Instructions for an Oceanic Candle Centerpiece    

Make an Oceanic Candle with a
Seashell Candle Plate

Basic wax mixtures and procedures used

Use a whipped wax technique to recreate the varying colours of the ocean.

This oceanic pillar candle, with subtle marbling, is displayed on a seashell candle plate. Kitchen containers or dishes make suitable moulds for the wax plate. You can use any appropriate mould of your choice for the pillar candle.

This technique mutes colours, and the finished candle will be lighter than an ordinary, smooth candle would have been.

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marbled oceanic pillar candle made with whipped waxes You'll need:

A 8.5x19cm (3.4x7.6") pillar candle mould

Yellow, blue and green candle dyes


Paraffin wax

Candle wick

3 forks, and a spoon

3 metal pouring jugs

A 1 litre (1.6 pint), dish or container, (for mixing
the wax colours)


oceanic turquoise-blue, blue-green, and pale sea-green waxes 1. Using the basic stearin/paraffin wax mixture, melt 300g (0.66lb) of vivid turquoise-blue, blue-green, and a pale sea-green colour in each metal pouring jug. Prime the wick in one of the melting waxes.

2. Wick up, and seal the mould. No heavy-duty sealing is necessary here, just stick some mould seal, (or Presstik), over the hole.

marbled whipped wax 3. Allow the melted waxes to cool down until a skin forms. Whip each colour with a different fork, until the wax is frothy, and holds its shape.

4. Dish the pale green wax into the mixing container, followed by the turquoise-blue, and the blue-green.

spooning the whipped wax into the mold 5. Blend, and fold the waxes together with a fork, until the wax is streaked with the turquoise-blue colour. Do not overmix, this destroys the marbled effect.

6. Pack spoonfuls of the wax into the mould, filling it, and pressing down firmly after each addition. Allow to set.

7. Remove the candle from the cool mould, and neaten the bottom in an old saucepan, or with a hot iron.

candle plate with partially embedded sea shellsYou'll need:

A shallow, flat glass or metal container, at least
18 cm, (7.2") wide

Sea shells

Undyed stearin/paraffin wax mix

Metal pouring jug


1. Place the oceanic candle in the middle of the container.

arranging the shells around the candle in a glass dish 2. Arrange the shells around the candle. Remove the candle.

3. Melt the wax in the metal pouring jug.

4. Remove from the heat source, and allow to cool down to 65C (149F).

5. Carefully pour the wax into the center of the plate, to a depth of 1 cm (0.4"). The shells must be secured, without being completely covered. Allow to set.

6. Remove the candle plate carefully. 20 minutes in the fridge will loosen sticky candle plates.

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