Candle Making | Solutions to Common Faults in Candles    

The 10 Most Common Candle Making Problems

Getting disappointing results when you're making candles? This troubleshooting guide answers candlemaking's most frequently-asked-questions, and shows you the best ways to eliminate the mistakes most often found in candles:

Candle Making FAQ

  • Why do my candles have bubbles in them? Solve these errors by pouring your candle waxes at the correct temperatures. Your candlemaking kitchen or workplace won't produce another bubble-ridden candle, (unless you want the bubbles for special effects).
  • Why do my candles burn so fast? No-one wants to spend hours making a candle and waiting for it to set. Only to have it burn down in 1/2 hour, with a forlorn wick sitting there in a pool of melted wax. Mix these additives into your candle wax, and you'll produce fabulously long-burning candles in no time at all.
  • Why are my candles smoking? Smoking candles cause more wreckage than wax spills! Avoid this mistake with an easy wick-size correction. And you (or your customers) won't have to clean candle smoke off walls or ceilings again.

Learn these simple "tricks of the trade", and solving candle problems soon becomes second nature. You'll be producing flawless candles, in no time at all!

What can I use for candle molds? Get tips on using ordinary household things, as candle molds.
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