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How to Decorate the Stem of a Wine Glass

Wineglasses and champagne flutes make elegant holders for tea lights, tapers, votives and small pillar candles. Embellish the graceful stems and rims with your favourite things, and create one-of-a-kind centerpieces, uniquely your own.

Versatile ribbons never go out of style. Gauzy organza and single-toned satins add a delicate air of luxury and opulence to weddings. Metallics and multi-toned ribbons turn birthdays and holidays into festivals of fun and colour.

Adorn with beads for a splash of color, and jewel-like sparkle.

Stems, decorated with dangling ornaments, (Christmas bells, Valentines's hearts, fall fruit pieces, etc.), add seasonal flair to any holiday setting.

Make your own wine glass floral centerpieces: wind fresh or artificial flower garlands around glasses.

Tips for decorating with:
You can line these temporary, makeshift candlesticks up in a row down the center of a long table, or display one at each place setting. A delight for your guests!

Have a look at the slideshow pictures below, and find inspirational ideas for decorating wine cups:

Decorated Wine Glasses

Full instructions for:

Wine glass with bead-and-pendant ornament
Bead-and-pendant decorated wine glass
Wine glass decorated with orange slice and cinnamon stick
Orange-and-cinnamon wine glass decoration

How to Tie a Bow on a Wine Glass

You'll need two lengths of ribbon, one wider for the bow, one narrower to secure the bow to the glass. Cut the wider piece of ribbon at least 26cm, (10.4 inches) long. Cut each end into a v-shape. Cut the narrower ribbon at least 30cm, (12 inches long).

Tying ribbons on a wine glass

1. Fold the wider ribbon into 3 layers.

2. Tie the narrower ribbon around the centre of the wider one.

3. Pull it tight. Wind it around the stem of the wine glass. Tie it firmly at the back.

How to Attach Beads to a Wine Glass

You'll need: beads; embroidery or sewing cotton; an embroidery needle.

Many beads have tiny openings, and a regular sewing needle won't go through them. Pick your beads up with a thin embroidery needle, threaded with embroidery cotton, or fine braid, for the best results. Tie the thread around the stem of the glass to secure the strings of beads.

How to Attach Real Flowers to a Wine Glass

Tie flowers to a glass with a ribbon or braid. The ribbon completes the flower arrangement, and creates a pleasing look for any bridal or celebratory setting.

Stick fresh, cut flowers into hot water for at least 2 hours, (this makes the flowers last longer). Remove and dry the stems with a paper towel. Cut a length of ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the glass's stem. Tie a loose knot, and insert the flower posy into the loop. Pull the ribbon taut, securing the flowers, and tie into a simple bow at the front.

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