpkin shape candle Halloween Pumpkin Shape Candle

Put the fun into your Halloween party. Greet your guests with this playful pumpkin. A handpainted pumpkin - with fierce grin carved into the orange wax - makes a cute party accessory.

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Jack-o-lantern LED candles - Set of 5 Jack-o-Lantern LED Candles - Set of 5

Set your Halloween party aglow, with a set of grinning pumpkin candles.

The flameless candles resemble the traditional carved pumpkins. They come in a set of 5 glitter-decorated jack o' lanterns, with a timer: two measure 4" X 4.7"; three measure 3.3" X 4.6".

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Pumpkin party LED lights - Pack of 12 Pumpkin Party LED Lights - Pack of 12

Deck the halls, the stairs, the tables with bright orange pumpkin candle lights.

Safe for everyone, from the youngest children, to your precious pets - these candles burn flamelessly, with a warm and hospitable light.

Each pack contains 12 pumpkin shaped tea light candles, each with its own built-in button cell battery.
Halloween pumpkin candles - Set of 6 Halloween Pumpkin Candles - Set of 6

Candle pumpkins grin their fierce grins, playfully welcoming your guests to the Halloween party.

Size: 2" high x 1½" in diameter. The set contains 6 candles, in two different designs. Each comes bagged in cellophane and tied with natural raffia. Cute little party favors.
Green squash shaped candle Green Squash Shaped Candle

This green "Hubbard squash" just begs to be displayed in your kitchen, or to take center stage at that end-of-the-year harvest festival.

The 5½" tall candle burns for a quite respectable 20-25 hours.
Green artichoke shaped tealight holders - Set of 3 Green Artichoke Shaped Tealight Holders - Set of 3

The noble artichoke inspired this set of 3 candle holders. Life-like artichokes - formed into glorious flower shapes - hold glass tealight cups in their centers.

You'll receive a set of 3 faux vegetables, in shades of life-giving green. The glass cups are included, but not the tealights.

Measures 4" x 3½" each.
Corn-on-the-cob taper candles - Set of 2 Corn-on-the-Cob Taper Candles - Set of 2

Simply scrumptious...savor your Thanksgiving feast, by the lights of these Indian corn taper candles.

The candles resemble real ears of sweet corn. One glows a golden yellow, and bears the marks of the barbecue. The other, "roasted" a deep brown, shows a few specks of yellow.

Each candle burns for at least 10 hours. You'll spend less time tending candles, and more time with your guests.

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Pea shaped candle Pea Shaped Candle

You can decorate any baby celebration with this bright-green pea shaped candle.

Stick this candle onto a cake, or present each of your guests with an adorable candle to take away.

Cute party favors for your baby's first birthday.

Dimensions: 3" x 1.6" x 1" (including the packing case).
Beeswax pumpkin shaped candles 100% Beeswax Pumpkin Candle

Bring these perfect pumpkins to your party. Display a couple on your mantelpiece...stick them onto a wrought iron candelabra... place one at each Thanksgiving table setting...the possibilities are endless.

Each pure beeswax candle measures 3¼" across. The picture shows twin candles, but they are sold singly.

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