Birthday Photo Centerpieces    

Create a Series of Personalized
Birthday Candle Tins

Create unforgettable birthday centerpieces for a special person in your life. Someone who's lived a long life, with a well-photographed history.

Collect as many photos as you can from all stages of the person's life. Print the most meaningful of these pictures onto your choice of matt or shiny paper. We scanned up old photographs; opened them up in Microsoft Paint; added text birthday messages; and printed them onto typing paper. Stick these pictures onto ordinary aluminium food tins.

This lifetime of images forms a unique photographic tribute to the person. It sparks many happy and lively memories, while the birthday person reminisces with family and friends.

You'll need:
  • Empty tins (any number, we used five)
  • Disposable plasic containers, with lids
  • Photos of the birthday person
  • Matt or shiny printing paper
  • Tea lights (optional)
  • A sharp craft knife
  • Silver glitter
  • Sponge brush
  • Craft glue
  • Candle wax
  • Wicks


1. Soak and clean the tins well. Remove the labels, and dry them thoroughly.

2. Scan up the pictures. Open them in your favourite image editing program. Add birthday messages, important dates, or whatever else you wish.

3. Measure the tins' height and circumference. Print images to size. Leave to dry.

4. Fill each tin with wax and a wick. Not a candle maker? Stick a nightlight or votive into each tin, once the paper's been attached.

5. Sprinkle glitter into the disposable container. Pour glue onto the lid. Smooth it out with a sponge brush. Drag and rotate the top of each candle tin in the glue. Immediately stick it into the glitter, coating it thoroughly. Leave to dry.

6. Using a sharp craft knife, and adding 1-2cms (1/2") onto the length, cut the paper prints to size. Paint glue onto the overlaps only. Wind the paper around the tin, and smooth the glued ends together.

Unique decorations for a birthday table!
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