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How to Make Candles
Shaped like Cupcakes

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used

You can use small metal mousse moulds or foil tartlet containers to make these cupcake candles. We used the plastic container that real cupcakes were sold in, and that did the job really well.

View the completed cupcake centerpiece on the birthdays page.

Cupcake Candle Recipe

cupcake candles
You'll need:

Paraffin wax


Yellow, green, and red candle dyes

Cupcake mould

Candle wicks


Wax paper

A skewer and/or wicking needle


1. Melt enough paraffin wax/stearin mix to make your chosen number of cupcakes, and dye it orangey-brown, (the colour of a baked cake). Prime the wicks in the melting wax.

wax whipped with fork 2. Allow the wax to cool down, and whip it until frothy, but holding its shape.

3. Pack the wax into the moulds. Allow the wax to bulge above the rims, giving a rounded shape on top. use a metal spoon to give the wax a rounded shape Use a spoon to shape the wax. Allow to set. When completely cold, remove the "cupcakes" from their moulds.

4. Melt a heaped teaspoon of stearin in a small metal container. Dye it a bright colour.

Using a skewer, drip drops onto a piece of wax paper. Hotter wax forms discs. Cooler wax forms drops. These discs and dots form the sprinkles for the cupcakes' toppings. stearin sprinklesRepeat this with 3 or 4 different colours.

5. Prepare about 50g (1.76oz) lemon-yellow whipped wax. Using a knife, "ice" the cupcake.

Warming a wicking needle up on the stove, pierce a hole in the center of the candle. inserting wick Stick a primed wick in.

6. Sprinkle the coloured dots and discs on top, and press gently into the warm wax.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, giving your cupcakes a variety of pastel-coloured toppings.

kneading the mouldable wax in the wax paper 8. Melt a small amount of paraffin wax, adding a tiny amount of beeswax. The beeswax adds mouldability. Dye the wax a cherry-red colour.

Pour the wax into a pan lined with wax paper. When the wax is half-set, but still warm, lift the wax and the paper, and knead the wax into a ball shape.

Cut small pieces off, and form a cherry shape for each candle.

threading wax cherry onto wick 9. Make a hole in the center with a hot wicking needle, and thread each "cherry" onto the candle's wick.

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