Instructions for gift box candles    


Create an Unusual Birthday
Centerpiece with Gift Box Candles

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used

We used a 7 x 24cm (2.8 x 9.6") square mold and created one 15cm (6") and one 18cm (7.2") tall candle.

The shorter pink candle was made in a Tupperware container.

Various flexible waxes can be used to make the ribbons. Some of these soft waxes have excellent sticking capabilities, but you might have to use wax glue to attach others.

Naturally, as the candles burn down, the ribbons degrade quite quickly. Attach the ribbons to other places on the candles, like the sides, or slightly to one side of the wick, if you prefer.

You can view the completed centerpiece on the Birthday Centerpieces page.

Suitable Wax Types for the Ribbons:

    • Pure, bleached beeswax
    • Dip and carve wax
    • Paraffin wax with a melting point of 60degC (145degF) and 5 percent (by weight), micro tacky wax.
  • Mouldable wax comes in slabs or small squares. No heating is required. Mould the wax with the warmth of your hands.

You'll need:
Square candle molds, or containers
Paraffin wax/stearin mix
Candle dyes
Candle wicks
Wax paper
A baking pan
Mouldable wax
Wax glue


attaching the wax strip to the candle 1. Cut a lenth of wick at least 10 cm (4") longer than the height of your mould. Wick up a square mould, leaving at least a 5cm (2") wick length protruding from the hole. Mould 3 square candles, of different heights, and various bright colours, using the paraffin wax/stearin mixture.

inserting the wick through the wax strip 2. Neaten the candle bases in an old saucepan, or with a hot iron.

3. Line a baking pan with wax paper. Heat the mouldable wax, (if it needs heating), and pour the melted wax into the pan, just covering the bottom. Leave the wax till set, but still warm, and flexible.

attaching the first part of the ribbon4. Cut a wax strip about 1.5cm (0.6") wide, and gently remove from the pan. Roll the wax out with a rolling pin, or flatten with your fingers, if too thick and bulky.

Apply wax glue, and roll up the side, and over the top of the candle. You can also stick the wax to the candle by running a hot knife between the candle, and the wax strip.

Where the strip meets the wick, make a hole with a hot wicking needle, and insert the wick. Carefully cut the strip off next to the wick, using a blunt knife.

On shorter candles, you can use one wax strip, running it over the top of the candle, and down the other side.

the second stage of shaping the ribbon 5. To form the ribbon: cut a length of wax, 20cm (8") long, and cut v-shapes in the ends. Gather slightly in the center, and wind around the wick. Attach with wax glue.

By this stage, the wax might be hardening. Warm the wax pieces up with a hair dryer, until they're soft again.

the third stage of shaping the ribbon 6. Cut a wax strip twice the length of the width of the candle, and fold the two ends under. Gather the center slightly. Cut a small strip of wax, bend it around the "ribbon", and press the ends together underneath.

making a hole in the ribbon 7. Make a hole in the ribbon's centre, with a warm wicking needle, and insert the wick.

8. (Optional). Only do this step if any of the wax pieces don't stick properly, and you need to secure the ribbons. Give the candles a quick dip in a container taller than the candle, using a glossy sealer wax, at 103degC (217degF).

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