Instructions for making a birthday cake candle centerpiece    

Add a Playful Element to a Birthday Party with a Cheerful Cake Candle Centerpiece

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Basic candle wax mixtures and procedures used.

birthday cake candle centerpiece You'll need:
A short, taper candle mould
Paraffin wax/stearin mix
A glass bowl, at least 16cm (6.4") wide
Candle dyes: red, yellow, blue and green
A double-boiler


1. Make the required number of taper candles in bright colors. You may hand-dip tapers if you prefer, or buy smaller ready-made ones.

2. Melt enough wax to fill the glass bowl. Dye the wax a brownish baked cake color.

3. Take the wax off the heat. Leave to cool. While cooling whip the wax with a fork until a frothy layer forms on top. Pour the frothy wax into the bowl to just below the halfway mark. Put the wax back onto the stove.

4. Prepare some cream (or pale lemon-colored), whipped wax in a different container. 500gr (1lb) should be enough. When the first layer has set but is still warm, spoon a 0.4" (1cm) layer of the whipped wax onto it.

5. Remove the cake-coloured wax from the heat. Cool and whip the wax the same as for the first layer. Pour the wax to the top of the bowl.

6. Allow the candle to set completely.

7. Melt a small amount of wax (just enough to cover the base of a small plate or pan). Dye it a bright color. Cut into tiny chunks when half-set but still warm. Make more chunks in 2 other colors.

8. Remelt the remaining cream/lemon-colored wax. Let cool until a skin forms. Whip the wax until frothy. "Ice" the top of the cake using a knife or spatula.

9. Sprinkle the colorful chunks over the candle and between the tapers.

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