Instructions for wine glass with flowers and ribbons    

Decorate a Wine Glass with
Flowers and Ribbons

The graceful stems of wineglasses present you with unique opportunities to decorate. Tie fresh flowers to the stem of a wine glass with a ribbon, and you have a pretty floral centerpiece, adding a note of grace, and elegance, to your wedding or bridal shower table.

We used a rose bud, carnation, and other delicate purple flowers. Tiny ferns, pansies, asters, baby's breath, etc, make suitable alternatives. Any buds, and dainty, not-too-large flower heads. Read the tips for cut flowers, on our floral centerpieces page. This explains how to give your fresh flowers a longer life.

You can use a ball, or small pillar candle, instead of the egg-shaped candle.

Wine candle glass with floral and ribbon stem decoration

You'll need:

An egg-shaped candle

A wine glass


A ribbon



1. Turn the wine glass over.

2. Tie the ribbon around the stem with a loose knot.

3. Form a posy with the flowers. Gather the flower heads together, and cut the stems to the same length.

4. Insert the posy into the knot, and pull the ribbon taut. Tie a bow in the ribbon. Cut V-shapes into the ribbon's trailing ends.

5. Stick a small piece of Presstik onto the wine glass's base, (now on top), and stick the candle firmly onto this.

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