Instructions for making a candle in a tinfoil mould    

Making a Freeform Candle in a Tin Foil Mould

Candles moulded in tin foil

Basic procedures and wax mixtures used

You'll need:
  • Paraffin wax/Stearin blend
  • Candle dyes, in colours of your choice
  • A sheet of aluminium foil
  • A skewer/wicking needle
  • A length of wick
  • Wax paper
  • A bowl
aluminium foil candle mold


1. Melt the stearin in a metal jug, and add your chosen colour dye. Add the paraffin wax. Prime the wick in the melting wax.

2. While the wax melts, prepare the mould: line the bowl with a square of wax paper.

3. Scrunch up a sheet of heavy-duty aluminium foil gently. Unfold it carefully with the sides up to form a container shape.

Place the foil shape into the bowl. (The bowl catches any leaks. Tears happen easily during the unfolding process).

4. Attach a primed wick to a wicking needle or skewer. Rest it on the bowl.

5. As soon as the melting wax reaches 93°C (199°F), pour it into the foil.

6. Leave the candle to set completely. Peel the foil off the candle.

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